Shoulder length hairstyles & haircuts for female 2019

Haircuts are not just a style; it’s a statement. Your haircut can speak a lot about you. That why it is imperative to choose the style which suits your personality. We have done some research and today, we bring you with 13 unique shoulder length haircuts to choose from:-

13The Choppy Lobs

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This trendy shoulder-length lob will take you back to the classical flipped out style from the 90’s. This classic hairstyle is feathered and flipped out from the ends giving a sleek, trendy and elegant look with a modern touch. It will suit perfectly for the workaholic divas out there.

12The Glamour Cult

Simplicity at its best. This straight shoulder length haircut looks simple yet glamorous and goes perfect with a round shaped face. Easy to maintain and classy to carry, this haircut proves to be the best option for women who like to look sophisticated yet gorgeous for every kind of occasion.

11The Wavy Falls

This shoulder length wavy haircut suits perfect for an oval-shaped face. The medium curls and the color texture gives the hairstyle an utterly stunning look. This haircut looks very cheerful and artistic with a distinguished flow of shades being splashed uniformly from the starting till towards the end of it.

10The Shaggy Layers

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The shaggy layers hairstyle has been in trend since the early 2000s. This shoulder length hairy layer goes best with an oval shaped and heart-shaped face. It will suit perfectly for the women with a broad forehead. The fringe being the focus, it gives a cute and sassy look.

9The Classy Shoulder-kiss

This shoulder length hairstyle gives a strong yet classy look. It speaks of a strong and independent woman with a slight twist of romantic and flirtiest nature. The haircut goes best with a diamond-shaped face, and whether it’s a date or a party, this hairstyle will go with each occasion.

8The Shaded Feathers

This hairstyle looks charming and goes best with a heart-shaped face. Apart from the fact that it would make you look super cute, it also speaks an expression of being witty. The blend of three different shades of black, white and light brown gives it a glossy finish.

7The Straight Bobs

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The Straight Bobs hairstyles are the all-time favorites of movie stars. The short straight fringes above the forehead and the shoulder length flowing hairs curled backward looks exquisite. This haircut will make you look more joyful with a lot of energetic vibes. It goes best with a round shaped face.

6The Balayage Ombre twists

This dramatic and two-toned hairstyle is absolutely a feast for the eyes. This hairstyle gives out such artistic vibes because of its blending with different tones of color. The mix and matchup of balayage and ombre, together it forms the perfect balance between the dark tone and light tone.

5The Straight Sophistication

This shoulder-length haircut looks gorgeous and attractive. Being shiny and straightforward, it gives a very classy look and speaks of sophistication. It is comfortable hairstyle to carry and keeps it away from complications along with suiting for every kind of occasion. It suits best to an oval-shaped face.

4The Golden Browns

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These golden browns haircut looks delightful and charming to the eyes. The hairstyle suits best for the women with a heart-shaped or a square-shaped face. The color combination and the texture of the design add a lot of creativity into the haircut giving it a bold yet admirable look.

3The Honey Blonde

This shoulder length hairstyle having two different tones of chocolate brown and black mixed with a fluffy texture makes it look heavier yet something worth noticing. This hairstyle is called the honey blonde purely because it seems like the color of honey with that puff.

2The Shoulder Length Bob

The shoulder-length bobs go best with an oval-shaped face. The partition in between the hairs and its smooth and shiny texture with a slight tone of beige turning into brown towards the end makes the hairstyle looks alluring. This hairstyle gives a kind of romantic and cat lover look.

1The Wavy Sophistication

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

This hairstyle seems dashing because of its slight brownish touch-ups at the ends and smooth curls. With a heart shaped face or a round shaped face it will go impeccably smooth. The shiny glance texture and balanced tones of this hairstyle make it look unique and out of the crowd.