Garlic for acne scars and pimple marks

From the ancient time, women are associated with beauty throughout the years. They tend to represent various beauty aspects. Due to this reason one always expects a woman to look beautiful all the time. But there are many problems a woman can face that will hamper her beauty. Some of the major or widely found skin problems among both men and women are blemish, acne, etc. There are various types of skin care product found online and in drugstores that ensures that acnes can be handled quickly with the help of them but one of the magical natural home remedy for acne is garlic.

How to use garlic on acne and pimple scars

Home remedies for acne scars

Different ways that acne can be treated with the help of garlic.

As it is known that garlic has many good qualities one of them is treating acne. There are various ways one can use garlic to cure acne. Some of them are:

Cloves of garlic

It is known that using garlic directly on skin can cause done irritation for some people, so they must avoid this method. One need to peel and grind some garlic cloves to make a paste and apply to the affected area. Keep it on for few minutes but in case of burning sensation it should be removed immediately. The process can be followed on a regular basis to get better results.

Yogurt with garlic

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It is knowing that the lactic acid which is present in yogurt will help to get rid of all the dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. To make the pack few garlic cloves should be grinded and a tablespoon of yogurt to be mixed and applied over the acne. Gently massage and keep it on for sometimes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Aloe vera and garlic

Aloe vera has glycoproteins which is good to treat inflammation, redness and irritation to the skin. Few garlic cloves after to be crushed to extract the juice which should be mixed with 2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel or juice. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 15 mins before washing it off. The aloe vera will help to grow healthy skin cell.

Olive oil and garlic

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Olive oil is great to maintain the natural oil balance of the skin. It also helps to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin. To make the mask 4 cloves of garlic juice should be mixed with 4 teaspoon of olive oil and put on the pimple directly for 20 minutes. The mixture can be stored in an airtight container for 2 days. This should be done two times a day. One can also consume the mixture with ample amount of water to get better results.

Vinegar with garlic

Acne can cause swelling and pain and the vinegar will help to reduce it as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its acidic nature it will also help to maintain the pH level of the skin. Extract some garlic juice and mix the same amount of apple cider vinegar to the juice. With the help of a cotton ball the mixture can be applied to the skin and let it stay for 10 minutes. After that it should be washed off with lukewarm water. The process is to be repeated daily.

Garlic oil

Garlic oil is a great substitute for raw garlic as it contains the same properties. But the oil can cause discomfort to the skin such as inflammation and redness so people with sensitive skin should avoid the usage of the oil. A cotton ball should be used to apply the oil on the acne and leave it overnight. In the morning wash with a mild cleanser and water to get better results.

Egg white and garlic

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It is known that egg white is very good for the skin as it is Rich on protein and nutrients. It helps to dry out excess oil and shrinks the pores for further infection. The garlic is to be cut and directly applied on the skin. After the juices dries out the whipped egg whites should be applied over it. Let it dry completely before washing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily to prevent acne in the future.