How to remove tan from knees and elbows?

When you have skin tone that is even and glowing, you start to feel confident and radiant about yourself. The problems of dark elbows and knees are faced by almost everyone. An issue which makes a person feel uneasy, conscious and too aware of what they are wearing. Knees and Elbows have skin around them that is more thick than the rest of the body. It has folds that the rest of the body doesn’t have. The lack of oil glands in the elbow and knee region makes it more dry. The lack of proper hygiene and care causes the elbows and knees to become darker than the other skin tone of our body.

Other reasons behind dark knees and elbows are continuous rubbing, the harsh rays of the sun, dry and damaged skin, imbalance in hormones, buildup and accumulation of dead skin cells, the growth of pigments like melanin.

We have a long list of remedies for you. Do check it out to solve the problems of darkened elbows and knees.

Home remedies to have fairer looking knees and elbows

Use of coconut oil

How to get rid of dark elbows & knees

One of the best remedy to lighten the dark elbows and knees is coconut oil. It is rich with Vitamin E, which helps to lighten the dark skin. Apart from repairing and healing the damaged and dark skin it also keeps it moisturized and hydrated.

Once you have taken your shower, pour some coconut oil on your palms and apply it on your elbows and knees. Massage it gently for a few minutes. Don’t wash it away. Practice this everyday. You can do it before you go to sleep.

You can also perform another remedy by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with half a tablespoon of lemon juice. With the use of a cotton ball rub it on your knees and elbows. Keep it for a good twenty minutes, wash it off with cold water. Do this everyday.

Another solution using coconut oil is by mixing one tablespoon of it with one teaspoon of walnut powder. This thick paste should be used as a scrub to exfoliate the skin. Gently massage the skin for five minutes with this paste and keep it on for fifteen minutes. Do this thrice a week to enjoy clear and glowing knees and elbows.

Properties of lemon juice

Lemon is one of the best natural ingredients that is full with bleaching properties. It can gently exfoliate the skin. The presence of C Vitamins in it can help to remove the accumulation of dead skin cells and promote the skin to grow lighter and brighter. It also promotes the growth of skin cells. Extract the juice of half a lemon and using a cotton ball apply it on the dark zones of your body. Keep it for half an hour and then wash it. Make sure you wash it off with lukewarm water and remember to moisturize it everyday.

Another way of using lemon juice is by mixing it with honey. Mix one tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice together. Now massage it on the dark elbows and knees. Leave it for half an hour before you wash it off with lukewarm water. Moisturize it afterwards. Make sure you don’t head out in the sun after following any of these methods that involve lemon juice.

Effects of yogurt

How to whiten knees & elbows

Not only does yogurt lighten the dark areas of your body but the presence of lactic acid helps to prevent bacterias, dust, dead skin cells and other impurities from accumulating.

Make a paste of smooth consistency by adding equal quantities of white vinegar and yogurt. Massage it on the dark knees and elbows. Allow this paste to dry before you wash it off with cold water. Apply moisturizer after drying the wet skin. You can perform this everyday.

The other way to exfoliate the skin is by using oatmeal. Combine oatmeal(two tablespoons) with flavorless yogurt(one tablespoon). Form a paste with a thick consistency. Apply it all over your knees and elbows. Keep it for half an hour and then you can wash it off with cold water. Doing this thrice a week will show you get results.

Application of sugar

Sugar can be used as a an effective, natural scrub to remove the layers of dead skin cells. Sugar has the power to turn the skin on the elbows and knees soft, supple and glowing.

Make a thick paste by mixing two tablespoons of olive oil with sugar. Don’t let the sugar dilute in the olive oil. Using your fingertips massage it on your knees and elbows using clockwise rotations. Using lukewarm water wash it off after ten minutes. Do it everyday before you take your shower. Within weeks you will see results.

Blessings of baking soda

Baking Soda has the power to treat dark and uneven skin tone. It has deep action cleansing properties. Therefore, it can work wonders in treating skin hyperpigmentation and remove the growth of dead skin cells. In a bowl add a tablespoon of baking soda and milk. Mix it well. Now, apply this to the areas that have been affected by dark skin cells. Rub it for a few minutes by gently massaging it. Wash it off using lukewarm water. Doing this every alternative day will get you the best results.

Value of Aloe Vera

How to get rid of dark black knees

Aloe Vera can work on uneven skin tone and take care of it by stimulate the healing process of the damaged skin cells by protecting it from Sun’s wrath. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. Break open the leaf of an Aloe vera and extract the gel from it. Massage it on your skin and allow it to rest for half an hour. Wash with lukewarm water. Doing this twice a week will be enough.

Effects of almonds

Almonds are a powerhouse. They have properties for skin-nourishing and help to maintain a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin tone. You can even use Almond oil for great benefits.

The area of the skin that is dark, massage it with the oil extracted from almonds. Put a few teaspoons of this oil in a microwave safe bowl and heat it. Now,massage it will on your knees and elbows. Do this everyday before you sleep. The results can be seen within a matter of days.

