Top health benefits of eating guava fruit / psidium guajava

Guava is a tropical fruit rich in high-profile nutrients.  It has a unique flavour, taste, and has several health-promoting qualities.

There are different types of guavas are grown all over the world which vary in flavour, pulp colour and seeds. The flesh colour also varies from white, pink, yellow or red. It is eaten raw, ripe or semi ripe or in the form of jams and jellies.

This popular fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients.Its scientific name is Psidium Guajava. It is a special fruit in the manner that protecting the fruit does not require the use of chemical pesticides as in the case of grapes apples and other fruits.

10 Health advantages of guava

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Based on the species, a guava pulp and seeds could be white, lime, pink or even red. The other part of guava is green before it turns yellow, maroon or even remains green when ripe. They are usually best consumed when semi-ripe because they are crunchy.

Guavas certainly are a treasure-trove with regards to nutrients. They are rich in antioxidants and are known as a “super food.” They’re also known for their high pectin content.

Brings down risk of diabetes                        

Seeking other sources of fiber? Grab a scrumptious guava. It is rich in fiber, just about the most talked fruit with regards to nutrients today since it is found to be beneficial in treating a variety of disease including diabetes (by scaling down the ingestion of sugar in your body).

A high fiber diet has additionally been connected to a reducing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Brings down the risk of cancer

Guava contains the highest supplement of Vitamin C content in comparison to oranges. Vitamin C is well known as one of the potent antioxidants that assist in protecting solar cells from any radical damage.

High numbers of oxidants in your body can damage cell membranes and will contribute for the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Helps  get good vision

Guavas are good sources of vitamin A, the nutrient best known for enhancing eyesight.

Regulates blood pressure levels

One guava has same quantity of potassium as in a banana. Potassium functions as an important factor in controlling blood pressure.

Helps in fertility

Munching on guava additionally supplies a lot of folate in your body. The vitamin folate is well known increasing the chances of fertility.

Helps your body use key vitamins

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One of the key features of manganese in your body is as a possible enzyme activator such as enzymes accountable for using some essential nutrients including biotin, thiamine and ascorbic p. Guavas are usually good sources of manganese.

Helps bring about healthy thyroid gland

No, guavas don’t consist of iodine; there are good sources of copper, a mineral which plays a vital role in thyroid metabolism especially in hormone production and ingestion.

Relaxes nerves and muscle

Magnesium is one of the essential mineral which can be obtained only from food products. Eating guavas might help relax the nerves along with muscles as its good source of magnesium content.

Allows maintain healthy skin

Regular guava consumption can also help you attain healthy skin as it is a good source of Vitamin E and Antioxidant content. Vitamin E helps attain healthy skin through the antioxidant attributes.

Maintains brain health

Vitamins B play an important role in maintaining healthy brain. Guavas are rich in vitamin B3 and B6.

Vitamin B3, also referred to as niacin encourages brain health and promotes blood circulation, and Vitamin B6, also referred to as pyridoxine, is usually an important nutrient that enhances the brain function.


The fruit also contains good quantity of vitamin C and it comes to about 338% of RDA of the daily requirement. The antioxidants present in this fruit and the vitamin C content helps to give immunity power of the body.

Common diseases like flu or common cold can be fought if you have guava in your diet at regular interval. The fruit also protects you from infections.

Helps in increased production of blood

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The potassium in the fruit is responsible for keeping the sodium level of the body at a balance. The salt is also good for keeping the electrolyte level. This also keeps the risk of stroke or other heart ailment at bay.

The vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, minerals, vitamin B6, folate, manganese and other contents help in forming of blood. The fruit also helps in absorbing iron from other food materials.


The pollution of the world has increased rate of aging. Radiation of the sun and smoke from different improved machineries also add to the aging factor.

These increase the free radicals in the body that helps in enhancement of aging. Guava has got antioxidants and so can fight the free radicals. This fruit has shown to be the best food for slowing the aging process.

