Dos and Don’ts While Dating With Sagittarius Man

Let us start with a true story a girl who has been dating a charming Sag young man for more than a year. Both started of a steamy, hot relationship, which continued for 6 long months. Just after that, her Mr. Near-Perfect became Mr. Yet-Not-Ready-To-Commit. That does not mean that the man have had enough of her girlfriend. Instead, he wouldn’t let her go and prefer going ‘casual’.

It too went for another 5 months. The girl was extremely patient with the man, eventually turning out to be her best friend. The only thing was that there was nothing physical between them, for the man apprehends that their ‘healthy’ relationship might turn ‘sour’. Presently, the duo lives in. He is very happy with her. The only thing is, they don’t even kiss or hold hands- just warm hugs are good enough!

That’s Sagittarius men for you. They are known to be serial daters. And even when you are going strong, there is no question of his being getting committed to you. Sometimes, you might wonder what he actually wants.

However, if you want to maintain a soothing and harmonious relationship while dating a Sag guy, so that it can lead to a deep-rooted friendship, consequently a passionate bond, then there are certain things that you need to take special care of.

Keep up with his ranging mind

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This means, you cannot afford to be boring with a Sagittarius. They take interest in a number of subjects, ranging from politics, entertainment, sports, world cuisines, to name a few.

They can be great conversationalists and keep on talking for hours. It is not mandatory for you to share your inputs, nevertheless. However, can you sit still and hear your date chitchat away for l-o-n-g hours, without feeling outwitted? Of course, your man would like you to pitch in at some point or other. No never be boring, try to expand the horizon of your knowledge.

Think of extremes

Even if you meet your Sag man in a lonely island (this is the least likely thing to happen, however. Sag men hate to get to get stick at one place), never expect him to stay idle and laze and gaze at the beauties of nature! Sagittarians tend to make the most of every second they leave. They have too many curiosities to get satisfied; there must be something to give a treat to their restless minds.

So even if you are together, gift him a large crossword puzzle to solve. Don’t be surprised if he jumps with joy, like a kid and hit your face with it, rolling it up. Or he might take you for a bungee jumping, despite knowing that you are afraid of heights! Prepare yourself for anything and everything unknown and unpredicted. Your date might consider you his BFF instantaneously!

Accept his weird ways

No matter how ‘weird’ and daring his plans appear to be, the key to a successful relationship is, be tolerant to his upbeat nature. Also, never take it too personal if you find him to brag way too much about how awesome he is! Your man is doing it all unconsciously.

It is your appreciation that he is probably craving for! You can also find him occasionally probe deep into a logical explanation of everything that he sees around him. His way of explanation might not appear to be ‘sane’ to you- but that’s the way they are! So the bottom line is, with a Sag date, you can make your life a picnic, provided you join his wagon smoothly and share his never-ending zest for life.

Do not expect him to splurge on you time and again

Everyone wants to have a fine dine experience while on a day. But when you are with a Sag man, then it is better not to expect paying frequent visits to 5-star restaurants and lavish events frequently. Costly dining and wining is not his definition of romancing her dream girl.

He would rather love to take you to fun places, such as a joggers’ park, a tournament and amusing parks. After all, quality time is everything that he wants to spend with you, right? So why spend the extra money? However, in case he takes you out and plans a very special evening, then make sure to shower him with heartfelt appreciations. His efforts should be genuinely acknowledged.

Do not cling to him

This is a classical tip on dating your sag man. You need to understand that relationships can be tough for him. He wishes to be loved- at the same time he is afraid of being tied down. So- have patience, and allow him to relax.