How to prevent hair loss during swimming

Swimming is a great exercise and sport which is also one of the best ways to stay in shape. So, for ladies looking for that perfectly toned figure taking up swimming as a regular hobby can be more effective even than visiting the gym.

However, for regular swimmers, hair loss can be a major problem, which is often the reason for many women to tend to avoid hitting the pool regularly or for longer hours.

The water of the swimming pool essentially contains chlorine, which work as an effective anti-bacterial and anti-algae agent, helping the pool water to stay clean and hygienic. The problem is that, no matter how good it is for keeping the pool water hygienic, chlorine takes a negative toll on your hairs.

It damages the cuticles of the hair shafts, which triggers hair fall through breakage and in addition to that chlorine can also harm the hair follicles on the scalp which can cause extreme hair loss.

So, if you love to swim or you are planning to take up this sport to get the best health in a fun way, the fear of losing your hairs can be a real set back; but do not worry; here you will be informed about some of the best ways to prevent hair loss during swimming.

So, now hit the pool with full confidence everyday, just do not forget to follow the precautions mentioned below,

Wear a head cap

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The most easy and effective way of keeping the chlorine water away from your hairs is to wear a head cap. Head cap gives physical protection to the hairs, which can be actually effective to ensure that your hairs are not damaged by the chlorine water of the pool.

Use a silicone or latex made swimming cap, instead of the plastic ones; because the silicone or latex ones gives a better fit and keeps most of the water out.

If you have long or medium length hairs, before putting on the head cap make it a point to tie your hairs in a tight bun, then smooth the flying strands with a hair gel and put on the cap finally, securing all the hair strands completely within the cap.

Wet your hairs with fresh non-chlorinated water before hitting the pool

Hairs naturally absorbs water. So, if you get into the pool with dry hairs, it will naturally absorb the chlorinated water of the pool. So, wet your hairs thoroughly with fresh water before you get in the pool.

Once your hairs are wet, their ability to absorb more water will come to a minimum; hence they will not take in more chlorinated water from the pool, which can harm the hairs. This easy precaution can be highly helpful to prevent hair loss during swimming.

Condition your hairs before getting into the pool

Hair conditioning involves applying a coat of hair conditioner on your hair strands; as the conditioner covers the hair strands completely, so the chlorinated water is not able to come in direct contact with the hairs.

At one hand, the hydrophobic nature of conditioners helps to keep your hairs away from the chlorinated water, and on the other the conditioner keeps your hairs well-moisturized ensuring that there is minimum or no dryness; which naturally helps in preventing hair fall due to breakage.

Using coconut or almond or olive oil on your hairs instead of a conditioner can be even more effective to provide a barrier between your hairs and the chlorine water of the pool. So, before you hit the pool do not forget to condition it with a suitable product.

Rinse and wash your hairs as soon as you are out of the pool

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Make it a thumb rule to rinse well and wash off your hairs with a mild hair cleanser as soon as you are out of the pool. Not rinsing off the water of the pool from your hairs simply means that the chlorinated water stays in your hairs for even longer, which can actually harm the hair shafts in the worst way.

So, as soon as you are out of the pool, rinse your hairs with plenty of fresh water and then wash it off with a mild hair cleanser to ensure that no trace of chlorine is left on your hairs.

Take special care for your hairs

Taking some extra care for your hairs along with following the above can ensure that you do not experience any hair loss due to swimming.

For taking special care all you need to do is to ensure that your scalp is free from any conditions or infections and your hairs are well moisturized and nourished.

You can use any of the following moisturizing hair packs once in a week along with your daily hair care regime to prevent any hair loss during swimming.

Egg and olive oil hair pack

Mix an egg with 2 spoons of olive oil and apply this pack onto your clean hairs. Let it set for 30-40 minutes but do not let it get dry. Wash off with a hair cleanser and let the hairs get dry naturally.

Banana and honey hair pack

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Another highly nourishing hair treatment to ensure that there is no trace of dullness or damage due to the chlorine of the pool water in your hairs. Smash one over ripe banana with 1 tablespoon of honey.

Ensure that the pack is completely smooth before you apply it onto your hairs. Apply the pack, let it set for 40 minutes, covering with a shower cap and then wash off with plenty of water. Use a mild cleanser if needed.


The same Mayonnaise you use in many of your favorite dishes and salads can work as a readymade and excellent hair conditioner. Simply dab in a good amount of mayonnaise onto your washed and wet hairs. Let it set for 5 minutes and then wash off with water.

Yogurt and honey hair pack for preventing hair loss due to swimming

This highly moisturizing and nourishing hair pack can prevent the dryness in hairs caused due to swimming and thus can be highly helpful to prevent the hair fall. Take 4 tablespoons of yogurt and add 3 spoons of honey to it.

Mix the two well and coat your hairs with this pack. Let it set for 45 minutes but do not let it get dry. Wash off with plenty of water. It is best if you can use this treatment at least once every week to get the best results.

Aloe vera hair mask for preventing hair loss due to swimming

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Aloe Vera is known for its extreme nourishing properties and it can be highly effective not only to keep your hairs moisturized but also to nourish the hair roots, ensuring minimum hair fall. It is best if you can collect some fresh Aloe Vera pulp from Aloe Vera leaves and use this pulp on your hairs.

The Aloe Vera gel available in the market often comes with a number of additives that might not be good for your hairs in the long run.

So, collect the fresh Aloe Vera pulp and use it lavishly to coat your hairs and scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes, covering your head with a shower cap and then wash off with plenty of water.

The oil treatment

If it is difficult for you to get the time for following any of the above treatments regularly, start taking oil treatment every night before washing your hairs in the morning.

Massage olive/coconut/almond oil onto your scalp and hairs at night and wash off with a hair cleanser in the morning. Regular oil treatment can be very effective to keep hair dryness at bay and also for nourishing the locks from their roots.

To sum up the above; you need to wet your hairs thoroughly with plain water, then apply a conditioner or oil on the hairs and finally put on a latex or silicone swimming cap properly before hitting the pool.

Once you are out of water, never forget to rinse off your hairs thoroughly with fresh water, and last but not the least; do not forget to pamper your hairs with special care to ensure that you do not experience any hair loss due to swimming.