Reasons to stop eating pork

If you enjoy pork in your meals, it is important for you to know that you are risking your health and your life just to indulge into good taste.

Eating pork is not at all healthy for the body, and there are many reasons for that. Pork can work as the source of deadly infections in your body that can lead to even sudden death.

It is not healthy even for the environment too, as pork rearing generates huge amount of waste that is not disposed scientifically. This article will provide you with detailed information on why you should stop eating pork as quickly as possible.

Pork can cause chronic diseases

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This is one of the first reasons why you should skip pork altogether from your diet. Consuming pork can make you prone to a number of severe chronic diseases, some of which are not even treatable. Staying away from eating pork reduces your risk of contracting these diseases to a great extent.


Consuming pork frequently can add to the risk of developing cancer. It has been found through studies that the risk of cancer in meat-eaters is around 40% more compared to the vegetarians.

The high amount of protein present in pork along with some of the other compounds can work as a trigger for cancer. Consumption of pork is also directly related with colorectal cancer. So, stay away from pork and reduce your risk of cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases

Pork comes with high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, which directly adds to the bad cholesterol levels in your blood, reducing the percentage of the good cholesterol. High blood cholesterol deposits in the arteries and clog the passage of blood flow.

Cholesterol also thickens the walls of the arteries and destroys the natural elasticity, adding to the rise in blood pressure.

High blood pressure harms your overall cardiovascular health and increases the chance of having a heart attack or stroke many folds. So, by discarding pork from your diet you can easily reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular ailments.


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Pork eating has also been linked with development of disorders of the brain. Alzheimer’s is quickly becoming a new headache of the doctors due to its increasing rate amongst the adults, and consuming pork regularly in your diet might actually increase your risk of getting Alzheimer’s through storage of excess iron in the brain.


Pork increases your risk of getting high blood pressure which invites blood sugar and apart from that there are also some compounds in pork that might actually work to reduce the insulin sensitivity in the body.

For pre-diabetics it is rally vital to stop eating pork immediately to delay their advance to the diabetic stage.

Apart from the above, eating pork has also been linked to increased chance of deadly conditions like asthma, arthritis and osteoporosis. However, more studies are required in order to establish how exactly eating pork can trigger these conditions.

Pork can work as a major source of infection

This is one of the very important reasons for which pork eating is not suggested by the doctors. Pork can be a host to a range of parasites, viruses as well as other organisms and some of these are difficult to kill even through cooking.

Consuming these parasites along with pork and becoming infected by it is not very uncommon. The common infections from pork include,

Taenia solium

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Taenia solium or tapeworm infection is very common from improperly cooked pork. This parasite first gets into your digestive tract with pork in the form of a cyst and then grows to form tapeworm that can be as long as few meters. Tapeworm can even affect you brain and cause death.

Menangle virus

Pigs are often a common host of these viruses that can cause severe symptoms in human body after ingestion.

Some of the common symptoms of this virus in human body include, high fever, rashes in the body, severe headache, sweating and even convulsion. The infection, if not treated at the right time can even result into death.

Hepatitis E virus

This virus causes viral inflammation in the body which can result into nausea, fatigue and severe jaundice that is hard to treat through normal medications. In severe cases the infection of this virus can even lead to liver cirrhosis or liver fibrosis.

Trichinella worm

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These worms get into the intestine of pigs and proliferate in their muscles. When consumed by humans along with pork it can cause severe symptoms that might even lead to death.

Some of the common symptoms of this worm infection include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cough, muscle pain, joint pain, heart issues, breathing problems and inability in coordination.

Apart from the above, Nipah virus is also commonly found in uncooked or half-cooked pork which can cause a number of severe symptoms as described above. Pork can also carry the deadly H1N1 virus, which can cause death when consumed by humans along with pork.

The worst thing about these parasites and viruses is that, they are not killed properly even through cooking on high flame and hence when you eat pork, you always run the risk of contracting these infections.

By staying away from pork, you can easily bring your chance of infection from these deadly parasites and viruses close to minimum.

Pork can make you antibiotic resistant

In commercial farms, livestock’s are hardly reared in proper environment. Usually, a lot of animals are crammed together and in order to ward off the risks involved in rearing animals in such an environment they are given high dosage of antibiotics.

While antibiotics help in keeping the pigs safe from many common diseases, the overuse of these antibiotics also give rise to resistant worms and bacteria that are much difficult to kill.

When human consumes the pork, automatically a certain amount of the antibiotic in the body of the pork enters into the human body.

This antibiotic concentration keeps on building up as you continue eating pork over the years, making you resistant from antibiotics which can lead even to death by making your body unresponsive from antibiotic treatments.

Pork can work as a source of toxins for your body

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Pigs eat just anything; dirt, filth, wastes, corpses, excreted materials, industry wastes nothing is out of the list of what pigs might eat. In the body of the pig, these are transferred into fat, which is no doubt one of the greatest biological wonders.

However, it does not mean that the fat thus produced is pure and free from harmful elements or toxins. There are many things that a pig might consume and it may pass through its digestive system unaltered and remain in its muscles or fats without causing any symptoms.

By consuming pork, you directly run the risk of taking in these toxins in your body, which might be harmful for your health in the worst possible way.

Pork eating is directly related to weight gain

Pork has such high amount of fat and cholesterol that it is sure to make you fat when included in your diet. Eating pork can directly result into adding up of few inches in your waistline.

It can also work for making you obese, which is becoming a new concern of the century. If you are trying to stay in shape or you are trying to lose weight excluding pork completely from your diet is sure to yield you quick results.

Production of pork is harmful for the environment

Now let us take a look at how commercial pork production affects the environment. Dealing with the waste generated from the pork farms is a major challenge.

These foul smelling wastes can work as a source of various infections and getting rid of these wastes can be a real challenge for any farming.

Often people living in the nearby area of pork farms complain about fine mist created by urine and feces of the pigs which are highly harmful for the health and can give rise to various issues. These wastes cannot be used as manures and they become a source of soil as well as air pollution.

Preservation of animal rights

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The pigs are reared in the commercial farms in extremely unhygienic and unethical conditions. They way they are fed, treated and slaughtered are horrific for anyone to experience.

Studies have shown that pigs are intelligent creatures and they have a mental capacity that can be compared with a 3-year old human child.

These animals are peace loving and they live a social life and hence killing them to add to your platter is never a wise decision of which you can be proud.