Advice’s and tips to manage period pain/menstrual pain

Period pain is a common thing for most of the women. In most of the cases it is caused due to muscle cramp in the lower abdominal region. The condition is often accompanied with hot flashes, nausea and mood swing, which are considered as normal menstrual symptoms. Here are some tips that can help you to manage the cramp and the pain caused by it, without gulping up a few painkillers. However, if you find that the pain is too severe, it is best suggested to consult a gynecologist.

Take some extra rest

When you are going through your menstrual cycle, taking some extra rest can be actually helpful to reduce the menstrual pain. More rest can help you to feel refreshed which will naturally help in easing the pain. Even if you find sleeping a hard deal, just lay on the bed or on the couch for some time to give your body the rest it needs. When your menstrual cycle is ongoing caring a bit more for your body will not hurt, rather will help in easing out the cramp and the pain. However, do not resort to bed completely as that can have a negative impact by stiffing your lower abdominal muscles.

Go out on a walk

One of the most effective ways to manage period pain can be to go out on a short walk. A walk will help in reducing the muscle cramp and will also increase blood flow in the body, which can effectively help in controlling a number of menstruation related symptoms. However, a rigorous and rapid walk might not be suitable in this period, so go on for a leisurely walk. The outside environment naturally shifts our focus to a many things and hence going out to the park for a walk can be actually helpful to feel better.

Do some light stretching

If you have the notion in mind that you should not do exercises while you are having your menstruation, get rid of the idea because that is not what the modern medical science suggests. It is right that you should refrain from doing extreme exercises or playing jumping jack during this time, but you can obviously take up a few light stretching exercises which will make you feel better. Some of the exercises that can be ideal for this phase include,

Forward bend

Stand with your legs shoulder apart with your torso erect. Stretch your hands above your head. Now simply bend from your waist and touch your feet with your hands. Do not force your body to make the perfect posture but do it as comfortably as possible. Once you have reached the position get back to the standing position before repeating. Do 3 sets with 3 repetitions and you will feel the difference.

Standing Forward Bend Yoga(1)

Sitting side bend

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Sit with your one leg open and the other folded at the knee. The feet of the folded leg should touch the thigh region of the other leg. Now bend to the side to touch the feet of the open leg with your hand and trace back; repeat with the other leg. Always keep in mind that when you are having your periods, you should not force or over exert your body by doing exercises. So, do the exercises only till you feel comfortable and ensure that it is not making you feel drained.

Sitting side bend


Bridge can also be a good exercise to ease out the abdominal pain and muscle cramp caused during menstruation.

Go for yogasanas

Different yoga poses can be highly effective to reduce the period pain. Try out the different yogasanas like bhujangasana, dhanurasana, balasana to reduce the menstrual cramp and manage the pain.

Stay away from rich and junk food

You know that rich and junk foods are not really good for your body, but staying away from them completely is not something very feasible in the present scenario. However, when you are troubled with menstruation pain, skip the rich and junk food for the day or two. Rich food can cause stomach problems, like indigestion and others, which can actually exaggerate your menstruation pain. Instead, include a lot of leafy vegetables in your diet for these days, because the leafy vegetables supply dietary fibers which can help to maintain a problem free stomach. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and to feel fresh.

Have rosemary concoction

Rosemary concoction is believed to have the ability to ease the muscular cramp as well as the pain caused during menstruation. You can prepare a drink of it simply by boiling some rosemary leaves and flowers in fresh drinking water for 20 minutes and then straining the liquid. Drink this concoction in hot condition 2-3 times to ease the pain.

Have dark chocolate

There are hardly any women who do not love chocolates and having chocolate can be highly effective to manage the menstruation pain. Dark chocolate is believed to cause the secretion of endorphin, the “feel good hormone” in our body, which naturally makes you feel better and refreshed. So, trying out a dark chocolate bar is something you should not miss the next time you are about to crumple with period pain.