Natural home exfoliators for your skin care

Exfoliating is one of the most important parts of skin care. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, and clearing the oil and dirt from the clogged skin pores.  There are several types of exfoliators available in the market but most of them are not very effective and turn out to be very expensive.  Homemade exfoliators made from natural ingredients are very effective and easy to use. Exfoliating of the skin is recommended thrice a week to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

The benefits of exfoliation

Home exfoliates for skin care

Exfoliation clears the dry, dull skin by removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Blackheads, pimples and acne results from clogged skin pores. Hence it is essential to clear the clogged pores. Clogged pores give a look of larger pores which can be diminished by keeping the pores clear. The renewal process of skin cells is done at a faster rate when the pores are un-clogged.  There are chances of healthier cells replacing the dead cells. Exfoliating helps in diminishing discoloration, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliation is a process of rejuvenating the skin by doing away with the dead cells from the upper surface of the skin. Exfoliation (scrubbing) not simply helps throughout bringing the particular glow in addition to freshness back on the face but also helps your skin to keep healthy in addition to soft. If you think maybe exfoliation can be only accomplished in beauty salon, then you are wrong. It is usually done in the home too. In case you are too busy to visit salon then we have now a solution to suit your needs. You can now exfoliate your skin acquainted with natural exfoliators. To know what are generally natural exfoliators keep reading..


Bengal gram (Besan) is actually common component in Indian native kitchen. Take little quantity of besan, turmeric powdered ingredients and milk combine all three in addition to exfoliate your skin with these kind of for 5 moments, let it dry for ten minutes after which wash it with cool water. For those who have oily epidermis(skin), then you should utilize lemon juice as opposed to milk. This attractiveness remedy is needed since ages with the instant glow and in addition because it fights skin allergies. Turmeric helps to brighten your mind and milk assists in smoothening in addition to making your skin soft. It’s not recommended for people with dry epidermis.


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Reduce tomato throughout two parts. Take any lemon in addition to cut it into half, squeeze half lemon juice within a small denture and put little sugar towards lemon liquid. Now dip the half cut tomato to the juice in addition to and rub it throughout circular motions within the face in addition to neck. Wash your mind after ten minutes. Little burning up sensation can be done because of lemon; you can tone your skin with flower water the way it will help you close your current pores as well as reduce the opinion. It is best suited for people who have oily skin and another easily exfoliate along with tomatoes twice or thrice every week.


Were you aware besides to be a potential supply of nutrition, almonds actually make for a terrific facial clean. Yes, saturate few walnuts in mineral water for few hours in addition to grind these people into heavy paste, mix it with milk and exfoliate (scrub) your mind with it. The coarse particles will assist you to remove the particular dead cells from the skin in addition to milk may nourish the skin making it smooth. Regular exfoliation along with almonds also helps throughout lightening complexion. You can exfoliate your skin with walnuts and milk twice every week.


A serving of oatmeal everyday is the right way to help kick start the afternoon. Skin usually looks dull on account of travelling in addition to stressful way of life to unwind you out of this look oats could be the best. Exfoliating your skin regularly is the best way to keep it healthy. Crush a few oats in addition to add a pair of tablespoon of milk going without running shoes to style a heavy paste. Scrub using this type of paste for 5 to help 7 moments and clean with mineral water. Oat exfoliation works best for those who have wide open pores, as oats features properties in addition to agents who help epidermis to tighten in addition to making it soft in addition to smooth.

Sugars and lime sugar

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You desire to choose a party in addition to don’t find your exfoliator available. At this sort of times what could be the best exfoliator? Squeeze half lemon juice onto your palm and have a pinch of sugar, rub both your hands and start exfoliating your current facial epidermis in spherical motion across face like neck location. A mix off sugar in addition to lime acts as a great natural exfoliator. After scrubbing/ exfoliating you’ll be able to apply honey coat on the skin, as honey will act as a beneficial moisturizer making your skin smooth and soft. Sugar in addition to lemon also helps to remove the particular tan.

Sea salt

Sea salt or ‘Khara Namak’, which can be easily available in India can be good human body scrub. Take any half any bowl of khara namak in addition to add two or three teaspoons of Yogurt to produce your exfoliator. Sea salt will act as scrubber to eliminate dead tissue and Yogurt may moisturize your skin making it soft in addition to smooth. Remember to not use this to exfoliate your current facial skin the way it is too harsh to your face. You can exfoliate the body with sea salt once every seven days but remember to be mild.

