How to find perfect foundation for your skin tone

There are different hues and shades of foundation and you must find out the right shade as per your skin tone. There are different makeup colors and shades that you can buy as per your requirements but you must check out the shade of the foundation that you are going to buy.

The color through the bottle looks different and you must not waste time in buying the foundation without matching it with your real skin tone. You may find it is a shade different and you will have to come back to the store for replacing the foundation.

Buying foundation from different stores

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There are makeup artists in big stores where you can find foundations in different shades. There are makeup artists who can help you to find the right shade. Apply on your inner arms to find out if it matches with your skin tone.

Then you can select the foundation. You can also check in these stores’ online details and they will definitely have the color of different shades given in their product details page. If you want to buy the foundation from a drug store, you can check the shades online too.

You can get testers in the store and you can test the foundation on your skin before buying them. Make sure they have the proper return policy so that if you do not find it matching after going back, you may return it back to the store.

Skin types and foundation matching

There are different types of skin and you may find your skin matches with one of these. Your skin will agree with most of the qualities of any one skin type and you will find it to be your skin type for sure. There are five skin types:

Normal skin

The normal skin will have even skin tone and the surface is not too oily or dry. The pores of the skin will be small and the face will have a soft and supple look. There are less wrinkles and breakouts too.

Oily skin

The oily skin will have shine and larger pores. The wrinkles and lines will be less in this type of skin but it will have blemishes and spots.

Combination skin

The combination skin has got a oily T zone and the rest of the face is normal to dry. The breakouts are found in the T zone and pores are mostly enlarged.

Dry skin

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When you have a dry skin, you will have fewer pores and there will a dry feel all over the facial skin. The cheeks will be flaky and there are more lines in this type of skin.

Sensitive skin

This type of skin will have blotchy red marks on the facial skin. There will be Rosacea and the skin is mostly delicate. There are different products that this face will be sensitive to.

Types of foundation for each skin type

Cream based foundation

This is good for normal skin tone. You can also use it if you have dry skin or combination skin type. The skin that has got no pigmentation will be able to use this type of foundation. This gives coverage from discolorations and other small imperfections. This gives a flawless look.

Liquid based foundation

This is good for mostly all skin types. If you have a dry skin or have lines due to maturity in age, this will cover the faults with care. This gives a dewy finish and some also gives a satin finish. This type of foundation evens the faults and marks on the skin and gives a moisturized finish.

All skin type mineral foundation

This is good for all skin types except the oily skin. The coverage is for light to medium flaws of the skin and it adds a matte finish to your looks. This is for miniaturization, absorption of oil and protection purpose.

Tinted hue for normal tones

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This one is for normal skin types or dry skin. These are prepared to give a light covering to the flaws and are suited for skins that need hydration. This will give you a no ‘makeup’ look.

Pressed powder for covering oiliness

This powder is for oily skin type and gives a matte finish. You can use a powder brush and apply the powder lightly on your face. It covers the shine on your face in a better way.