Home remedies to stop the sleep walking

Sleepwalk is one of the phenomenons that make a person to walk while he/she is sleeping at night. While walking in sleep they do not remain in their usual sense.

People viewing such person walking while they are asleep must laugh at them but it is not the situation which must make them laugh, rather it is a serious disorder which must be sorted out.

Some people suffers from this as it is there in their genes whereas others get it with time due to trauma or other related reasons.

You must go ahead with some precautionary measures such as asking your roommate, partner or parents to lock the room from inside so that in sleep walks you cannot go out.

Sleep walk may break once you get awake while you are going for sleep walk. There are also some natural remedies that will help the sleep walker to come out from the situation naturally.

Walking automatically while sleeping can be viewed in many people around the nation. Since people do not think with their conscious mind, they walk along inside their home or sometimes they even walk far away from home.

This can be very dangerous at times and can cause accident. Thus, proper treatment must be provided to all such individuals suffering from such problem. You can go to a doctor who can prescribe medications to threat this physical condition of an individual.

Sleepwalking is seen among people even if the frequency is really less. There are ways to mend the problem of sleepwalking as the medical science has become really advanced.

But, if you want to avoid the side effects, the natural ways will be much more safe and effective. People come across variety of accidents due to sleepwalking. People even fall down from the stairs or from a place with height when they face the problem of sleepwalking.

People must go ahead with some precautionary measures. If you have a family member suffering from the problem of sleepwalking, it is your duty to keep the environment safe.

Causes of sleepwalking

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  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Periodic leg movement
  • Restlessness leg syndrome
  • Seizures
  • Gastroesophageal reflux

If you can seen the person with the sleepwalking habit has the risk of injury, you must immediately take him/her for proper medication. Sometimes, medicinal treatment may not work to eradicate the trouble of sleepwalking.

 Simple tips to avoid sleepwalking

  • Meditation
  • Include relaxation exercise in your routine
  • Get appropriate sleep
  • Before going to bed, avoid stimulation
  • Try to create a stress free environment

Home remedies for sleepwalking

  • Anticipatory awakening

Here the person or the child who suffers from the trouble of sleepwalking will be waked up approximately 15 – 20 minutes before his or her usual time of getting up from bed. The person will also be kept awake till the time ends when he/she carries on with the activity of sleepwalking.

  • Find out the cause

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You can now go ahead with identifying the probable things that can bring you out for stress. Brainstorming can also be one of the interesting ways to control stress. If this problem is faced by your child, you must speak to him or she to find out what exactly is bothering the little one.

  • Relaxation techniques

People generally get stressed out due to their schedule. Even the financial stress in family can be a reason for stress. Meeting deadline of work becomes difficult in due course. Thus, sleepwalking can be a trouble. You can now get away from your job and home for some time and get relaxed in a peaceful environment. This will definitely help in eradicating this trouble naturally.

  • Observe the pattern

When the problem of sleep walking attacks a child, it becomes quite difficult to find a solution as they are not so much developed and matured to handle this stage.  Being a parent you must observe his/her sleeping pattern. You can record the time when he/she is active with sleep walking. Just after he goes to sleep, how many hours or minutes is taken to get sleep walking must be noted in the due course. If you can see the timing is more or less same, you can wake your child 10 minutes before the sleep walking time and wake him up till the episode is over.

  • Mental imagery

You can get rid of sleep walking with the process known as mental imagery. Many people suffering from this disorder found complete recovery through metal imagery.

Home remedies to stop the sleep walk

Identify the root cause

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Since the sleep walk can take place to to many reasons, you need to find out your reason for sleep walk. If stress is the reason, you need to find out the reason that is making your life stressful.

Go ahead with brainstorming strategies to reduce stress. You can also share your trouble with your friends, partner or someone you rely so that some of your burden can come to an end. You must keep on talking so that your mind gets free from stress.

Put object on your way

You must be aware when you are in sense that at night you are walking through a particular path straight from the door till outside of home.

You must plant some obstacle in between so that when you walk throughout the path, you may strike to it and automatically your sleep will be broken and you will come back to your sense.

But, do not plant such obstacle in the way that will hurt you such as hard materials of wood, aluminum or any other metals. You can place a soft sand pillow or cotton balls so that it cannot hurt you at all.

Set alarm

We generally set up alarm in order to wake us up when you require. Similarly if you have a habit of walking while you are asleep, you can wake yourself up in the middle of this situation with the help of an alarm clock.

Make it a habit of waking up with alarm clock in the midnight when you suffer from such situation. If you do this regularly in a same time, this will probably help you get away from the habit of sleep walking.

Look at the duration

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Since you may not be able to watch yourself when you are going ahead with a sleep walk activity, ask your partner to do and listen about the pattern of your sleep walk.

The best thing you can do is fit a camera in your room and watch the video of your sleep walk. It is important to know is the duration you are captured with the episode of sleepwalk.

Note down the time and duration in each night and note it down. If you can find that the timing and duration of the sleepwalk occurrence is consistent, you can carry on with the treatment of anticipatory awakening.


You might not believe but cooked onions can be one of the wonderful home remedies for sleep walking. You can now add more onion in your vegetables meat etc so that you can get the scope of consuming onions in meals.

You can also consume simple cooked and boiled vegetables along with onions in boiled form. If you can, you may also cut an onion in 4 pieces, boil it and then consume it in your meal. Once you start taking boiled onions, no one will stop you from sleeping.

Rather, you can simply sleep like a baby. Since you will be in a deep sleep, you might not get a chance to walk.

Only when you are in a half sleep position, dreams and nightmares can haunt you. Even sleep walking is one of such situation. You can ideally consume some boiled onions to stay away from sleep walk.

Divert your mind

Sometimes, stress can also be a reason for sleepwalking. The best way to stay away from it is diverting your mind.

You should talk something else and make your brain engage with something that you actually like. This will help you stay away from stress. You can easily get free and relief from sleep walking.

Watch the pattern

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When the sleep walking takes place, it is always important to have a focus on the pattern. When the sleepwalking is taking place, what is the perfect duration of the sleep walking, tenure of sleep walking and much more.

It is best to ask a kid to have a note on sleep walk pattern. The memory of kids is really better than an adult. Once the pattern is found, you can easily go ahead with anticipatory awakening process.

Reduce alcohol consumption

It is always better to make a habit to reduce the alcohol consumption. Sometimes alcohol can play a vital role in making a person suffer from sleep walking problem.

You must makeup your mind in such a way that the alcohol consumption is widely reduced. It is really effective in reducing the problem of sleepwalking.

Relaxation frequently

Sometimes people do not get sleep walking problem right from the beginning. They get it after a few years. This means they have developed it over the course of time. Relaxation from other tensed situation can help them stay away from the trouble of sleepwalking.