Tips to improve the skin elasticity?

The ability of skin to pull and again get back to the normal position is named as skin elasticity. Healthy skin has much elasticity as compared to unhealthy and pale skin. As we age, elasticity of skin reduces with wider density of wrinkles, spots and blackheads over the skin.

Here are varieties of environmental factors which are responsible for reduction of skin elasticity. There is also a certain condition observed over the skin layer of the individual when the elasticity reduces.

This is probably known as elastosis. This inelastic skin can be viewed in the skin parts of individuals where the sun exposure is maximum. Even if a person loses good amount of weight, there will be problem of inelasticity of skin. Let us find out ways through which skin elasticity can be improved.

You must have realized variety of skin problems due to weather conditions and other related problems. When you feel your skin is not adequately supple, you need to prepare for its toning.

If you go to the market to gets the skin care lotion helping in getting back elasticity in skin, those can cost you very high rate. It is quite natural to see signs of aging in skin with increase in age of an individual. But, there are several ways through which you can increase skin elasticity.

Elasticity in your skin is an important factor which will make your skin supple, fresh and attractive in looks. But these days due to pollution and other factors, the skin elasticity have reduced to a greater extent.

People tend to get wrinkles over the skin layer which invariably creates a mess out of the external beauty. Let us find out some ways through which we can easily stay elastic with regards to our skin. Let us find out the tips that will improve elasticity of skin.

Ways to improve skin elasticity

Muscle exercises

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There are several muscle exercises which can be undertaken by individual to get their muscle tight.  It is important to note that, skin of an individual is a living organ. The layer of fat is ideal to cover the skeleton as well as muscles.

As soon as the muscle shrinks, the effect will be reflected in the skin as well. Only the regular exercise of the muscle will be effective in making the skin tight and attractive. Exercise will also plump up the skin. The softening effect will reduce wrinkle.

Don’t smoke

Today, due to change in lifestyle, people irrespective of the gender get addicted to cigarette. There was a time when only male personalities used to smoke.

But today, females have also adopted the procedure of smoking. With the effect of smoking, blood vessels narrow down inside the skin. This will reduce the vital nutrients as well as oxygen in the skin layers.

Excessive smoking will give rise to dullness in skin. There will be wrinkles around your mouth and even your eyes whenever you are in a habit of smoking. Avoiding the habit of smoking will be great.

Avoid harsh products

Variety of harsh products will be responsible for making your skin feeble and rough from outer portion. If you are using harsh products, soaps and makeups throughout the day, it will easily cause wrinkles in your skin.

You can use some home remedies to moisturize your skin and make it look beautiful. Your skin will get into clogged pores if too much of makeup is provided.

Your skin will effectively provide you the indications that something is going wrong with it. You must avoid these cosmetics products to regain skin elasticity.

Movement of body

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Body movement is an important fact which helps in getting back elasticity in skin. It helps in increasing the muscle mass. Since it is also responsible in increasing blood flow within the body, appropriate amount of nutrient as well as oxygen will be supplied to the skin.

With the supply of oxygen, the toxin will go away and provides balance in hormone. If your skin can get effective movement at the outer portion, body metabolism will be increased. Elasticity in the skin will be automatically developed.

Serotonin level endorphins level can be increased through the body movement. It can also control free radicals to get inside your skin and get it affected. You must also eat live food to increase elasticity.


In order to improve your skin elasticity even when you have aged, it will be important to have some supplements for skin elasticity.

This will improve your skin tone and have the ability to stretch your skin as much as possible. But since these supplements are artificially made, the result and effect of it on each individual will vary.

The supplements would be rich in vitamin C which is even advised by doctors to intake to get clear and wrinkle free skin. You will get less wrinkles and youthful after consuming such supplements.

Skin elasticity creams

You can now get variety of local as well as branded creams in the market that will easily help you increase your skin elasticity. These skin elasticity creams has vitamin A and retinol which will help improving the efficiency of skin aging.

It is important to choose creams that have vitamin A as this would be not only improve your skin elasticity but also helps to stay away from cancerous disease.  Also there are antioxidants that will help stimulation of collagen production in the skin layer.

This will invariably reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. You can also go for natural source by consuming fruits rich in vitamin A.

Stay away from sun

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Probably another vital cause of inelastic skin will be excessive sun exposure. If you want to regain elasticity of skin better stay away from sun. Do not come out of home when the temperature is at its maximum level. For example sun rays are at its maximum during the afternoon.

You should not move out from home to outside during such scorching sun rays. Try to go out either in the in morning hours or in the evening. Also take a umbrella with you when you are walking in roads during such blazing sun rays.


Another way of increasing skin elasticity will be avail surgery. When you have got transformed from a very fat person to a moderately weight or skinny person, your skin will lose its juicy appearance and luster.

In such situation skin will be unable to get back its previous shape. For example, if an individual had 80 pounds and had reduced to 60, proper placement of skin will be really difficult.

Even if you think naturally, the skin layer that held much flesh when the individual was bulky will now get squeezed.

This will give rise to much more wrinkles just like an old person. But, among other ways of treating wrinkles over the skin, surgery is also another effective way through which elasticity of skin can be increased.

Fruits and vegetables

Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that can easily remove excessive oxidants in your body. Free radicals are one of the factors that give rise to reduction in skin elasticity. But, if you can consume fresh fruits and vegetables, it will remove free radicals from your body.

Some of these fruits and vegetables include orange, blueberries, green leafy vegetable. It is also important to consume those fruits and vegetables that have good source of water and juices.  This in turn helps in developing skin health and increase elasticity.

Also you will get essential nutrients after consuming such fruits.  You must consume 1 whole fruit daily to maintain your skin and keeping it free from wrinkles. The fruit juices are also very essential to bring back lost elasticity in your skin.

Essential oils

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People have been using variety of cleansers and moisturizers for their skin. But, they might not know which one will provide the best remedy of your problem. Also the side effects associated with the same is another factor to consider. The essential oil is an important consideration that will improve your skin elasticity.

You need to take the group of essential oil such as jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil etc together and make a perfect combination. Apply it over your face and hands where you have inelastic skin. This will easily help increasing your skin elasticity.

Protein in diet

If your body does not have adequate protein, it is the time for you to get adequate diet that is rich in protein. The matrix of the cells is made up of the protein.

It is really important to get good elasticity over the skin along with good collagen. You actually need to have the food ingredients that have great amount of protein. The variety includes eggs, sardines, almonds and peanut butter.

Fish oil

Another ingredient that is great in making your skin elastic will be the fish oil. You can extract it from the sea fishes available in the market. You can also get ready made fish oil in many departmental stores.

The medical stores are present with the fish oil capsules. This helps in getting a control over the loosening of skin texture and gets back its laxity. But, you must have it in right dosage.  It is important to consult with the physician before having the dosage.