How to use Yogurt for skin care – Benefits and facials using curd

Yogurt is one among the healthiest food which is fat free and really very nutritious for your health. Since it contains all types of multivitamins, people with all ages can easily consume it.

Along with your health benefits, this food is also amazing for skin care. If you have oily skin and have lots of pimples, application of yogurt on your face will be ideal.

If the expensive creams in the market do not work anymore, application of yogurt over your skin will be an idea remedy. In ancient times, the tales says that Queens of renowned territories also used to take bath with yogurt or milk along with the rose petals.

Summer is approaching and some women go for parlor for relaxation but in case you are tired going of regular facials and makeup routines  then move ahead towards your kitchen for natural remedy. Curd as known is delicious, creamy and most valuable therapeutic food.

It offers lots of benefits to the skin, as it is a rich source of vitamin M, zinc as well as calcium that happen to be best nutrients for healthy skin care.

Curd offers many components to protect skin internally as well as externally plus it leaves your skin layer with glow and smooth. Besides healthy skin care, curd aids in medical care and hair care as well.

To experience the benefits of curd, you can either consume it by adding some fruits in it or you  can apply it on your face simply by mixing  other elements.

Yogurt is one of the natural ingredients that are used for much variety of beauty treatments. Apart from being a food with good taste, people are recklessly using it for beautifying their skin, hair and staying healthy.

You can now go ahead with several combinations of facials where curd will be the main ingredient. If you are among the individuals who have the problem with wrinkles over the face, yogurt is the perfect ingredient.

This article will speak about such wonderful facials to be displayed. Also you can get tighten pores with bubbly face with regular use of yogurt.

Uses & advantages of curd in natural skin care

How to use yogurt in beauty care

If you are searching for inexpensive natural means for skin care then curd is the best option. This dairy product that’s prepared simply by bacterial fermentation of milk is effective remedy for overall health.

Zinc present in the curd assists to reduce the blemishes as well as to cure the acne breakouts. Lactic acid solution present in the curd helps in soothing and hydrating  the skin thereby making it supple and nourished.

Oahu is the best lotion particularly for dry skin because it adds oil from the skin. It acts as a remedy for sunburn simply by reducing your pain as well as reducing the redness around the affected area.

It works  against the harmful effect of sun exposure simply by serving balanced ingredients to the skin. It also acts as a  good facial cleanser if it is combined with orange or lemon juice.

To help make skin more supple and fairer, use mixture of curd and oatmeal flour. Get rid of dark spots and acne scars, by regularly using the curd as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components that helps in improving the skin complexion.

How to make use of curd in healthy skin care?

  • Take one tablespoon of honey and 1 tbsp of curd. Apply it on face and neck and leave it for 20 units. Wash the face with clean water. This helps in attaining naturally glowing skin.
  • Take one spoon of extra virgin olive oil, one spoon of curd and 2-3 tbsp of oats power. Mix it well into a fine paste and apply it on your face and neck.Leave it for 15 mins and wash it off with warm water.
  • Take a tbsp of oats flour, one spoon of curd and one beaten egg. Mix it well and massage it on your face and neck for a minute. Wash it with warm water and notice the difference.
  • Extract juice from a lemon and add 2 tbsp of curd in it. Refrigerate this mixture for 2-3 hours. Massage your arms and finger with this mixture. This works like an alternative for botox treatments and leaves your arms and nails soft and shining.

Best curd face packs for all skin types

  • Apply curd on your face regularly to prevent acne, reduce fine lines as well as moisturize the epidermis.
  • To increase the benefits of curd add a few fruits in it along with lemon and cucumber.
  • Blend 3/4 tbsp of plain curd, 1/2 peach, 1/2 cucumber and 1 carrot together. Apply this pack on your face. Leave it on for 10 mins and wash with cold water.
  • To remove the dead tissue from your skin, mix curd, egg, parsley and oats.  This mixture is called oahu and is considered as the best face pack to clear the epidermis.
  • Add  honey with curd. Rub kind mixture on the body to cleanse the body from any dirt particles.
  • Take one tbsp of curd, 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder and water as required. Mix it well into a fine paste and apply it on your face and neck.Leave it for 15 mins and wash it off with warm water.

