How to get rid of dandruff with conditioner?

Do you afraid of wearing dark shirts due to dandruff? Do you afraid of an embarrassing moment that can occur due to dandruff? If YES, then I would ask why you are facing this problem when you have the best solution just before you. Didn’t understand? Let me tell you conditioner can give you the best result by removing dandruff from your hair.

What are the causes of dandruff?

Home remedies for dandruff

Before, we treat it is necessary to know that what is the reason of problem so that it may be treated well. There are different reasons for experiencing dandruff like dry scalp, fungus, even shampooing daily can also cause dandruff. If you are using products for your hair that can also build dandruff as well as be scratching head is also one of the reasons to build dandruff. As the problem, so the solution will be like if your dandruff has been built due to fungus then you need to use the products that contain zinc.

How to use conditioner for dandruff?

Using conditioner to treat dandruff is quite simple all you need to remember the steps and follow them carefully:

The first step

Get an anti-dandruff shampoo. Make sure, you are using a line shampoo and conditioner.

The second step

Ginger for dandruff hair masks & packs

Get your hair wet and take shampoo. Start applying shampoo while massaging gently in a circular motion. Make sure, you have set your hair backside while washing them. After massaging for 2 minutes start giving gentle scratch to your scalp. Make sure, you are not getting injured.

The third step

After giving gentle scratch to your scalp wash your hair and apply conditioner. Make sure, you are applying conditioner close to your scalp. Allow it to sit for 4-5 minutes. Rinse off your hair with water. Now again you need to apply conditioner so do the same. Apply conditioner to your hair and scalp. After applying leave it for 4-5 minutes then wash off.

The fourth step

Tea tree oil for dandruff

Dry your hair. Avoid high speed of hair dryer to make your hair dry as it can cause damage and dryness to your scalp. You should also try to avoid hair product like hairspray as it can build dandruff. After drying your hair you will notice that your dandruff has been wiped out.

What precautions are needed to avoid dandruff?

It is said precaution is better than cure… and you also need to follow some precautions to prevent dandruff.

  • Avoid shampooing your hair very often.
  • Try to use conditioner only once in a week.
  • Don’t scratch your scalp as it can cause dandruff as well as injuries.
  • Avoid excess use of hair products especially hairspray.