You can also grate five almonds and mix it with two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply a layer of this paste on your knees and elbows. Once it dries out, use your fingers to gently massage it with water. Use small circular movements. Wash with cold water. Doing it every alternative day will help.

The power of mint leaves

Collagen production is stimulated in the body by the use of mint leaves. You will get an even skin tone and your skin will feel more soft and supple by the use of it.

In half a cup of water boil some mint leaves. Do this for three minutes. Now, add the juice of half a lemon to it. Strain this solution and let it cool. Using a cotton ball apply this on your dark knees and elbows. After half an hour, wash it off. Use lukewarm water to do so. For satisfactory results do this twice a week.

Benefits of turmeric

Turmeric brings glow to the skin and is a powerful antiseptic. It takes care of the dead skin cells and removes it. In a tablespoon of milk mix one teaspoon of turmeric. Massage it on your affected areas and then wash it off after sometime.

Home remedies for dark knees & elbows

You can also combine a tablespoon of turmeric powder with gram flour or besan. To this add a tablespoon of rose water. Mix it well. Apply a thin layer of this mask on the affected area. Now using lukewarm water, wash it off. This remedy is perfect. Practice it twice a week and you will see the results you need.

Value of cucumber

Cucumber is enriched with soothing, bleaching and healing properties. It helps to moisturize the skin by removing the layer of outer skin.

Peel a cucumber and cut thick slices of it. Now, apply it on your dark elbows and knees in circular motion. After five minutes wash it off using cold water. Do this on a regular basis to take care of darkened elbows and knees.

Otherwise, there is another treatment using cucumber. Here you have to roughly chop a cucumber and blend it, to extract the juice from it. Now mix two tablespoons each of lemon juice and cucumber juice together. Mix well and apply it on your affected area. After half an hour, wash it off. Doing this on a regular basis will help you take care of your skin.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide

The solution to dark and dead skin cells is Hydrogen Peroxide and the benefits it brings to the skin. It is a great skin-lightening agent that has the power to lighten the skin. On the use of this solution it can bleach the dark skin from your affected area.  All you have to do is wipe the area of the darkened skin with the solution of hydrogen peroxide. Keep it for half an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water. Doing this five times a week will help you get rid of your dark elbows and knees.

Boons of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acidic properties. It also has bleaching and acetic acid. This helps to lighten and exfoliate the skin from deep inside. You need to dilute the Apple Cider vinegar with water. Mix two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of water. Using a cotton ball rub it on your elbows and knees. After half an hour wash it with cold water.

The use of a pumice stone

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Pumice stone will help to get rid off the dark skin on your knees and elbows. It will gently exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells and help in the growth of new ones. Wash your knees and elbows with warm water. Using the pumice stone, gently remove the dead and dark layer of skin. Move the pumice stone in clockwise motion. Wash it off with cold water. Apply moisturizer after you pat dry.

Advantages of E vitamin oil

Vitamin E oil has the power to heal, hydrate and repair the skin. This oil also takes care of skin-pigmentation. That is why it should be used to get healthier and lighter skin. Cut open three Vitamin E tablets and pour the oil inside it in a bowl. Mix it with a tablespoon of sugar. Using this mixture gently massage your affected skin. Keep it for ten minutes and then wash it off. Doing it five days a week will be enough.

Benefits of gram flour

Make a thick paste by mixing two tablespoons of gram flour with a tablespoon of yogurt. Form a thick paste. Apply this on your elbows and knees. Wait till it dries off. Now, wash it with cold water by gently massaging your skin in circular motion. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin with non-comedogenic moisturizer. Do this thrice a week for best and most effective results.

Excellence of olive oil

Olive oil will nourish, nurture and hydrate your skin. It will take care of the dark patch of uneven skin tone and cure it from deep inside. Apply olive oil on the affected areas and don’t wash it away. Do this twice everyday to see positive results. Make sure you  heat the olive oil before you apply it. On doing it every night you will get fairer looking skin.

Tips and hacks for beautiful skin

Skin lightening tips for dark skin tone

We have lined up a list of tips that will help you treat your skin in the most amazing way. So, go through these as they are really helpful.

  • Use cocoa or shea butter on your elbows and knees. Massage your affected areas well before you go to
  • You can also use a slice of potato to rub over your elbows and knees. Do this on a regular basis before you take your shower.
  • By rubbing ripe papaya on your skin, you can get soft, supple and glowing skin.
  • When you put more pressure on the knees and elbows, they become dark. It also makes them rough.
  • Never head out of your home without applying sunscreen. No matter what time of the year it is.
  • The use of pumice stone will make your affected areas smooth, soft, glowing and supple.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your skin twice a day.
  • If the temperature above is high, then wear full sleeved clothes. Make sure to cover your knees too.
  • Drink a lot of water and keep your body hydrated all the time.
  • Make sure you are on a healthy diet.

All the above mentioned ways will finally get you the glowing and radiant skin all over your body.