How to choose / find the right hairstyles and eyeglasses for your face shape

There are a lot of things people need to know when it comes to the shape of their faces. There are guides on the shapes of their faces that will help them ponder on what to make them look good most especially on the hairstyles and styles of sunglasses. These guides will teach them what eyeglasses are suitable for their face as well as the ideal frame that would match their facial shape.

There are different shapes of faces that each and every one is unique for and there are standards that were being set to determine whether you are suitable for that look or comfortable for a certain sunglasses or eyeglasses.


Some face shape guides are as follows

How to choose right haircut & eyeglasses for your face shape

How to choose best glasses for your face shape

  • Oval face – the most desirable face that everyone might love to have because it seemed to adhere into symmetry. The eyes are properly shaped according to face’s shape that is why people who have this type of shape don’t seem to have problems sporting a hairstyle. All types of hairstyle are good for this shape.
  • Round face – has around hairline and a round and full jaw line. Hairstyles good for this shape are layered with sides close, a certain hairstyle that would lengthen one’s face with height, styles that are also off centered parted and of course long hair will also do but just have to stick in one length.
  • Triangular face – are those faces shaped with narrow chin, broad jaw line and wide hairline. Haircuts that are close to the scalp like that of buzz cuts are good for triangular face. Cuts and styles that must stay away from styles that defines the hairline. A cropped style will also do wonders for triangular shaped faces.



  • Square face – broad and squared jaw line. The forehead, jaw and cheekbone have the same width. Any kind of hairstyle may be done for this type of face.
  • Pear shaped faces – the kind of facial shape that has a broad jaw line, narrow hairline or forehead. Hairstyle for this type of face can be round a haircut that has sides that are equal to the top, full hairstyles may also do and any styles that may just balance the face.
  • Oblong/rectangular face – facial shape that is straight and has narrow sides of the face. This shape also is like that of a slightly rounded chin. Hairstyles that may apply are that of layered styles with wispy bangs.
  • Diamond – narrow chin, wide cheekbones and rounded hairline. Haircuts that will do will be full bangs for guys and for girls a long curly hair and any styles may apply.

Best glasses and frames for your face shape

How to shape your eyebrows for your face shape

  • Square shape – round and oval frames are best for this type of face shape. Butterfly shaped glasses will also do.
  • Oval face shape – any frames or most will do for oval faces. Geometric shapes, rectangular and square frames are applicable for this type of face.


  • Oblong shaped faces – glasses that are broad and accented are good as well as those that have decorative temple.
  • Round shaped face – geometric and angular frames helps sharpen the features of the face.
  • Diamond face – oval frames are good for this type of face as well as styles like that of cat eye are good because it emphasizes the cheek bone.
  • Heart shape – those that add width to the lower face or bottom heavy frames.
  • Triangle face – frames that are semi-rimless will give accent to the upper face.

Having known the different guides for the different types of faces, it will give us an edge on what and how to look good on everything that we wear.

Ways on how to figure out which glasses best suited to your face shape


Choose the glasses according to your face shape are important. Dressing and with perfect hairstyle and glasses are very important to look beautiful. The eye glasses and hairstyles play important to look beautiful according to the situation either for a party or any occasion. Try something new with different hairstyles and glasses that make you look beautiful. Select the perfect eyeglasses that best suits for your face shape and hairstyles.

Choose perfect eyeglasses & shades with different hairstyles and glasses


The goggles that best suits for your face shape to look pretty. Cateye glasses best suits for square, heart shaped, and oval shaped faces. Round glasses are best for square, heart shaped, and oblong face shapes. Oversized glasses for round and oblong face shapes. Aviators glasses are good for oblong face shapes. Wayfarers are the best choice for heart and oval face shapes.

Hairstyles with suitable eyeglasses or goggles


The big round glass best suits with mid part hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle with goggles for an outing. Use them while driving and the big glasses make you look beautiful. Choose the hairstyle that best suits for your face and then try to wear perfect glasses according to your face shape. The best choice of these gives a pretty look. Try this best choice of eyeglasses with stylish hairstyle has a fashion look. Hair color is also important to get the perfect frame and lens shade that best suits you.

Buy right glasses for your face shape to looks stylish


Do you want to try something different? Then try this large frame glasses, eyeglasses for mid part, side swept straight hairstyle. You can also try new hairstyles with different goggles to look simple and stylish. The frames can also be used for your daily wear to the office to be professional. The classic look with big dark color frames an elegant look.

Tips to choose the right glasses for your face based on skin tone and frame color


The best thing to make a better choice is first to know skin tone. This is very important that the lenses and frame color are also very important to look beautiful. So, first determine the frame color to your skin tone. Try blue and yellow color which suits to every skin tone. Eye color is the major important factor that helps to keep your face looking cute while picking eyeglasses.