How to protect your child skin during rainy season?

During monsoons, people are likely to experience humid, warm and damp climate. This climate supplies skin infections to human being especially kids. Since, your baby has delicate skin; they are very vulnerable to skin problems. Some parents might not be aware of the skin problems and have no thought about providing with a skin solution. Sensitive skin also needs ample care from its starting stage. Rashes over your child skin and irritation are not only caused during summer. Rainy season is also equally responsible of bringing all types of skin problems.

Fungal infections are quite likely to attack your babies during the monsoon seasons. Fungus need both hot at well as humid climates to grow and retain.

List of skin infections and protective measures

1. Ringworm infection

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It is one of the dangerous fungal infections that can grow in your baby’s skin with ring like appearance. It starts with a small circle with itchiness. But, more you itch fungus will spread and make a bigger circle. It is contagious and can spread to other parts of the body.

Source of ringworm infection

Your baby can get ring worm from a person who had already been affected by ringworm infection. A domestic animal staying at home might have ringworm infection which is once again likely affect your baby’s skin. Water with contamination can also spread ringworm infection in your baby’s skin. If your baby sweats excessively, this can also be a reason behind ringworm infection.

Precautions against ringworm

You must wash the clothes of your baby in antiseptic and medicated solution so that fungus cannot breed in it. You must also keep the skin of your baby dry and clean all the time. Avoid the fabrics which can create irritation in your baby’s body. It is good to make him wear the fabrics made up of cotton. See your pediatrician as soon as you view any spots and rash on your baby’s skin.

2. Nail infection

There is a good chance of getting nail infection on the corners of nails especially kids. This can happen if your baby continuously sweat and scratches the portion by himself. After few days, you can see the nails of your kids becoming discolored. In certain cases nails also becomes brittle and rough. Swollen skin around the skin is also quite likely to be discovered.

Sources of nail infection

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If your baby gets over exposure to water such as sweat of his own urine or that of water simply, there lies good chance of nail infection.  Since the moisture debris is present inside the nails and is really likely to give rise nail infection.

Protection and cure

You need t o see doctor immediately as soon as your child develops fungal infections in nails. You will be prescribed with some fungal creams which are quite likely for the baby’s skin. The fungal creams which include fluconazole, itraconazole as well as terbinafile will treat and cure nail infection in kids.

Home remedies for baby skin problems

If your baby is suffering from skin problems during monsoons, try some of the home remedies that have no side effects. If your baby is prone to rashes, traditional home remedies can provide great relief from any type of irritations. Sometimes dues and pollution is also a major source of irritation. You can now get a wonderful remedy after using the simple home remedies. The list of such treatment is as under:

  • Take some of the fresh neem leaves from the tree and make a paste of it with grinder. Apply this paste on the skin of your baby to get relief from skin problems.

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  • Multani mitti or fuller earth has many wonderful properties in removing infections from skin. You can take small portion of it, get some water to dissolve and make a paste out of it. Now apply the fuller earth paste in the areas where your baby is affected with all types of skin irritations.
  • Sandalwood paste with rose water mixture is another wonderful treatment procedure that helps in making your kid skin improved from irritants and itchiness in a natural way.
  • You can now make a paste with gram flour, turmeric and curd. Apply it over the skin of  your kid to get relief from skin irritant.

Rainy season is the time when you need to take good care of your child. The weather might be soothing but will be accompanied by variety of microbial infections. The skin protection is something you must go through when rainy season approaches. Let us find out some skin protection tips.

Skin protection tips for kids in monsoons

Carry umbrella

Your child is really small to hold an umbrella. Whenever you take him out of school or reach him to sports activity places, it will be your duty to keep him really protected. This is the time when you must carry an umbrella in this regard. You must cover the head of your as well as your child so that the rain drops may not fall on your baby’s skin. This is a preliminary but vital protection factor.

Child must drink water

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Drinking water is something which your child should not avoid during the monsoons. There will be a tendency among your children to stay for long hours without drinking water. But, this will be really harmful as during monsoons having water will be mandatory. The toxin present in your child’s body will be easily removed with the splashes of water. As and when your child intakes water, the bacteria forming inside the body will be easily flushed out.

Application of moisturizer

Just like your skin becomes totally dry if you don’t apply moisturizer for a long time, your baby skin is not an exception. It also becomes dry and unattractive in nature. During monsoon, the moisture in the environment will be really less. Thus, it will be important to replenish the moisture within your skin moisturizer. If this is the concern of your baby, it will be important to use the baby moisturizer. The moisturizers that are used by the adults should not be used by the kids. There are baby moisturizers in the market which must be availed and used to provide the best comfort to the babies. The monsoon climatic condition is not favorable for a new born baby. He will be highly susceptible and requires extra care.