Tips for postpartum dressing

During pregnancy you might be actually okay in your maternity clothes, but as soon as your little one arrives it is quite usual for you to wish to get back to your pre-pregnancy dresses. In fact, you have a wardrobe full of them and you just cannot opt for a new wardrobe to fit in the postpartum body that you are eagerly trying to loose. While trying to lose weight to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape is important, you also have to keep in mind that you should not push yourself to achieve your old figure in a month or two. The whole process of getting back in shape should take at least 6 months to a year or even more and you must arrange up your wardrobe to fit into your needs of this particular span.

If you are a new mom and thinking about how to dress postpartum to look your best, here are some tips for you. Don’t worry we have kept in mind the budget factor too, as investing too much on clothing for this stage, might actually go down the drain in a year or two. Read out and follow these tips to look and feel your best even postpartum.

Postpartum dressing tips #1 — Hide that belly

Postpartum dressing tips #1

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The postpartum pouch is quite common and you are sure to have it on you if you have given birth to your child recently. Post-delivery, more than concentrating on reducing the pouch quickly, you should focus on hiding it. For hiding a postpartum pouch the best way is to go for the tops that have a frilly lower section. There are many tops in the market that comes with a constriction just below the bust line and has ample frills to cover the belly and the waist section. These tops can be the best way to hide your postpartum belly comfortably. This is not an ideal time to look for the crop tops or the ones that makes the waist region prominent. So, opt for the frills and enjoy the comfort.

Postpartum dressing tips #2 — Stay away from those tight waist pants

Postpartum dressing tips #2

After delivery, trying to put on your those old pants might not be the right way to go, because during this time, even the best fit ones can actually become tight on your belly. For postpartum dressing, the best way is to opt for pants with a stretchable waist. The Yoga pants are often a good choice for this time and in fact you can go with anything that has a fit below the waist and does not actually push up your postpartum pouch, because that will be not only uncomfortable but will also look odd. As far as the fit is concerned, many women prefer to go loose with it too. If you are going out for a casual walk, opting for the lose fit ones is certainly a good idea, but when you are going out to an occasion or to office, you might actually put on pants that offer a good fit on the hips and legs but is forgiving on the waist.

Postpartum dressing tips #3 — Find proper underwear

Postpartum dressing tips #3

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Right after delivery, your breasts are surely going to be numb, bigger and a lot different than their normal shape and size. If you try to fit back into your old lingerie it is sure to make you uncomfortable and look unsightly. This is a point where you actually need to invest properly during this time. Opt for a brassier that fits properly and provide ample support instead of pushing up the extra fat. Finding the right undergarments postpartum can be a real challenge and you might not be actually interested to spend a lot on it as you will not need it afterwards. However, we suggest, it is a wise decision to pick at least a pair of proper brassieres particularly for this span as that is going to help you a lot.

Postpartum dressing tips #4 — Flaunt that neckline

Postpartum dressing tips

When you are not actually in a situation to flaunt that waistline, the best way to makeup for it is to flaunt the neckline. Opt for tops that have beautiful and deeper necklines as that will highlight the upper part of your body instead of the waist and the belly region which is not in a good shape right now. Opting for those wide boat neck tops, with a loose overall fit can be a great choice for this time. The top is sure to take all the eyes to the collarbone area, which is expected to be quite in its older shape even right after delivery. You can also opt for tops that come with a frilly neckline or some embellishments on the neckline to attract more attention. You can even try out interesting and colorful scarfs to highlight the neck region.

Postpartum dressing tips #5 — Pair a loose long top with a tight legging

Postpartum dressing tips #5

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This one can be the best trick to dress postpartum. Even right after delivery, your legs are most likely to be in shape and if you can flaunt them in the right way, you can easily take all the attention away from your waist and stomach region. The other best thing about leggings is that, you can easily wear them below the waistline, particularly when you are pairing it up with a long top. The length of the top should depend on the condition of your thigh region. If you think that the muscles of your thighs have gone too loose during the pregnancy, it is best to opt for tops that will gently cover the thighs as well and will end in a constriction. So, choose the length of the top carefully, and you can look your best even postpartum.

Postpartum dressing tips #6 — Wearing skirts may be tricky

Postpartum dressing tips #6

If you are planning to wear skirts postpartum, the short ones must not be your pick, as they are sure to come with a tight fit on the waist region. However, you can always put on the long skirts along with longer tops. The best thing about long skirts is that, you can easily wear them below your waistline, while keeping the waist region covered with a longer top. However, when you are pairing it up with a long skirt, you should opt for tops that are long but are not lose or frilly. Opting for the skirts that fits tightly on the upper part of the legs and then extends to frills at the lower section can also be a good idea particularly for parties, as that will easily take all the attention to your legs and less to your waistline.

Postpartum dressing tips #7 — The tent look should be avoided

Postpartum dressing tips #7

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So when you get a tent look? You know it right away, particularly if you have just given birth to your child. It might be most comfortable for being in home, but when you are going out, you should dress better. Pairing up a loose, frilly top with a loose bottom, without any constrictions in the whole dress is what gives you a tent look and you need to avoid it in every possible way. You can always pair up something lose with something fit and if you are not really interested to highlight your waist region you can easily highlight the bust line by wearing the tops that comes with a clear constriction just below the bust line.

Postpartum dressing tips #8 — Those heelscan make the right choice postpartum

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Wearing your stilettos postpartum might not be the best idea, particularly when you are carrying your child with you. However, opting for shoes with heels can actually do a lot of good to your overall appearance. If not stilettos, you can always opt for some heels in your shoes, it will give your legs a longer look and will add to the style of your walk which can easily cover up for many other flaws in your overall figure. So, unless you are going out just for a walk in the neighborhood or to the market to shop a few usual things, try to grab a pair of stylish shoes that comes with at least a little bit of heels to add to your overall height and look.

Postpartum dressing tips #9 — For indian women it is the best time to grab the sarees

Postpartum dressing tips #9

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This tip is particularly applicable for the Indian women who are familiar with sarees. Postpartum, when your body is not in its best shape and yet you have to go through your usual life, like attending office, parties and occasions, grabbing a saree can actually be most comfortable and the best way to hide your post-delivery body. Saree covers up the waist region, including the postpartum pouch in a very subtle way, while highlighting your neckline. If you are otherwise comfortable in a saree, it can certainly make the best choice of dressing postpartum.