Every moment you exfoliate your skin it very important to firmness and moisturize it. If anyone don’t possess a toner property, you incorporate the use of rose mineral water or cucumber liquid to near your pores after which it apply any moisturizer in your face. Exfoliation is just not the only means to fix beautiful nutritious skin however you should follow beneficial balanced diet and sound sleep.

Homemade exfoliators for skin

Salt & lemon

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Salt & Lemon are found to be the best exfoliators for oily skin. The salt clears all the impurities and lemon helps in making the skin oil free.

Strawberries & honey

It is another efficient exfoliator. The seeds of strawberry are most effective in removing the dead skin cells.

Coffee, lavender & sugar scrub

It is a perfect exfoliator for all types of skin and it can be used in any season. This homemade exfoliator helps in calming down the irritation of a blemished skin.

Sugar & olive oil

It helps in scrubbing away all the dead skin cells and in making the skin soft and smooth.

Baking soda

Baking soda makes an excellent scrub that is very effective in curing acne. Simply make a paste pf baking soda and rub it on the skin to cleanse the dirt dust and dead cells.

Coffee scrub

It helps to increase the production of collagen and is found to be one of the beat natural exfoliate. Make a paste of coffee powder water and olive oil and scrub  the face and neck gently for a couple of  minutes

Pineapple and papaya

It is make a perfect natural exfoliate. This more like a exfoliating mask than n exfoliating scrub. Mash a slice of both the fruits and add some brown sugar, almond oil and manuka honey to it. Use the mixture as a face mask to exfoliate the skin.

Coconut and sugar face scrub

It is an easily made quick scrub to exfoliate the skin Mix two spoons of sugar with one spoon coconut oil and rub it on the face for few minutes before rinsing it off. This scrub can be prepared and stored in a bottle for three months

Chocolate sugar body scrub

It is made with brown sugar, cocoa powder vanilla extract and olive oil mixed together. Rub the mixture on the face and hands for a couple of minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Blueberry and honey scrub

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Honey sugar and blueberries need to be blended together to make this scrub. Apply a thick layer of this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash with clean cold water. Similarly peach honey and brown sugar also make a good scrub. These fruit scrubs can be used on all types of skin. They help in breaking down the dead cells and in creating new cell growth.  It makes the skin soft, smooth and lighter in complexion. These fruit scrubs can be used as face scrubs and body scrubs as well.


Honey is another solo agent that can be used in exfoliating the skin.  Honey has the anti-viral, antifungal and antiseptic properties to help in curing skin infections and in fighting acne. Honey has to quality to speed up the exfoliating process. It adds moisture to the skin and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Yogurt and milk

It can be used as an effective exfoliator for all types of skin. They help in exfoliating the body and face and in keeping the skin hydrated. The lactic acid in yogurt is good for not only exfoliating but in also toning the muscles.  Apply raw milk or plain curd all over the body and leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it with water.

Papaya with sugar

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You need to get a ripe papaya and get the work of a homemade exfoliator. You need to get the ingredients like papaya in ripe for – 1/4th, sugar- 2 spoons and honey – 1 spoon. Take a container and add 2 spoon of pineapple pulp in it. Also add sugar and honey in it. You must mix all of them well and apply over your face and neck. You can also apply it over your hands. This is a wonderful remedy to remove all dead skin from your body.

Lemon with salt

You must have used lemon in many of the hair care mask and also for skin to get natural remedies. Yes, lemon can now be used to make an exfoliate. You have to take 2 spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a container. Also add a spoon of salt in it. Combine both the ingredients really well and take it in your fingertips. You can get small granules of salt. Apply them over your face and use fingertips to slowly rub it against the skin. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Fuller earth with oats

You can now get the fuller earth’s powder in the market. Get some from there and use it for a natural exfoliate. You need to take 2 spoons of multani mitti in a container and add a spoon of oats that is little grinded into smaller granules. Now use milk to make paste out of the both. Apply the exfoliate over your face and use your fingers to rub it against your skin. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then wash it away by using the lukewarm water.

Jojoba oil with sugar

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Once you have dry skin, applying oil based exfoliate will be really wonderful to sort out the problem.. Here is a remedy which you can cherish for years. Mix a spoon of sugar with 2 spoons of jojoba oil. Mix it well in a container and apply on your face. You will easily remove it after 20 minutes is passed.