Best Pakistani mehndi designs for hands & legs

Pakistani henna designs are different from other mending designs by their rich design, amazing layouts and bold patterns. Mending, also called henna is the major element of a woman’s attire and fashion.

Mending is not only limited to hands but also feet and they make a woman look even more gorgeous and stunning than ever. Girls of young age in Pakistan like to wear soft mending designs, having light and bright strokes.

In addition, they love to make patterns and design that more or less look like flowers and other related patterns.

Weddings are the times in Pakistan when the girls want to look their best. The function of mending is one of the most important functions in a girl’s life during marriage.It is one function that comes just once in her lifetime.

Hence she searches for the latest and best mending designs for the occasion.

Pakistani Mehndi designs have become a symbol of art, culture and religion of Pakistan over a period of time. Pakistani Mehndi is usually done using two types of Mehndi.

The outlines are usually done using Black Mehndi and the rest of the design is done using other Indian mehndi designs.Pakistani Mehndi design is a mix of Arabic and Indian Mehndi styles, so it mixes the best of both and reaches the highest level.

8Royal Mehendi Design

Easy circle mehndi designs

The art of drawing Mehendi design which have heads of peacock and prints of paisley along with chequered patterns has been in use since the time of king and queens.

This Mehendi design depicts royalty and makes for an appropriate choice for a bride to be. One has to make sure that both the hand’s designs are completely similar to each other.

7Back Hand Mehendi Design

The Mehendi design that is drawn on the back of the hands is usually done during the time of Eid in Pakistan.

It does not just hold beauty but uniqueness too has patterns drawn on the back resemble designs of Churidar or long designer salwars and kurtas. It seems as if you are wearing some designer traditional outfit.

6Border Mehendi Designs

Every traditional outfit in Pakistan which is mostly worn during special occasions and functions has an artistic, rich and beautiful border to it; taking inspiration from outfit designs this Mehendi design makes for an opulent look which is heavy as far as the look is concerned. It also fills the space of your hands in a way that doesn’t look crowded enough.

5Fill it with Patterns

Though no Mehendi design is ever complete without drawing some patterns, but this Mehendi design makes for just patterns; Patterns that are different and cute.

Star it with a flame type pattern on the ankle, keep going with semi-circles, swirls, diamonds patterns and dots, then again swirls and circles by the toes. This Mehendi is easy to draw and if you want no spacing then go for this one.

4Checks, leaves and flowers

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

One of the famous Pakistani Mehendi designs is the check pattern that is more like a lace pattern, leaves to design and a flower or two.

The major part of the feet is covered in lacy patterns, oval shaped border that are decorated with little leaves and leaves drawn inside of it. Not to forget a flower on the middle or at the end in the Mehendi design. This Mehendi design ends right below the knees.

3The Paisley Mehendi Design

A big paisley pattern on the top of the ankles mark as a beginning of this Mehendi design which is majorly drawn on the feet.

You can compliment the design with flowers and loads of flowers. Even little flowers are drawn at an equal space from each other and they look like some typical pattern on the feet.

It is neither too easy nor too tough to draw this Mehendi design and it look enormously fantastic.

2Pakistani mehndi designs

This is a traditional Pakistani mehndi design on the back of the hands. The symmetrical artistic design on both hands is best suited on the bride’s hands. The design constitutes of flowers, leaves, spirals, circles dots and strokes.


Here is an asymmetrical design on both hands. One takes a flow from the index finger to the mid arm with floral pattern in two colors. The other hand is with black mehndi going from sides to the back of the hand.

It has beautiful flowers on the sides of the fingers. Part of the palm is left empty and the design turns into a beautiful floral bracelet in one hand.


This is a very simple Eid styled Pakistani mehndi design for hands. The main motif in the middle of the hand uses a large dot with small simple pattern around it the fingers are closed in the traditional style and the line and dots pattern on them adorns them in a simple way.


New mehndi designs for feet

This is another simple Pakistani Pattern used for Eid and other religious ceremonies. It has a little more design than the previous one.

This is a simple yet beautiful design that can be applied by women of any age group.


This is a popular Pakistani design suitable for all occasions. It comprises of floral and other patterns and is done from one side of the palm and then extended outwards.


This is a typical Pakistani floral pattern with Arabic ideas decorating the palm in a beautiful manner. The orange color fillings in the flowers make the complete design very artistic and impressive.


This style with intricate motifs and the patters is ideal for wedding and special occasions. The whole design looks beautiful and stunning with symmetrical pattern covering both the hands completely in an artistic manner.


Brides in Pakistan are very fond of decorating their feet with colorful mehndi. This floral pattern covering the feet and toes with intrinsic designs is looking more beautiful with the colored crystals added to it.


New bangle henna mehndi designs

The use of black mehndi on this bridal mehndi design makes it look more beautiful, prominent and fine. The intricate design covering the hand from fingers to mid arms includes geometric shapes, floral motifs.

Some parts resemble fish scales and a bangle of nets in both the hands.


This is a very beautiful and intricate design suitable for wedding functions. It suits the bride very well. The small details in the pattern make it look special and elegant. It is a fine pattern that requires time and patience but looks stunning.


This design has two peacocks that adorn the hands in very beautiful motifs. The would be husbands name is inscribed into the hand. The beautiful designs and details make this style a very elegant choice for the bride.


Look at this unique Pakistani mehndi design decorating the hand of a bride right up till the shoulders.

It is a combination of Arabic, Indian and Pakistani pattern with fillings in different colour mehndi. Big and small gems are studded throughout the pattern in an innovative way.


Best full hands mehandi designs

This is a beautiful design comprising with multiple patterns striking out in black colour mehndi.

As the style of Pakistani design space in both the hands are left vacant to make the design prominent. The check pattern on the fingers gives it a unique look.


This is a traditional Pakistani design for the feet of a Pakistani bride. The anklet pattern and the intricate design on the fingers are remarkable.

There is some empty space in the middle of the foot through which the small paisley design peeps out in an effective way.


This is a beautiful with a unique design spread over the middle of the palm and on the fingers and thumb.

The spirals, flowers leaves dots and strokes of mehndi are artistically placed the tips of the fingers are decorated with a check pattern in an unusual manner.


Try top 15 engagement mehndi designs for hands

A look on the Pakistani mehndi designs given above it is clear that these are famous for its elaborate designs and motifs.The designs above are intricate and resemble mesh-works on the hands and feet.

The designs vary on occasions and if the occasion is special like wedding,the designs are decorated with colored crystals. Most Pakistani mehndi designs are bound to be intricate with detailed fill-ins that require lot of time and patience.

The Mehndi designs on casual occasions are made of simple dots or starry patterns or simple paisley pattern or a leafy or floral vine without any intricacy.