Will your boy friend be a good husband?

This is one of the biggest questions every unmarried girl in a relationship asks to herself. There is really a great deal of difference in being a boy friend and in being a husband and it is really important for a girl to be cautious about making this final call. Having someone you love around you all the time can be real fun, but being a husband does not only mean being around. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with it and before you take this important decision of your life it is really important that you are sure that your boyfriend is the Mr. Right for you.  If you are in a relationship, first check out the following things to know if he can make a good husband for you.

He is responsible

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Responsibility is very important in a relationship and if your boy friend is not responsible towards you, his life and his family, he might not be the right person for you to hold your hand for whole life. Your boy friend might not be serious about life, but that does not mean being irresponsible. If your boyfriend is not ready to take responsibilities and is always eager to pass them on to you or to someone else, he might not make a good husband. Know it for sure, if a guy is not responsible for his own family, he will never be responsible for you too once you become his family.

He respects you

It is really important for every woman to marry a man who will not only love but also respect her. Without mutual respect no relationship can last long. You might adjust to some extent to make it work, but at the end it is sure to fall apart if there is no respect. So, make sure that your boyfriend is respectful towards you and your family as well before taking the decision. Respect might not seem to be very important when he is your boyfriend, but as you two will start living under the same roof, it is sure to come up as the primary factor in your relationship. So, make sure before you take the decision of marrying your boyfriend.

You can trust him

Trust plays the most vital role in a marriage. If a couple is not able to trust each other blindly, the relationship can never last happily. Before you take the decision of marrying your boyfriend it is really important for you to ensure that he is trustworthy. If he seems to discuss even your private things with others, he is not certainly the right man for you. You also have to make sure that your boyfriend is not a womanizer who falls for every other girl who comes his way. It is really vital that you can trust your husband and if you are not able to trust your boyfriend whole heartedly, he can hardly make a good husband for you.

He likes the person you are

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We all have our good sides as well as bad. Anyone can like the good things in you, but the person with whom you will share your whole life should know and like your negative sides too.  If your boyfriend seems to like only your qualities and criticize your not-so-good side instead of trying to accept you how you are, the person is not certainly the best option for you. Your boyfriend might not be happy with your negative sides, he might try to make you realize that why you need to change but should not be criticizing you for that.

He values your feelings

It is not necessary that you and your boyfriend will have the same feelings for things in life, but it is important that he values your feelings too. If you find that your feelings are not that important for him and he treats them just like meaningless nuisance then he is certainly not the right match for you. When you are deciding to hold the hands of a person for the whole of your life it is really important that the person is compassionate about your feelings, even if he does not share the same feelings for the same things.

He considers your opinion before making decisions

One of the common points of argument amongst married couples originates from taking decisions without considering the perspective of the other. If your boyfriend seems to discuss with you and considers your suggestions valuable before taking a decision that is solely personal to him, it certainly indicates that you two have the right bond to go a long way together. If your boy friend seems to not to give your opinion any importance, because he thinks you are too naïve, it is not certainly the way of a good husband.

You two are partners

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In a relationship it is really important that both the parties involved have the same status. If your boyfriend considers you as your partner in everything good or bad and not someone superior or inferior in any aspects of life it certainly indicates towards a great understanding that can make a marriage last long. If your boy friend takes you, your likings, your preferences seriously and give them the same importance as of his own, then certainly he can be the right husband for you. You should not make the mistake of marrying a boyfriend who uses you just to feed his ego.

You two can really communicate

Communication is the key to every relationship. If you two are not good at communicating with each other there is no meaning of trying to take the relationship to the next step. To make your boyfriend your husband it is really important to ensure that you two are able to get each others’ wavelength and you two can actually communicate. If he is too busy with himself and does not pay much attention to your words or if there are always communication gaps between you two, then it is best to stop the relationship at the point it is, instead of taking it further.

He is willing to cover the extra mile for the relationship

To choose your boyfriend as your husband your relationship need not to be as perfect as seen in the movies. There might be many issues, many troubles, many fights but after all your guy should be interested to put in the extra effort to make it work for both of you. If it seems that it is only you who is taking all the trouble to make it work and he is quite reluctant about making things right, then he is not certainly the right man for you to be by your side for whole life.

You two share similar values and wavelengths

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Two people will never have the same way of thinking or the same opinion about everything, but it is really important that a husband and wife share similar values, preferences and likings. Before you take the decision of taking your relation with your boyfriend to the next level it is really important to ensure that you two share similar values and ideas. If there is a huge difference between your values and likings, there will be many conflicts as soon as you two will start to live under the same roof as husband and wife. So, better note that in advance.

He supports your dreams

In a fulfilling relationship it is really important that both the partners are supportive towards each other. A woman can cover any miles and reach any heights in her life if she gets the right support from her husband. So, when you are taking the major decision of accepting your boyfriend as your husband it is really important to ensure that he is supportive towards your dreams and your wishes. These things might not seem to be very important when you have fallen for him, but in the long run it is sure to matter a lot.

He treats everyone well

This is a vital quality that you should look for in a man you are planning to accept as your husband. He might be a billionaire but being humble is what shows the class of a person. If you find your boyfriend misbehaving with the waiter at the hotel, he is certainly not the right person for you to be in a long relationship. The way he is treating others now, is the way he will treat you in future once you become fully available for him. So, make sure to note his behavior towards others before you make the vital decision.