Top food to eat during periods / menstruation

Period is the time of the month when you feel so uneasy and uncomfortable. You don’t feel like eating or you don’t feel like doing anything. This is when your health and your body need that extra care and pampering. There are certain foods you should eat during this time so that you can feel fresh and be in the best of health ever. This is the time when you feel the cramps and the bloats and you even feel so tired. So make sure that you eat the right kinds of food to stay so active and fresh in these special days of the month.

Period days are considered as one of the typical duration for women. It makes them feel tired, irritable and weak. Some women also watch the symptoms like nausea, cramps and weakness.

Following a perfect menstruation diet will eases your problems. Allow you to stay with good stamina and energy and also helpful for the smooth functionality of the organs.

Diet to consider during periods/menstruation

Complex carbohydrates

Include complex carbohydrates to your menstruation diet which is highly beneficial. Add fruits, whole grains, leafy green veggies. Also include oranges, carrots, plums apricots and so on to control your sugar craving during the period.

Dark chocolate

One of the perfect time to eat dark chocolates is during the periods time. Dark chocolates help to produce a hormone named serotonin that works in the way of regulating your mood.  So you would feel better at the end of a chocolate bar.

Vitamin based foods

Do not compromise with the foods that are not having vitamins. Indeed every women must include her diet with lots of vitamins and proteins during their periods. Get the vitamin C from citrus fruits, berries, grapes and so on which aids to improve the overall health of reproductive system.Vitamin E is available from the sources eggs and avocado’s. This vitamin E is believed to provide relief from the PMS syndrome. Also have good sum of vitamin B6 that is available in potatoes.

Not the time for caffeine products

You need to control the caffeine cravings during the period time and is it not a perfect time to fill your taste buds with caffeinated products. This is due to the reason that caffeine has the ability to secrete more stomach acids which it tends to cause or increase pain. Try a cup of tea rather than coffee to control the intake of caffeine.

Essential fatty acids

One of the common problem faced by many women during their periods is stomach cramps. These cramps are due to the fluctuations of hormones and they can be controlled with the intake of essential fatty acids. Include essential fatty acids like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds to your diet. They all are encompasses with linolenic acid that helps to relax the uterine muscles.

Iron rich food

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The loss of blood is a common factor during the menstruation time so women have to refill it with the adequate intake of iron rich foods. Infact, by the consumption of good iron amounts you can fight with anemia  symptoms. Iron also helpful for lowering the weakness and works like an anti-depressant. So add your diet with dried beans, green leafy veggies, poultry, red meat and molasses that are having rich iron amounts.

Balanced diet

Prepare a balanced diet during your periods time that doesn’t skips the sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Include fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grains etc to your diet. Drink plenty amount of water during menstruation.

These are the tips to be followed to have a better periods time.

Water intake is essential

This is the time when your body is in need of plenty of water. At the time your body lacks lots of fluids and so make sure that you have water in all the possible forms. You cannot have colas and coffees. These have caffeine and thus can make you have unnecessary cramping during the vulnerable time of the months. So drink lots of water. That is the only way out. Water will help eliminating all the toxic elements and make the body stay so fresh and active. You will feel quite normal with plenty of water consumption during the periodic cycle.

Green leafy vegetables is good

This is the time you should stay healthy with the intake of leafy green vegetables. The green leafy vegetables are loaded with lots of nutrients and this is the reason they can help you be at the best of health during the point of time. the vegetables also have iron and this is the reason you cannot skip to have them during the period of menstruation. So when you sit for dinner make sure to have a dish of salad. This will much help in making your body and health stay in the best of state.

Fish can be of help

You can have fish loaded with omega 3 and this is the reason you can choose from the variety of salmon and tuna. The fish are also known for having fatty acids and this is the reason they can help the muscles to relax especially when you have menstruation. Fish consumption can help you have less of cramping. ZThus, you are made to feel so fresh and active. You can pack some salmon for dinner and enjoy the meal at your best. This is the best way you can stay fit during the time of the periodical cycles.

Banana can look after your health

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One banana has lots of potassium and this is good for the health when you are having menstruation. Banana even has B6 and other forms of vitamins. This is the reason it can affect the glucose level in the blood and help in boosting your mood. The fruit can also help in bowel regulation and this is really good. There are females who complaint of having diarrhoea during the special days of the month. Banana will help in improving the condition and now you are sure to have the best of health ever.

Red meat is good at the time

For women red meat is also a good food intake during the time of menstruation. A piece of red meat can boost iron. This is the reason you can have safe eating of the stuff during the point of time. You can have red meat during the days of period and in the way you can stay in the best of health state ever. It would be best to have the meat with green stuffs and beans and legumes. In the way the food will become so tasty for you and at the same time take the right care of your health.

Nuts and seeds can play the vital role

You can have plenty of nuts and seeds during the period time of the month. Nuts and seeds have all the nutrients needed for the body. They come in both forms of candid and salted and this can help in excess water retention which is needed during the time. So you can pick up the stuff at the local grocery shop and feel the taste so good and perfect. It feels yummy to have the nuts at the time of period and it is good for the health as well.