Latest Rangoli Designs – 2019

Decorating your home makes an indispensable part of welcoming the New Year and it is not only the lights that can give your home the fresh look. Rangolis are considered auspicious in India and no matter where you are staying, decorating your home or the entrance of your house with a rangoli can actually add the right Indian touch to your New Year decoration and celebration.

So, here are some of the best 2019 New Year rangoli designs that you can make to get compliments from all the guests and also to brighten up the overall atmosphere in your home.

Peacock pair rangoli design


Beautiful rangoli designs for christmas

This bright and colorful peacock pair rangoli design can completely change the look of the entrance way of your home. You can also make this rangoli in a central position in your drawing room, if it is big enough. In this design the sitting peacock has been drawn centrally, and the other peacock is placed at the side, giving the rangoli a nice artistic touch. Bright colors, like green, blue, red and yellow has been used in this rangoli to get the right look. Flowers have been used for writing the “New Year”wish.

Decorative diya pattern rangoli for New Year 2019


This intricate Rangoli design has the right ethnic Indian touch to it and can brighten up the hall in your home in the best way. Here the design has started with a colorful central circle which then has been covered by a box design.  Finally 4 diyas have been made on the four sides of the box and the flames of the diyas have been drawn out. The use of multiple bright colors along with white has given this rangoli design a bright look.

Joint peacock rangoli design for New Year 2019


Rangoli designs for welcome

This peacock based rangoli design can be ideal for bigger halls as well as for small entrances. This intricate rangoli design includes two peacocks in a very artistic way. The total design together looks like a paisley and uses multiple colors to get the right appearance. The New Year 2019 “Welcome” note has been drawn at the upper side section of the rangoli with multiple colors.

Floral, circular Happy New Year 2019 rangoli


This floral rangoli with Happy New Year wish is simple and can be made within minimum time. You can draw this rangoli at any place but it will look best on a wider surface. Here the central floral pattern has been made with a shade of henna and then petals have been made in blue covering the central pattern. The decorative bigger petals in different colors are present in the last circle. In this rangoli design the white color has been used for drawing all the patterns.

Happy New Year rangoli with floral vine


Free hand rangoli designs

This artistically drawn floral vine rangoli in multiple colors will look bright on any surface. Here the flowers and the leaves have been filled with different colors and the rangoli border has been drawn with white chalk. The two similar vines have been drawn facing each other and the “Happy New Year” wish has been written at the middle of the floral designs.

Floral, disjoint circular rangoli


This floral circular rangoli starts surrounding a circular core which then has been circled by six artistically drawn petals. The same color has been used on the petals opposite to each other. The last circle of the rangoli is completely disjoint from the central pattern and the designs in the last circle have been repeated in an alternate fashion. The “Happy New Year” wish has been written encircling the total rangoli.

Paisley based square rangoli design


Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This colorful paisley based rangoli design can add to the New Year decoration of any room. It is very intrinsic and needs minute care to be completed with perfection.  Here the design starts with a central floral pattern and four paisleys cover the central pattern from the sides. The bigger paisleys have been drawn at the top of the smaller paisleys and a medium sized paisley have been drawn to fill up the gap between two bigger paisleys. The design uses multiple colors and there are minute differences in the design of the different paisleys which makes it look really interesting.

Floral 2019 New Year rangoli design


This rangoli design has a simplicity about it which makes it more attractive. It is not a very intricate design and you can get it with ease. Try to make this rangoli in a bigger size to get the best look. Here the design starts from a small central circular pattern, which has been placed at the center of a box shape. The patterns encircling the central design use different colors. The whole design has been covered with a disjoint white floral pattern from the outside.

Simple Happy New Year rangoli design


Rangoli designs for holi festival

This simple rangoli design for new year can be ideally drawn on the doorways and entrances. Here the floral base, in lotus shape, has been made with multiple colors and the circular top part has been covered with designs from the outside of the circle. The “Happy New Year” wish has been written at the middle of the upper circular section. This design uses multiple colors but white has been used as the border to draw the design.


Floral, square rangoli with glitters


Rangoli designs for dussehra

This floral rangoli has a square shape. Here the central pattern is floral, which then has been covered with other patterns from the outside. The central design uses blue glitters and the patterns surrounding the central pattern uses, sky blue and golden glitters. The floral pattern at the center has been repeated in the last layer of the rangoli, but in the last layer the patterns also include a circular central design which has been filled with sky blue glitter. This new year 2019 rangoli design can be ideal for narrow as well as wide spaces in your home or office.