How to choose the right hair dye?

Choice of perfect hair dye depends on the requirement of an individual. Firstly, you have made the purpose clear. A group of people wishes to use hair dye as they wish to make their gray hair back in order. On the other hand many youngsters are fond of different types of hair color which they do not posses. These days highlights on hair have become a trend. Even the hair dyes can be used for the particular purpose. Based on the requirement of each person, the perfect hair dye is chosen.

Women of all ages, have a liking for changing their hair color when they want to change their appearance

How to use Henna for hair dye

They love to discover style that will make them look great and impressive. It is very difficult to choose the right color. Many factors need to be considered before getting the right color for the hair. A wrong selection of color may lead to blunders and sometimes it may not be possible to correct them.

Some steps to follow to make sure of choosing the right hair color

Tone of the skin

It has to be primarily considered before choosing the color of the hair. If the veins on the wrist are blue, the skin tone is said to be cool. If the veins are green, the skin tone is warm. If the colors of the veins are between blue and green the skin tone is neutral.

  • Darker hair colors will suit women with olive skin color.
  • Ash tones are good for those with pink skin.
  • Any color will suit a woman with a pale skin.
  • Flatter dark skin tones will make the woman look washed out with bright striking colors.
  • Women with an extremely paleskin mustnot go in for black or very dark hair. This will make them look more pale
  • Dark brown and deep reds are safe for on women with yellow, gold and orange tones.

The clothes color

Hair color ideas for dark skin

that suits a person is directly related to the color of the hair.

  • If the colors red, golden yellow, olive, green or rust suits the woman, her hair tone must be warm like golden brown, golden blonde, auburn and strawberry brown.
  • Cool hair tones like platinum, ash blonde, burgundy and black will suit women who look good in, royal blue, bluish red or pine grey.
  • Neutral hair tones like brown, mahogany, beige blonde will suit those who look good in purple, red, and dark grey

The type of Jewelry

that looks best will also determine whether one is cool warm or neutral.

  • Women who look better in silver jewelry are said to have a cool skin.
  • Those with gold jewelry have a warm skin.
  • Women who look alike in gold and silver have a neutral skin tone.

The eye color and hair color go hand in hand

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  • Warm color hair like gold, red and auburn are best for women with hazel, green and brown eyes.
  • Cool hair colors like gold and ash are suitable for women with blue or grey eyes.

How to determine the right hair color?

Brown color can be used by those who already have a brownish hair and those who wish to have a low maintenance color. The care for brown hair is not much. Brown reflects well in light and hides breakages. Hence it is best for damaged hair.

  1. Red is a versatile color and there are shades to suit anyone. Some criteria need to be followed to select the shade of red Women with pink skin look better with a darker cold red. Dark auburn or dark red brown looks best on women with olive and golden skin. A very pale skin can be flattered with any shade from bright unnatural red to ginger color. A bright post box red looks best on medium to dark skin.
  2. Warm skin tones suit a golden blonde and cool skin tones suit ashy tones better. Blonde is an expensive color to maintain. It requires regular root touch ups to make the color last longer.

Black works best with olive or black skin. It is the most difficult color to be removed for any change.

Silver or white

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Silver and white are very daring colors.They look stunning on a pale skin with cool under White need to be avoided on pink skin tones. White and silver require the maximum care by regular toning and root touch ups. The hair will need to be washed regularly because silver and white show grease very soon.

Sometimes when an entire new color is not done, highlights with other colors are an appealing choice. Choice should be made by visiting beauty salon and going through hairstyle and hair color samples. Changes should be initially tried in the beauty parlor by experts to achieve excellent results.

Ways of choosing right hair dye

Hair dye for gray hair

If you have the motive of fixing dye on the gray hair, make sure that the dye that you are using should have the color similar to your hair color. For example, if your original hair color apart from gray hair is brow and you put black color dye on your gray hair, it will look really odd. You need to choose the natural brown color for your hair in order to make it look natural.

Hair dye for styling

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Teen age girls are too much fascinated about the styling. They are not satisfied with the natural hair color which they have adopted right from their birth. They want to show the styling to the friends in college. But, choosing the right hair color is very important. Teenage girls have good texture of hair which might get violated if the chemical rich dye is used. It is always better to use branded products from L’Oreal, Garnier etc so that while styling their hair does not suffer.

Highlights in hair

Highlighting hair is another wonderful trend which is adopted by many individuals around the world. The color of highlights must be brighter than the original color of your hair. For example if your hair color is black, go for burgundy or golden brown shade to create highlights. There are also ways through which you can create low lights to your hair. In that case your hair color used will be lighter than the hair color. For example blonde will be good for people with black color hair.