Advantages and disadvantages of using contact lenses

Today, most of the people are educated and are engaged with reading various contents, books etc offline and also emails and dealing with the web searches online. While doing this, they are probably straining their eyes. Thus every 5 out of 10 people are having problem with eyesight whether it is short sightedness or long sightedness. You can also view people wearing spectacles and attending meetings, clubs and marriage party. It is just because they cannot see clearly without the help of spectacles. If you are looking contact lenses, check contact lenses uk.

But, it looks really odd to wear spectacles in occasion especially for women willing to look beautiful with makeup. Thus, spectacles can be easily replaced with the contact lenses. By wearing the contact lenses people cannot make out that you are having some problem with their eyesight. Even, it will be quite easier for them to look good without wearing spectacles.

Advantages of contact lenses

  • Contacts provide better side vision as compared to eyeglasses.
  • A variety of lens types can be found to meet up with individual needs.
  • They eliminate the call to wear eyeglasses continuously.
  • Contact lenses provide predictable eyesight correction.
  • Contacts cost in excess of eyeglasses but lower than surgery (although surgery can be less expensive eventually if it permits you to go without having glasses or even contacts).
  • Some persons prefer how they look as soon as wearing contacts rather than eyeglasses.

Look presentable

Contact lenses are a replacement to eye glasses which would have covered your face with big glasses throughout these years. This is the time to look as you are without the use of heavy eye glasses. Whether you go to a public gathering or attend a wedding party of your friend, contact lenses would bring out your natural beauty.

Hiding eyesight problem

It you are wearing an eyeglass; it will be quite natural for the viewers looking at you to make out that you have an eyesight problem. But, after wearing the contact lenses which gets placed transparent to your eye, no one can ever make out that you are suffering from the eye sight problem. Thus, you can easily hide the fact that you are having power in your eyes.

Trendy look

Some people willing to get a trendy look also go for the contact lenses with colors. This will change the color of your inner eyeball and you will look like a separate personality. There are also instances where people adopt wearing the eye lenses instead of the sunglasses. Just like you choose sunglasses with different colors, choosing eye lenses with different colors that protects you from the sun is also easier to be chosen.


There was a time when the eye lenses have been really very costly. People were even afraid to hear its price as only a group of people in the society with ample money in hand had the power and potential to get the eyeglasses. But today, science had advanced and with changing technology people can afford eye lens as they cost within your reach. Even some eye lens with power is cheaper than some eye glasses.


  • There is certainly an increased risk regarding corneal infections, scratches, and scrapes.
  • Lenses may be easily damaged or dropped.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your current lenses may be complicated and inconvenient. You may need good hand-eye coordination to decontaminate, insert, and take away the lenses.

Tips to avoid eye infections

  • Some persons cannot wear for the purpose of comfortably. After going through the initial discomfort and expense of for the purpose of, some people continue to find these individuals uncomfortable or else unsatisfactory.
  • Wearing for the purpose of can cost a minimum of $150 each year, including the prices of cleansing and disinfecting solutions. Those who to substitute their contacts or alter prescriptions frequently may spend additional. The cost from the lenses varies in line with the type regarding lens a person wear.
  • In some work places, you will have to use protecting eye-wear in the event you wear for the purpose of.

Complication in cleaning

When any dust particle or object sticks over the eye glass, you certainly take out your eye glass, wipe it with a soft cloth and wear it again. This is quite easy to clean eyeglasses. But, cleaning the eye lenses are not so easy as they are placed at your eye contact if any dust enters inside your eye there will be irritation and since the eye lenses are small and is made up of transparent fiber while cleaning, it might slip from your hand.

Difficulty in lens insertion

How to avoid computer eye strain

Even the technique of lens insertion is difficult. Since the eye is a delicate part of your body and lens has to place inside your eye, it requires care and practice for placing lens in the perfect place. You need to place the eye lens exactly in the middle of your eye or else you might not be able to see properly.

Changing the lens

When you are going to get eye lenses in your eye power, it is very important to note that one pair of eye lens can be used for only certain duration of time. Once the time duration is over, you need to replace the eye lens. Thus, this will be a recurring expense for you in the long run.

Initial discomfort

Individuals using eye glasses for several years will find discomfort at an initial stage if they certainly adopts wearing the lens as it will take time for you to adapt with the change. Also you might forget that you are using eye lens and rub your eye with hand which can give rise to falling out of eye lens.