What is menopause? Symptoms and causes of menopause in women

With age, women experience certain changes in their body. Menstruation cycle is quite common in every women starting from 10- 12 years till 50’s. But, as soon as the lady crosses 50 years of their age, they get a full stop in menstrual cycle. This stage in women is known as menopause. This is not at all a disease; rather it is projected as a natural phenomenon that is faced by every lady after a certain age. After menopause no lady will be in a state of going through the reproductive activities. As soon as the menstruation cycle stops, getting pregnant becomes impossible.

We all know that every woman has a start time for her periodic cycle. At the same time it is also true that there is an end time as well. The time period when a woman starts getting regular period cycle is known as menopause. It happens to ladies with 50 + years of age. It is very natural phenomenon that is connected to biological science. After the menopause, lady will not be capable to give birth to a baby as she cannot hold baby inside her womb. Women come across many symptoms during menopause. They go ahead with mentally and physically disrupted conditions with mood swings, physical discomfort etc.

Symptoms of menopause

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If you are in your last 40’s be prepared about getting menopause. This is the stage when women go through many changes in mental and physical conditions. This might irritate and haunt you. But remember this is a natural process which every woman goes through. Some of the symptoms of menopause are frequent mood swings, curbing for food, pain in pelvic muscle, problems in urinary tract, emotional distress, psychological problems, insecurity, fear, soreness of breasts, reduction of hair in pubic region, wrinkles over the breast skin, tiredness at work, vaginal dryness, weight gain, fatique, irritation, depression, hot flashes, excessive sweating due to heat production, reduction of sexual desire etc.

Just before stepping in to the stage of menopause, women will go ahead with variety of physical and mental changes. Some of the symptoms of menopause in woman include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in joint and muscles
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Problems in bladder control
  • Depression
  • Racing heart
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decrease in sex drive

Causes of menopause

According to biology, every woman takes birth with finite number of eggs. All these eggs take a place in ovaries. Naturally, making of progesterone and estrogen is done within the ovaries. This gives rise to birth of a child with every periodic cycle. But after a certain age, women stop releasing eggs every month. This is the time we refer as Menopause.

Every woman has finite number of eggs that is specifically stored in ovaries. The process of making progesterone and hormone estrogen is made in ovaries. A proper control in ovulation and menstruation takes place with the help of the hormone. As soon as the menstruation cycle stops and the ovaries of the woman no more release egg, menopause is said to take place. Not all women have a same age of getting menopause. Some women continue having menstrual cycle till the age of 60 whereas another group of women gets the menopause at a very early age i.e in 40’s.

If menopause takes place naturally after the age of 40’s, it is considered as the normal process. But, some woman gets some complication in ovary and need to go for surgery. In such case, uterus is taken out leaving the lady with discontinued menstrual cycle. If an individual is suffering from deadly disease like cancer, it will be mandatory for her to take chemotherapy on a regular basis. These rays really affect the patient and menstrual cycle stops in an unnatural way and that too before age.

Stages of stopping menstrual cycle

If you want to get menopause soon, this will not be done through the surgical and medical treatment process. There are three stages which is explained as under:

Stage 1-Perimenopause

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This is a stage that is faced by a lady few years before the period of menopause. Whenever you are preparing for menopause, your ovaries will try and make less estrogen. This is the stage when women would hardly release egg. This is a stage when the chances for women to get pregnant will be limited. Dropping of estrogen becomes really fast during the last two years before the stage of menopause. Getting severe menopause symptoms in women at this stage will be quite common.

Stage 2-Menopause

This is the stage when women face the actual feeling when the yearlong menstrual cycle stops. She will see the last menstrual period and a sudden stop during the process of Menopause. This is the stage when the ovaries of the women stop releasing egg completely. Estrogen is totally lost at this stage. Women have no chance of getting pregnant during this stage.

Stage 3- Post menopause

Women get depressed and are affected psychologically during the post menopause period. This happens few years after menopause when the lady gets into the flash back of menstrual cycle. Women get depressed while getting reminded about the stages when she used to have menstrual cycle.

Premature menopause

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Many ladies in the world are affected with premature menopause. The reasons are different from one another. One of the reasons is premature overall failure. Since, it is quite clear that ovaries make both progesterone and estrogen. But when the ovaries stop releasing eggs all of a sudden, hormonal changes in specifically marked. Another cause is known as induced menopause. This stage can be viewed when removal of ovary is done due to some illness or other physical condition. Some women also suffers from cancer in their uterus during the stage when they again the status of menopause. Radiation through chemotherapy can also be one of the reasons.

Sometimes some women suffer from the problem of premature menopause. Here, just before the age of getting menopause, the women get stopped periodic cycle. This can take place due to number of reasons. One of the reasons is the early start of periodic cycle. There are also some medical conditions such as cysts in ovaries due to which women can get early menopause.