Benefits of curd in attaining healthy skin

  • Cleans the epidermis and offers natural glow.
  • It is the better anti getting remedy.
  • Helps you to whiten the epidermis.
  • Tones the freckles.
  • Moisturize as well as exfoliates the epidermis.
  • Effective remedy for sunburn.
  • Decreases blemishes.

Benefits of yogurt

Skin moisturizing element

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Your skin should never be left dried; rather it should be kept highly moisturized. Just after using a face wash or soap while taking bath, your skin will feel excessively dried with stretches from inside. This is the particular place where yogurt as a moisturizer works well.

Just take a spoon of yogurt and apply it directly over your face.  But, you need to leave it for a period of 10 minutes over your skin. Once you wash it away after stipulated period of time, you can get soothing skin due to the presence of lactic acid in yogurt.

Bring out natural glow

Everyone would like to have a glowing skin. For this they have been spending a lot for creams and other cosmetic products.

But, what if you get the glow on your skin in a natural way?  For this, you would require the ingredients such as yogurt, orange peel as well as masoor lentils. Take one one spoon of each in a container, mix them well with the help of a grinder.

This pack must be applied over your skin and kept for a period of 15 minutes. Then you can easily wash it.  This will be good for all those having oily or normal skin. But, even if you have dry skin, add honey to it.

Removing dullness from skin

Sometime, due to weather condition you can get dullness over your skin. But, today there are some natural ways with the help of which dullness can be eradicated completely.

For this, you would require a teaspoon of honey, 4 teaspoon of yogurt as well as cocoa powder of 1 teaspoon. Now, you need to mix it well and apply it over your face. Now remove it with lukewarm water.

Removal of dead skin

Some people might not be able to know that yogurt works really well in the process of hydration and removal of dead skin behaving as a scrubber. For making a scrub, you will require a single tablespoon of oats and 1 tablespoon of yogurt.

After mixing it well apply it over your face. Apply it over your skin in a circular motion so that the dead skin slowly gets up from your skin and will be easy to remove.

Removal of blackheads

Beauty & health benefits of curd

Along with removal of dead skin, the yogurt also works really well in removing the whiteheads as well as blackheads from your face. For this you need to make rice powder which is not fully blended. Then mix it with some quantity of yogurt and apply it over your face.

This pack also needs to be applied in a circular motion and then wash it away with the cold water.  All blackheads and whiteheads which have been tough enough for removal can be easily removed with the help of this perfect dead skin removing technique.

Helps in getting relief from eye dark circles, tanning

If you are too much exposed to the sun rays, it will be obvious to get tanned appearance over the face. But, you can readily get relief from this. The ingredients that you require for this will be lime juice, gram flour paste as well as yogurt.

Mix all the ingredients well in a container and then apply it over your face. If you can add Chamomile essential oil, it will be much more effective.

Even the dark circles appearing under your eye can also be eradicated with the help of yogurt. Just need to take some yogurt and apply on the affected area. Just after 15 minutes wipe the yogurt from under eye and wash it with water.

Skin care benefits of yogurt

Best health benefits of curd

  • It makes your skin texture smooth and silky
  • If you are among individuals with 35-40 years of age but still affected with wrinkle issues, yogurt will be the best remedy
  • Yogurt is filled with vitamin D as well as probiotics. Thus, your skin can get the vitamin without getting exposed to sun rays
  • People suffering from acne breakouts can also apply yogurt over their skin tone to get wonderful remedy.
  • You can restrict your skin against sunburns with yogurt

Homemade facials with yogurt

Yogurt and cucumber

The freshness of cucumber and nutrients in yogurt will provide double benefit to your skin. You need to take a spoon of yogurt in a container and also take cucumber in pulp form of 1 teaspoon.

Mix both the ingredients really well with addition of honey. Apply over your face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it away and see the youthful glow on your face.

Yogurt with oat

This will be not just a face pack but will be having the efficiency of working as an exfoliate. You need to wash away the dead skin layer from your face. It can be only done with the help of a scrubber.

You have to take a spoon of half grinded oat and a spoon of yogurt. Add little lemon juice in it. Mix them well and apply over your face. Use your fingertips such that it slowly removes the dead skin from your face.