How to find that your husband is cheating you?

Relationships make one of the most important parts of our life and our relationship with our spouse is obviously special in every aspect. For a healthy and happy relationship it is really important that both the partners are fully involved in it and are honest towards each other. The moment honesty is out of a relationship, it does not take long for the relationship to fall apart. If you are going through a difficult phase in your relationship when you are feeling that something is very different in your partner, being cautious about some of his actions and behaviors can be helpful to find out if he is actually cheating on you.

However, before you give the suspicion any space in your mind, it is really important to understand that the changed behaviors in your husband are not caused due to some other issues, like problems in office or in family or with parents. Men often behave distant and differently when they are busy thinking out some solutions to problems of life and they might not always like to share them with you. So, before you suspect your husband for cheating on you, make sure that everything is fine with him otherwise and he is not going through a lot of trouble in his personal life that he does not want to share with you as it might make you anxious too.

To find out if your husband is actually cheating on you or it is just your own suspicious mind check out the next signs of a cheating partner carefully, without letting anyone know about what you are up to.

Sudden changes in appearance

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When men start to fall in new love they tend to take more care of themselves. If you find that your husband has suddenly changed his total looks, appearance and dressing style there might be something wrong. If your husband is falling for another woman then he is sure to try to impress her in every possible way and looks certainly play a major role in making that great impression. So, if you find that your husband, who used to have stubbles always, has certainly started to be clean shaved 24×7, is trying out new hairstyles, changing his cologne or dress pattern, there might be something to suspect. Spending on more expensive clothes is another thing that you can note. However, make sure that he is not doing all that to impress you all over again.

Highly secretive about his phone

This is something that can be very helpful to catch a cheating partner.  If your husband has suddenly become very secretive about his phone that he is carrying it with him to every place even when he is in home and is making a lot of drama if someone even happens to touch it, then there is suddenly something to doubt. People become secretive when they have something to hide and suddenly becoming very cautious about the call logs, texts or personal posts give some indication. If you find that your husband has started to keep a second phone as well without your knowledge, be sure that he is cheating on you in some way or other.

He takes and receives call only in private

There can be important meeting details that he might not like to discuss in front of you but if you find that your husband is going to unusual lengths to find privacy for talking on the phone, then things might not be that straight. Every person enjoys privacy, but when your man becomes overly cautious about privacy while talking on the phone or texting, particularly during odd hours of the day, things are not certainly right in place for you.

He maintains multiple social media accounts

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Social media has made it really easy for people to connect and share and at the same time it has made falling for new affairs as easy as anything for anyone looking for it. If you find that your husband is maintaining social media accounts to which you are not added, it can be a sign to note.  In this busy schedule hardly any professional finds the time to maintain multiple social accounts, and if your husband is doing that without adding you to it, things are most probably not right.

He spends more time out

Increased work pressure is a reality but a sudden cut in the total time he used to spend at home might be indicating more than an increased responsibility at work. If you find that your husband is late to get back everyday and he is not able to attend to your needs even on most of the holidays because he has some important meeting at office, it is the time you should be cautious. When your husband starts to share his free time with someone else, it is most expected that he will look for excuses to get more time out of home.

He is fresh when he is back home

If your man is putting extra hours at the office it is sure to show on him once he is back, but if he is fresh even when he is back from work, it is most expected that it is not his office where he was busy. If your man seems to have taken a bath somewhere out of home before getting back, there is maximum chance that something is going on behind your back, because a man hardly prefers to take a bath at a place he is not very comfortable with.

He is becoming mentally distant

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There is always difference between being physically distant and mentally distant. If you start noticing that your husband is suddenly becoming mentally distant from you then there is enough reason for suspicion. Not being concerned about your problems that previously used to be a great deal for him is something that should be taken seriously. A man becomes suddenly distant from his wife either due to a problem that he is trying to solve on his own otherwise because he is not any more concerned about his wife. If it is a problem that he is trying to resolve, then it is sure to be over within a week or a few weeks, but if you observe no change even after a month, things are most expectedly going wrong for you.

He picks up fight for everything

Marriage is a relationship in which two human being share everything, starting from the bed to the finances, time, emotions and worries. If the buffer named “love” falls short between these two people there has to be frictions and conflicts. If you start to notice that your husband is picking up fights with you for every silly things, it simply indicates that his feelings for you are not anymore as genuine as they are expected to be.

He does not encourage physical relationship with you

A healthy physical relationship is an intrinsic part in the life of every couple. There can be several reasons that might make you two not to get physically close for some time, but if there seems to be a sudden change towards his interests for sharing a great time with you in bed, it is the time you need to be really cautious. Men often change their attitude in bed if they are going through a physical problem but not for increased work pressure at office. This is a point that is quite easy for a woman to note and to become more cautious about the other signs.

He has huge expenses that you do not know of

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For wives it is not really very difficult to get the bank details of their husbands. The financial expenses of a man gives a clear account of where he is spending his time and interest.  So, checking out his bank or credit card details can be actually helpful. If you find that there are huge expenses from his cards for shopping or for purchasing things that did not landed up in your home, you can be sure that your husband is hiding something important from you.

Most of the times he is not reachable

Your husband might be the busiest person in the world, but if he cares for you he will suddenly make himself available for you. If your calls go unanswered repeatedly or if he is not reachable over his mobile or office phone quite often there are chances that he is busy with something else. Your husband might be busy in a meeting and might not be able to take up every call, but he is expected to call you back as soon as he is free. If it seems that your calls always go unanswered and your husband is not really eager to get back to you to know why you were calling, there is a good chance of him being involved with some other women.

If your husband is cheating on you, you are most expected to notice more than one of these signs in him. However, before you take a step, make sure that you are not ruining your relationship being driven by only suspicion without any basic reason.