How to moisture your skin over the night?

If you have dry skin and that makes you suffer for an externally dehydrated skin, you need to follow some simple tricks to have your skin smoothened and hydrated overnight. Overnight treatments are amazing as they stick to your body and repair the cells, while your mind is at rest and your body has fewer movements to do. The damaged cells are not only repaired but are also detoxed and turned into a fresher and clearer texture. You also save a lot of time and energy keeping your skin moisturized during the night compared to how you can work that out during the day. Keep reading and discover some beneficial ways to repair your skin.

Foot care

How to keep the skin moisturized

One of the best ways to start moisturizing your body is to start from the bottom. You surely enjoy the feeling after a pedicure, and to sustain that feeling you have to moisturize your weary feet all through to the night. At first, take your regular body soap to cleanse and exfoliate your feet. Once you have cleaned it well, dab it with a towel and make it dry. Slip into clean slippers so that your feet are away from any kind of dirt. Sit on your bed or on a chair to moisturize the feet. After this, you have to put on a pair of ‘moisture socks’. These are designed to over condition your foot, so purchase this before you start off with the overnight treatment. After you have worn them, go off to sleep and when you wake up your feet would be soft and clean.

Lip care

No one wants to have dry and cracked lips. You can’t even carry your favorite lip colors when you have dry lips. They not only make your lips look terrible but make them drier. Well, there are treatments to repair lips overnight. At first, you have to use a gentle lip scrub for washing off the dead skin. This might make your lips feel a little drier, but that’s a matter of a few seconds. Apply your lip moisturizer and go off to sleep. When you wake up, you will have softer lips and the cracks will be less visible. Keep on repeating the process for a few days and get rid of those cracked lines.

Cleanse well

Cleansing your skin before moisturizing is a good way to make sure you don’t strip off any moisture from it. You might just want to remove your makeup or take a bath, and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to overdo. Opt for soap-less cleansers, especially for the face. The ingredients present in traditional bar soaps could dry your skin. You could also opt for a body wash or a creamy facial but make sure that there is no artificial dye or aroma in the ingredients. Dab your face and put moisturizer.

Shea butter after bath

DIY moisturizing lotion recipes for skin care

We must remember that applying water externally, for cleaning our skin, actually draws out the water from our body. This is even more when we put warm or lukewarm water during our daily shower. To add back the lost moisture, we must apply a moisturizer. This will make your skin healthier and glowing. Take a shower at night and apply rich oil as that acts as a great moisturizing element. You could also replace that with a lotion which has pure Shea butter content in it. After applying the lotion wear a pair of silk pajamas to sleep. They sustain the hydrated effect and you wake up with softer skin.

Face cream

You would be astounded to know that dry faces are more prone to early signs of aging. On the other hand, oily skin retains a shiny appearance with those occasional blemishes. Their well moisturized faces retain the youthfulness longer than the dry faces. You don’t need panic, as the remedy is fast and easy to follow. Cleanse your face before you go to sleep. Now apply a rich lotion which doesn’t clog your pores. Try to get the one which have anti-aging properties for best effects! You will soon notice a great difference on your face, and you wouldn’t need to add makeup.


Cotton pillowcases dry your hair out and leave your messy hair. You wake up with frizzy and tangled locks in the morning, and that’s enough for a mood spoiler! Cotton tugs and pulls as they create friction on our sensitive face. They leave it with marks and creases and often make us age sooner than usual, due to the cellular damages. This is why you should switch over to a silk pillowcase. They not only protect your hair but also the skin on your face. Maintain the hydration provided to your hair and skin and have your beauty sleep perfectly executed!


Beauty tips for skin whitening

Using humidifier for moisturizing your face, especially during the cold and dry months would be an effective way to keep your skin hydrated. When there is less moisture in the air, they suck our skin and leave it dry. Let your skin not get drier than ever, by simply opting for a nice and cold humidifier. Make sure you avoid a hot one as it can mold or increase the growth of bacteria. Apply it overnight and maintain hydrated skin all through the following day.

Home remedies for moisturizing skin overnight

Homemade butter

Making homemade butter is quick and easy. When you churn butter milk, a lot of butter will rise at the top. This can be extracted and kept aside. This will have a lot of moisture which can be applied on the area and kept overnight. You can also opt for regular butter to make your skin tan free and fairer.

Butter milk

The healthy drink comes with numerous nutrients which can be applied externally as well. It is easy to absorb and makes the skin feel light and smooth. It also keeps wrinkles at bay and add a lot of moisture to the skin.

Fresh milk cream

Winter night creams for dry skin

Dry skin can make you look pale and dull. The easiest remedy out of the all the three you just read, is definitely this one! Add some fresh milk cream to your face and watch it make a difference overnight. Milk increases fairness and adds glow. It also reduces dark circles and tanning. Massage your face regularly with milk cream, and best to let it absorb all through the night.

Types of oil

  • Almond oil: the rich source of vitamin A and E is surely going to make your skin feel moisturized and add the lovely aroma. It is one of the finest oils to apply overnight.
  • Sesame oil: If you have dry and itchy skin, you should add some hydration by applying skin friendly sesame oil. With regular application it can make your skin feel smooth and light.
  • Olive oil: one of the best oils for skin is surely going to solve your skin problems along with adding hydration to it. Apply the oil and massage for a while. Let it stick on for the night and receive fresh skin next morning.
  • Coconut oil: lastly, you can also opt for this skin soothing oil, which suits all skin types. Make sure that you get the purest of form, which is skin friendly, and which absorbs well too.