How to catch the cheating husband?

You already know the usual signs of a cheater! You see him deleting text messages, spending more time outside home, or the lipstick marks and woman’s hair on his shirt and all that. However, you cannot prove anything as long as you do not catch him red handed. People who cheat typically invest a lot of planning into their acts, so catching them red handed may be a little difficult!

If you are feeling afraid about your husband unique behavior, new changes, his distance with you and secretive manner, Then read the below to know whether you are jealous or he is not up to the good indeed.

Makes or takes phone calls in private

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Although some phone calls needs to treat with privacy but is he switching one room to the next when ever he heard the ring tone! Especially are you watching this sign in new and more frequently, then you need to make an eye on him because it is one of the signs of cheating husband.

Deleting the text conversation

Most of the people don’t bother for the texts that are yelling the phone inbox, few do delete after the inbox got full. But is your hubby deleting the messages at the very instant move after the texting conversation, then there may be some thing on the move just in the text.

Avoiding the parties and functions

Is your partner allocating low time for the family and friends which not like earlier before! Does he avoiding to participate in the family functions and gatherings in constant way! Coming late to the home though leaves early because of some project work or task, these all shows the chances that he is giving time for someone else, through it with phone or computer or in person.

Spending long hours with some one other person

To the sudden is he spending long hours of time with any of his friend, co-worker or peer, especially who is an opposite sex, then you need to find the relation between them.

Coming fresh to home

Did you sense any different brand perfume smell coming from him and is he taking a shower at outside or coming fresh to home like the way he walked from the home in the morning even after the full day work! It gives you a hint that he is making time with some another person.


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Affection goes a bit down when a couple had recent fight or having unsolved problems or  due to poor communication. But all of the sudden is he keeping you at far the distance without the proper reason or repelling with quirk some excuses, it is one of the hint that he is giving to you about  his new relation.

Day’s are becoming short

The one who earlier used to explain his whole day work and activities is now dropping to describe all things what he had done in a day, is communication becoming shorter. You have to ask him to elaborate. If he find the excuses to skip the matters then probably you need to keep an eye on him.

More prone to fights

Does the small conversations and little mistakes are travelling with the arguments and yelling? Are his clothes are missing up somewhere, check it.

Extra secretive

All of the sudden if he is keeping him distanced from you, your birthday’s, anniversary functions, outing, gifts and maintaining secrecy with the phone calls and where he is will all suggest you to know him more about his new activities and relations.

However, it is not at all impossible, so to say! Check out the following tips on how to hook the fish.

It is a mind game: First and foremost, you should remember that it is a mind game going on between you, and you have to be alert all the time. Learn to see your husband without the typical blindfold of a trusting wife! As long as you trust him, your husband wins by playing on trust. Blind trust is actually not suitable in this imperfect society, and you have to be a fighter! If you are having an emotional breakdown while accusing your husband, nothing but your frustration is going to come out of the scenario! So, how do you handle it?

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You are going to have a breakdown as long as you have even a little trace of love inside your heart for the cheater. Since love is a very fragile feeling, being betrayed on it hurts a lot, and you can’t help but go through the emotional turmoil. Ask yourself this question, “Does this cheating person deserve my precious love?” Always remember one simple truth of life, which is, people always remain the same! A person who speaks truth will always speak truth. A person who is a habitual liar would always lie!

The point in the making here is that none of the good memories you had with your husband have any value to him because he was just lying to marry you! This reasoning must be sufficient to get rid of your loving feelings for your husband. At the same time, you have to be careful never to release your anger on your child. Your child is innocent and he/she deserves better than a cheating dad! It is a matter of delicate balance to be the protector of your child and the inquisitor to the liar!

Asking closed questions: Dare to ask closed questions instead of open ended ones where he has the space to speak up the prepared lie. Instead of asking, “are you cheating on me”, consider asking “who were you out with today”. Follow this every time. Do not allow him the space to makeup an answer and hide behind the benefit of doubt. 

Eliminate all doubts right from your question and you may even get a confession from him! That should be sufficient reason to end the toxic relationship and a start a new life alone or with someone you can trust. Always remember to prioritize your child’s needs. Do not leave your young son/daughter at the custody of your husband. Such things can be rash, so be careful and alert.

Take control of the situation. Tell your husband on face that if he cheats, you also have full rights (tit for tat) to have an affair! Start a new life without him if you have the means. If you do not have the means now, be patient, be yourself, and try to settle your life independently over time.

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The other woman: This is a major issue. You feel down to another woman because you feel that she has stolen your husband. The feelings are mixed in envy, anger, and frustration. This is actually a very common strategy used by husbands who prefer to abuse women psychologically. One thing that you should know for sure is that if your husband cannot love you, he cannot love that woman also! As bad and vulgar as it sounds, but the fact here is that woman’s values do not go beyond their bodies with such men. 

You are just treated as flesh by him. If you inquire, you may actually find that the other woman has been lured by your talented husband, usually on some professional pretext. Many women working in offices have to go into compromising relationships with their male bosses just because they cannot afford to lose their jobs. Hope you understand that the other woman is not your enemy.

Your husband is just getting you two to fight and enjoy the drama both ways. It is a time to put a BIG FULL STOP to such twisted games. Did you hear what happened in UK just last year? The two women got together and they set up a huge banner on the freeway naming the cheater with his photo nonetheless. Now, that is definitely the best marital revenge served hot on a platter!