How to dominate/exercise control over your men?

Every woman wishes to control her man in some way. She might not just say it on the face but may be secretly and if not always then at least at times she actually wants to dominate and control him. However, men are authoritative by nature and domination is not certainly that they like to take, particularly from their female partner. So, exercising control or dominance over your man is not easy, particularly if you want to do that without harming your relationship in anyway. If you have been looking out for ways on how to do this impossible task, take a look below and get the keys to have what you want.

Be the most important person in his life

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Being important in the life of your man is the first thing that you need to do to dominate him. Unless he feels that you make the most important part of his life, you can never actually exercise control over him. So, do whatever you need to do to become the most important person to him. This might take you a bit more hard work but is sure to yield results.Give him maximum attention; take care of even his small things so that he actually starts to feel that his life is incomplete or unmanageable without your presence. Once you have become the most important part in his life, it will surely become much easier to dominate him.

Be loving and not rude to place your orders

Being rude to your husband to make him listen to your orders is never the right way to go because it will surely affect your relationship badly, sooner or later. So if you want him to listen to your orders, it is important that you are able to present them in the right way. Requesting him to do something for you can give you the same results without him having to feel bad about it. You have to understand that men are not less sentimental than women and you wanting to control him should not come as harshness towards him. Request him pleasingly to do something for you and he will never say a “no” and moreover will do it for you with a smile.

Be independent

Men always like independent, care free women who can stand by their side through every thick and thin of life. You should be able to take complete hold and manage your own finances as well as every other aspects of life. Your inability to establish yourself as an independent woman can come as the biggest hurdle to exercise control over your man. If he finds you to be independent and able to take care of yourself as well as every other things of life on your own, he is more likely to consider you to be someone to whom he should listen. Losing your independence is the worst thing that you can do to have control over him.

Love him unconditionally

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Love and feelings are the most important things in any relationship. Loving your man unconditionally will not only strengthen your bond but will also make it much easier for you to have full control over him. If you love him unconditionally, he is sure to understand that with time and once he knows that you are there for him no matter what life throws, he is sure to listen to you and even be ready to be dominated by you happily. Keep in mind, if there is force in any form in a relationship then it is not healthy and is destined to be broken sooner or later. So, do not compel him to get control over him, rather make him understand why he should listen to you.

Be intelligent and knowledgeable

Those days are gone when people used to say that beauty and brain cannot come in the same body. Believe it or not men like women who are intelligent, knowledgeable and can have any type of meaningful discussion with them. So, if you are trying to have control over your man, first be the woman he can look up to for her intelligence and knowledge. Once you are able to establish yourself as an intelligent and knowledgeable person who is not inferior to him in any aspect of life, it will become much easier for you to dominate him.

Be the women he wants to be with

To control your man it is important that you become the women he craves for. Be it your looks, your presence, your behavior or your activities bring in certain sophistications to yourself and your actions. Being a messy girl is not surely going to give you what you want from him. Be a complete woman who is intelligent, independent, sophisticated and powerful in her own way. Presenting yourself in the right way is important even when you are at home. You really need not to put on fancy party clothes at home to look good but being fully tidy and wearing clothes that suits you is certainly the right way to become the women he would like to be with.

Punish him but forgive

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If your man does a mistake or something that you do not like. For example, if he takes a decision about the family without discussing it with you, going out on a full-fledged quarrel with him is never the way to make things right and to make him listen to you. So, instead of shouting stop talking with him for a few days, so that he understands it well that you did not like it but also do not stretch the punishment for too long. Forgive him and amend. If you are right in your total approach, the next time he will never take a decision about the family without discussing it with you.
When you are trying to have full control over your man, know for sure that it is not easy rather quite tricky.You actually need to do the whole thing in a very sophisticated and soft way and not in a harsh or rude manner which is sure to hurt your partner and affect your relationship.