How to wax eyebrows at home

Shaping your eyebrows perfectly is always a task and many a times, you are not satisfied with the eyebrow shape your aesthetician gave you.

In addition, it is always not possible to visit the salon once or twice a month just to shape your eyebrows. In that case, you can follow the below DIY eyebrow wax procedure to get perfectly shaped eyebrows as per your choice.

To get the best results from your DIY eyebrow waxing it is very necessary that you follow the below mentioned detailed procedure of shaping your eyebrows before waxing.

Marking the starting point of your eyebrow

Best way to shape your eyebrow

Ideally, the best place to mark the start of your eyebrow is the upward line, which marks the inner part of your nostrils. Take a white eyebrow pencil and with the help of a card paper mark the starting point of your eyebrow.

Mark the end of your eyebrow

Marking the end of your eyebrows means you are going to wax all the extra hair beyond that mark. See to it that it is not excessively away from the outer edge of your eye.

Make the perfect arch

Mark the arch aligning to the outer nostril if your face is in straight forward looking position. It is known as an arch because it is a point from where your eyebrow is curved in upward direction in an arch shape.

Make the arch point by placing card paper aligned to your outer nostril and mark with a white pencil.

Making the border

Once you have marked all the main points and the arch take a black eyebrow pencil and make the shape of entire desired eyebrow .See to it that both the eyebrows are similar.

Brushing your eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping tips

With the help of a mascara brush, brush your eyebrows in upward direction. This will give you an idea about the growth direction of your eyebrows and make it easy for you to shape them.

Trimming and plugging

Once you brush your hair, trim the extra long hair or just plug it out with tweezers .This will reduce waxing pain and enhance the shape of your eyebrows.

Move to waxing

Now you are all set to wax your eyebrows but make sure you are using good and sharpened tweezers and there is enough light in waxing room, as you will miss waxing/plugging minute hair in absence of sufficient light.

Procedure to wax eyebrows at home

Perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

  1. Before applying the wax mixture on your extra eyebrow hair, fill your eyebrows and draw eyebrow shape with the help of an eyebrow pencil. This technique will ease the process of waxing the extra hair outside your desired eyebrow line.
    Eyebrows fill in first
  2. Take a selfie in your smartphone focusing on your eyebrows. This step is optional but helpful in case you miss your eyebrow line while waxing.
  3. Pour a few drops of coconut oil on makeup sponge and apply it around your eyebrow area.
    Apply coconut oil on eyebrows
  4. Apply wax mixture/pre-waxed /self-heating strips on the extra eyebrow hair above and below the rising bridge of your eyebrows, press it well, and pull off.
    Eyebrow Tidy Warm Wax
  5. Repeat the same procedure for the opposite eyebrow and check whether both are equal and have the same shape.
  6. Now wax the extra hair around the tail area of both your eyebrows and see to it that both are same in shape and size.
  7. Once that is done, move to the area between your eyebrows and wax the unwanted hair there. The broadness of the gap depends upon your choice of eyebrows.
  8. In case you have any extra hair left which did not come off during waxing do not wax over it again. Instead, pull it off with the help of tweezers and you are done.
    Eyebrow waxing tweeze
  9. In case of stickiness around the eyebrows, take 2-3 drops of coconut oil or any other soothing oil on your fingertips and rub it around the eyebrow area.
    Eyebrow waxing after care

How to get the most out of eyebrow wax

Eyebrow waxing at home is a challenging task. One wrong step in wax application, removal or shaping eyebrows can make you lose your eyebrow line. Hence, these precautions and tricks will ease and benefit your DIY eyebrow wax.

  • If you are going for hot wax mixture, always choose a wax that is suitable for waxing facial hair. Using body wax mixture on your eyebrows can damage your skin.
  • Before applying hot wax on your eyebrow, check its consistency and level of hotness by applying it first on your wrist.
  • Cut the wax strips in small rectangular for better shape and better hair removal.
  • Rather than waxing your eyebrows in one fell swoop, wax it in sections. This makes the process of application and removal quiet easy thus delivering better results.
  • Always apply the wax mix in direction of hair growth and pull it off in the direction parallel to your face.
  • Post eyebrow waxing apply an anti-irritant cream in case your skin is too sensitive. Leaving the oil on your waxed skin may lead to clogged pores on the lately waxed skin.