Best Hairstyles for square face 2020

Bangs are the best way to transform one’s looks. Adding bangs to your hairstyle will freshen up the way one looks, provided the bangs are as per your face shape and size. Each face has its unique requirement and giving it the right bangs will add the glam your face needs!

Have a look at what your face shape wants:

14Curtain Bangs

Hairstyle according to face shape female

When it comes to face shapes, a square face with oval chin area is the king. An oval-shaped square face can go for curtain bangs to soften the overall look. The bangs let you highlight the mid-area section of the face, focusing well on your eyes and cheeks.

13Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs sink well with square-shaped faces. Unlike any other face structure, a square face is toned down to a better shape, with choppy fringes. Adding some volume with a quick blow dry will make the hair look better and more stylish.

12Wavy Long Bangs

For a sleek square face, the mid parted wavy long bangs do wonders. These bangs not just highlight any particular feature, but the entire face gets balanced with well-set curly hair at the edge. It gives you a prettier and more elegant look.

11Side Parted Bangs

Easy hairstyles for sarees with face shape guide

A square face with a subtle curve on the chin does not require as much attention for the bangs as the other face types. Fringes that are side parted and blow-dried backward go well with this face.

10Blunt Bangs

For square-shaped faces, with an edgy lower half, the blunt fringes are perfect. If you tend to have a broad forehead, it lets you shift the focus from there to the other features of your face. Also, with added benefits, it makes you look much younger than your age.

9Curled Side Bangs

For square faces with sharp features, a curly look with casually combed long curled side bangs adds glam to the face. The curls balance the sleek jawline with a good volume that completes this look. The hair can be side or mid-combed, as both are as good as the other.

8Long Side-parted Bangs

Best right hairstyle for square & oval face shape

If you have well defined square face with a sleek cheekbone, adding front bangs to it would spoil the fun. What looks more elegant is side-parted, long bangs with a visible forehead. The thinness of face in such a case won’t be a problem, and your face will look accentuated.

7Parted Wavy Bangs

A square face with mid-toned cheekbones is adorned well with long bangs on sides. The wavy bangs add charm to the face, contouring the cheekbone area as required.

6Side-Swept Wispy Bangs

The heart-shaped square faces with sharp jawlines are balanced with side-swept wispy bangs to let the forehead tone down the edgy jawline. In case one opts for front bangs, the entire shift would be focused on the jawline, highlighting it more than required.

5Mid-length Side Bangs

Short layered haircuts for round face shape

Messy braids with mid-length side bangs define adequate beauty and style to complete one’s look. The side-parted wavy bangs make the face shape more defined and sharp. One can definitely opt for this look on any occasion if you wish to look different from regular days.

4Side Swept Bangs

A messy bob with side swept bangs goes well for a summer look. Most celebrities opt for such looks every once in a while. It makes you look younger, fresh and fashionable.

3Slicked Back Bangs

Slicked back bangs add beauty and elegance to a square face with round jawline. It goes equally well with short, mid or long hair. The curvy square face doesn’t need to hide or highlight any of its features. A side bang is adequate to bring necessary transformation to the face.

2Rounded Bangs


Hairstyles with golden brown highlights

For a square face with sharp jawline, front bangs rounded at the ends do the magic. These bangs with wavy hair add glam to your look. This look is what goes well with all attires, on all occasions.

1Curly Side Bangs

For round chinned square faces, side-swept curly bangs impart excellent definition to the face. A curly side bang, as depicted in the picture, will help in adding a good volume to the hair thus reducing the visible size of the face.

Bangs never go out of fashion and nothing goes better than these bangs if you have a square face. Not surprising that several Hollywood actresses with square face love to wear bangs and to be honest, the bangs reduce their age by quite a considerable number. Hurry up! If you own a square face, style your hair with your choicest bangs.