Saltwater for acne scars & pimple marks

We can’t set a particular age range, when we experience acne. You may find it in 12-year kids and also in 24-year adults. From a reliable source, we have learned that more than 17 percent of Americans have acne. Their acne varies from mild to severe one. However, still, the reasons behind acne are not clear to us. The researchers say that the accumulation of bacteria causes the appearance of acne on skin. In the beauty care world, you may find the availability of several treatments. But, the simplest option that you can try out is saltwater. Salt is a very common ingredient in every household. Let’s see whether saltwater will cause positive effect on your skin to cure acne.

No medication – Use saltwater

Home remedies for acne scars

Many of us do not like to have medications for skin treatment. For these people, saltwater can be the best option. However, there are various ways of applying saltwater solution for your acne. One of the common techniques is to just add salt to warm water. Then, use it for face by dipping a cotton piece into the solution. One important instruction is that you must not spray or splash the water onto the face. Its salt can enter your eyes, causing much pain. Although we have not got any scientific proof on this saltwater’s effectiveness, lots of users have got benefits.

How does the salt works for your skin?

We have found out the ways in which salt causes a beneficial effect on our skin.

Dry up the oils

Rose water for acne scars

It’s a fact that salt can easily reduce the amount of moisture, present in our skin. Usually, the presence of too much oil causes blockage to the skin pores. It also results in the growth of bacterial. As this salt helps in drying your skin oil, it will reduce acne problem.

Curbs bacteria

We eat salt everyday while having our meals. It also helps you to keep up the freshness of foods. Bacteria cannot get food for survival due to the presence of salt.

Close the skin pore

This is another way in which salt benefits you. As the salt assists in closing your skin pores, oil and bacteria cannot get space to access them.

Many of us also belief that salt works as one of the best components for exfoliation. However, in this case, saltwater (where the salt gets dissolved) may not be effective. Cream with salt content is essential.

Thus, you may have now understood why lots of researchers have chosen saltwater as the best remedy for acne.

Are all the salts right for you?

Sandalwood for acne scars

It is not clear whether a salt solution or a particular salt type will work for curing acne. Usually, table salt may be too much harsh to you. It has also iodine that increases oil content of the skin.

As the right option, we may rely on sea salt. Although it has no iodine, it contains several other components to make your skin healthier. Salt, derived directly from sea water, can be the best resource to you to solve problem. The mineral content of this water is also higher than that of the tap water. While you do not reside near sea shore, you may add this sea salt to pure water.

Epsom salt, based on magnesium, is also better than salts, containing sodium. Lots of people add this salt to their bath water to prevent acne.

Precautions of using saltwater

Although you can try out saltwater to treat acne, you have to use it carefully. While this water touches the injured part, it can cause pain. The condition of your wounded part can get worsened.

Moreover, as salt adds dryness to your skin, this is not right ingredient for the dry skinned people. With the reduction of moisture, you will find redness on skin. Your skin will have an increased salt buildup, which prevents the soap from showing any result on your skin. While the soap can’t clean the skin, acne condition may not be improved.

Saltwater solution and acne- these two things have a close association. Nowadays, many of us have started realizing its beneficial effect on acne.

Use honey with saltwater

Honey, as one of the natural constituents, works effectively for reducing acne. You can blend sea salt (2 teaspoons) with honey (4 teaspoons), and then, apply it on your cleansed skin. Massage the skin after fifteen minutes and then rinse it with water.

Add coconut oil to the solution

Witch Hazel for acne scars

We know that coconut oil has amazing benefits to our skin. Thus, you may combine salt with this oil to create a mask for better hydration.

Massage your skin using this mask, and then leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse your skin using water. It is really the best treatment, if you have drier skin. While the salt makes skin dry, the oil also balances the moisture.

Thus, people of all ages may choose saltwater as the therapeutic solution of acne. Although many of us do not know the scientific facts behind saltwater effective for acne, you can try it out in the right way. The high concentration of salt in water helps in killing bacterial of your skin. Sea salt enables your body in the replenishment of your skin. This salt dissolves the oil, clogging your skin pores. However, it is also try that overusing the salt may cause irritation problem. That is why you have to use it with the right amount.

While you have severe acne condition, you have to speak to the dermatologist. For the moderate cases, you can find more than twenty whiteheads or blackheads. However, those, who are in serious condition, have thirty to forty pimples. The pimple sizes are also larger. The dermatologists will give you the right instructions. At the same time, you can continue applying the home remedies to have faster solution.