Improvement in digestion

Dietary fiber in guava is found in good quantity. The anti bacterial trait of the fruit cleans the internal digestive track and helps to fight microbial attacks. These help in improved digestion and lowering of problems like constipation and diarrhea.


The fruit contains vitamin C in a higher concentration than it is found in oranges. This helps in cases of bleeding gums and other oral infections. Leaf of guava contains astringent that can help in toothache and mouth ulcers.

Medicinal help from guava

The components of the guava tree are good against bacterial infections. The bacteria like Micrococcus pyogenes can be treated with the juice of the components.

Extract of fruit of this tree makes good laxative. This fruit also works against fungal attack and viral infections. The pregnant women eat guava to get the natural folate in their body that prevents any defects in newborn infants.

Health benefits of guava

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  • Diarrhoea & Dysentery– Guava is very rich in astringents which bind up loose bowels in diarrhoea. These astringents are alkaline in nature and have disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Other nutrients in guava like vitamin-C, Carotenoids and potassium help to strengthen and tone up the digestive system. Guava is also beneficial in gastroenteritis.
  • Constipation–Guava is one of the riches sources of dietary fibre. Its seeds, when eaten whole or chewed, serve as excellent laxatives… Guava ensures promotes total health through proper digestion and proper excretion.
  • Cough & Cold—the juice of raw and immature guavas or decoction of guava-leaves is very helpful in giving relief in cough and cold. Its astringent properties helps in loosening cough, reducing mucus, disinfecting the respiratory tract, throat and lungs Guava is rich in vitamin-C and iron which are known to prevent  cold and viral infections.
  • High Blood Pressure–Guava helps to  reduce cholesterol in blood and prevents it from thickening. This helps in maintaining the fluidity of blood and reducing blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss– Guava is very helpful for those who want to lose weight. Guava is very high in roughage and very rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, but has no cholesterol and less digestible carbohydrates. It is very filling and satisfies appetite very easily. But ironically, it helps gaining weight in lean and thin people. This is probably due to its richness in nutrients, which keep the metabolism right and helping proper absorption of nutrients.
  • Scurvy— Deficiency of Vitamin C causes scurvy. Guava has high concentration of vitamin C and so serves as a remedy for scurvy.
  • Good for pregnant mothers—the folic acid content in guava helps in developing the baby’s nervous system in pregnant mothers. It also protect the newborn from neurological disorders
  • Immunity: Guava is an excellent source of Vitamin C. which is antioxidants that helps in increasing the immune system function. It increases immunity to protect against common diseases like cough, cold and flu and to protect from infections.
  • Toothache– The astringents contents of guava leave juice are a useful remedy for toothache, swollen gums and ulcers.  The gargling of guava leaves is an important toothache remedy. Guava juice is an important home remedies to treat gums problems.  The rich folate in guava prevents bad breath which is responsible for gingivitis, a gum disease.
  • Varicose Veins—The Vitamin C in guava helps the body to form collagen and elastic. These are responsible for keeping the veins strong and toned and also help to improve circulation in the body.
  • Antitumor property— Guava contains high amount of lycopene which has an anti-tumor property. Lycopene protects from oxygen free radicals by fighting to neutralize it. So eating guava will help to fight prostate cancer
  • Piles–Experts believe that eating guavas everyday helps to cure piles .The high fibre content in guavas helps in softening stools and boosting metabolism, which in turn helps in treating as well as preventing piles.
  • Kidney stones–Regular consumption of guava helps to treat and prevent the formation of kidney stones. The rich vitamin C content in guavas helps in absorbing extra calcium in the body which can result in the formation of kidney stones.


There are so many health benefits of guava that it is not possible to avoid this tropical fruit. It is important to know that guava helps control diabetes and protects the prostate.

The juice of guava leaves has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums & oral ulcer. Guava juice speeds up the healing process of wounds when applied externally. It is found to reduce the frequency of convulsions, epilepsy, and bacterial infections.