Home remedies to prevent hair fall / hair loss

People suffering from hair fall problems are really disgusted. Every time they use comb, good amount of hair comes out from the scalp. This can be really alarming at times when excess hair fall is viewed.

There is a tendency for men to get ball headed with regular hair fall. Today, this problem is not restricted to people belonging to a particular age group. Rather, individuals from 15 to 50 years of age suffer from this problem.

As soon as you walk out from the shower, your hair gets clogged with water. By the time you use your towel to dry your hair; lots of hair will be visible in your towel.

Tips to prevent hair fall

Home remedies for hair loss

  • You must be very gentle with your hair. Handle your hair in a soft way. Using comb when your hair is wet must be avoided.
  • It will be advisable to massage the area of your scalp really well and regularly in order to provide proper nourishment to it.  Blood circulation will be improved with the help of scalp massage. Healthy hair will be seen
  • Try to avoid the style of tiding hair up over your hear tightly. This will create a lot of pressure to the root of each hair and allow it to break
  • Today, people put good effort in styling their hair. It has also become necessary to get a good hairstyle that makes you look good and different. But, as soon as you come back home, you must deal with proper nourishment of your hair with oiling and removing all gels and cosmetics from your hair. It will be better to provide less heat treatment to your hair as possible.
  • Even if the climate is very cold outside do not wash your hair with hot water. This will be another reason for hair fall. Heat from the water makes your hair dry and fizzy. Your hair will become brittle and will result hair fall.

Home remedies for hair fall

Coconut milk

Naturally extracted milk from coconut will be really great for controlling hair fall in individuals. This is known as one of the wonderful source of plant derivatives that helps in nourishing the tissue.

The grated coconut must be grinded to get the juice from it. Squeeze them well and get enough juice. You must massage it on your scalp to avoid hair fall.

Neem treatment

Aloe vera for hair loss

Neem plant is not only good for your hair and skin; rather it is antiseptic and eradicates the effects of virus as well as bacteria. Take some fresh Neem leaves from the garden and boil it.

You must continue boiling it till the water level becomes half and the color becomes green. Now, cool it and apply on your hair slowly touching its root.


Amla is used by ladies to treat dull and unhealthy hair for decades. You can now get some dried Amla and boil them in coconut oil. Continue boiling it till it becomes dark black in color. Apply this oil on your hair from the root till tip. This is one of the effective remedies for hair fall.