Braid hairstyles & Haircuts for kids

Ask mothers of little girls and they will tell you the effort and time spent on handling their long thick locks. It’s such a task to manage your daughter’s hair and we understand.

Not only that, girls gotta party and catch up with friends for some fun, why not dress these dolls into princess with easy braids that will make them stand out and our hearts crushing for these cutie pies. Let’s check out some of the best kids hairstyle:

Long fishtail braid

Best braided hairstyles for girls

Try this for your little bundles of joy and give their look a makeover. This pretty fishtail braid is all you need to pull off on a gloomy day while the girls play hide and seek, looking adorably pretty in these cute braids.

Braid on my crown

Create a slick and quick crown braids for your little girl. Play with braids on her hair and twist them into a bow on one side while the rest of the hair is open. This is an easy to-do for daily school going look and shall help you when rushing late too.

Play me pretty

Greet your mornings with this back-to-old days twin roller braid hairstyle that is an evergreen signature stamp look for little girls.

Not only cute and chic, it gets the lively mode on. Take a few strands of her hair from the side and braid then into neat plaits. Add colourful beads and bands to her hair for a brighter look.

Double french braid

Girls look extremely pretty and attractive with oiled slick pull back hair weaved into intricate detailed French braid starting from the hemline.

A neat way to achieve hassle-free hairstyle for sporty girls who love to play dirty on the ground and take the road to adventure.

Braid and pony combo

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

Let your girls gleam with joy and fun, create an artsy braid on the top of their head. Crown work best for hair while you can blend the braids into a messy carefree ponytail. The ponytail is also wrapped around by taking the braid leftover as you neatly wrap it around the ponytail.

Under the pony braid

Innovative and creative moms are definitely making our minds go wow. While we gape looking at these amazing braid hairstyles, you take your girl’s hair and start experimenting. The braid under ponytail s not only stunning but quite an arty hairstyle. What do you think?

Colorful pony french braid

One word: Stunning. Yes, we’re totally going bonkers at this oh-so-breathtaking hairstyle.This mom has displayed some serious braiding skills here and we’re totally crushing at her art.

Make a high pony and go crazy with the long straight hair, French braid the hair and add colourful bands to fasten the braid at each knot. Isn’t it spectacular?

Kitschy braid

This conversation-starter kitschy braid is doing rounds for girls who are quite playful and moms who are weaving carefully.

These braids elegantly sitting on the heads of these toddlers while merging into twin buns adorning the crown of their heads is quite a fascination. Indeed, a pure delight and treat for sore eyes, what say?

Call me princess look

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Totally floored at her charm and cuteness, how she carries this beautiful braid band gives us all the reasons to revisit our childhood. Nostalgia hits us hard. The braid bands plus loose hair strands falling on her face is such an attractive style for a little girl to pull off with style and elegance.

Braid Crown

Always remind your girl that she’s one-of-kind and what better way to say than weaving a braid crown on her head. The halo shaped braid adorning her long tresses will certainly grab her compliments and make believe she’s a real-life princess too. Get the drift?

Dramatic braids

Play the melodies and let your little girl get lost in her fantasy world. Give her all the space and weave her hair so.

Twin side French braids elegantly fastened with a fancy clip like a bow or star or heart, depending on the outfit. You can take the rest of her hair and tie them into a sleek ponytail falling free on her side.

Cute corn row braids

Ever since the cornrows came into the trend, we’re a game for it. So, are these little pretty wonders. Try cute cornrow braids on your girl’s head and pick up a bow to wrap them like a baby princess.