How to dress in this hot summer – Clothes for summer

Scorching heat is usually a constant element of Indian native summer. Hence the actual attire must suit these kinds of climate. In terms of the choice of material, the best option is genuine cotton. Their porous characteristic helps the skin breathe and so keeps one’s body cool.

It is utterly natural so because of this prevents all kinds of allergies which might be otherwise attributable to synthetic products especially throughout summer. Generally we hear that cool whites, blues and any gentle colors will be the best! Which is true? White or even light colors reflect heat whereas dark colors process heat. The aesthetic result of whites and lights can be good with summer.


You must use fabrics that are cool and they must be made of natural fiber. Do not use synthetics or polyester that will not allow air to flow through them. The cotton, linen or silk is better options for your summer wardrobe. The fabrics should be casual and the fashion must suit the season.

Loose clothes

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Clothes that are tight will not allow the heat to come out of your body and it will also not let air to flow through them. Your skin will need lot of cool air and the clothes that are loose can allow that. Tight fitting clothes will make you feel hotter and clothes like knee length skirts, loose sleeved tops and loose cotton trousers are the best options.

Heads can be covered for protection

Take a hat or an umbrella while going out. These will cover your head from the harmful rays of the sun. The eyes are also protected and you will tan less. The perspiration will also not disturb you if you use an umbrella to remain in the cooler shade.

Sleeveless dresses

Clothes that are sleeveless can give you cooler feel. The short sleeves or complete sleeveless clothes are stylish and more comfortable. You must never forget to apply proper sunscreen on the bare parts of your body before wearing the sleeveless dresses and going out in the sun.

Hair and makeup

Cut your hair shorter so that the hair strands do not disturb you while you are feeling the sun on your face. The hairs should be piled up on your head if you want to keep them long. If you can, cut the hair short so that you are not disturbed with maintaining the hairdo and still keeping your scalp free of perspiration.

No makeup and no jewelry

You must not wear any makeup as it can get washed away in the sweating. The makeup should be minimum so that you do not look weird while going out. Maintain the regular things that are a must and never use oil based makeup if you have oily skin. Use sunscreen and some moisturizer that will moisturize your T zone. Leave the rest of the face bare. You would also do well if you avoid any jewelry while going out in the sun. These are cumbersome and will add to your discomfort.

Here tend to be few ways to choose and wear the appropriate clothes

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  • Wearing loose clothes is advisable to help in blood flow.
  • Commonly half sleeved shirts or sleeveless t-shirts will be the best pertaining to men.
  • Open neck t-shirts tend to be always a good idea.
  • Instead of jeans be put into for reduce or greater bottom 100 % cotton trousers.
  • Avoid jackets and thick materials tops.
  • Organic cotton salwar kameez will be the best outfit for women during summer season.
  • Avoid wearing artificial tights and slacks.
  • Organic cotton Bermudas, pants are very best for young children. So have on cool summer season clothing and grow cheerful!!

When it is summer at your doors you should start finding the summer collections to wear them. The summer clothes should be light in weight so that you do not add extra weight during the time when you run with low energy level. Fewer clothes on your body will make you feel better. Use linen and cotton for different garments.

The clothes should be breathable too. There should be proper air circulation so that sweat is not trapped inside. You will also not perspire more and will not have to remain tensed for body odor. Artificial fibers are not breathable and hence can be left for the winter months. More porous fabrics with loose weaves and fine thread for weaving makes the fiber breathable.

Light color of your clothes is also a way to remain comfortable in summer. Men spend less time in thinking about the color of clothes. They can be comfortable with light colored clothes and T-shirts that will keep them cooler. The skin should be covered and the color should be lighter so that the body heat is released.

Have a great summer season!!!