Latest sonam kapoor hairstyles & haircuts 2019

Sonam Kapoor is one of those contemporary celebrities one can count on for a perfect femine look which will draw attention to all classy ladies and onlookers. Her hairstyles are enticing and irresistible to every lady seeking to have the desired exotic looks of celebrities. These hairstyles could be used in events like weddings, engagements, parties and even casually.

Regarding the numerous style patterns she wears on each occasion, one cannot be wrong to term her a real fashion lady. Let’s have a look at some of her styles that trend on pinterest.


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Just like many other divas of her caliber, Sonam Kapoor has an excellent sense of taste and style.  Her blend of braids, curls and patted or middle patterns are a great blend which can stop at nothing that giving her that impeccable glow.

9Twisted Buns

Her followers, fans and other fashion lovers can easily mimic her to get a similar or why not a look which can be as perfect as hers. The hair alone does not bring out glamour in a lady. It therefore needs to be spiced with makeup, jewelry and a perfect dress for every occasion.

8Slight twist side part chignon

Twists and braids are often incorporated in her hair styles. This is what makes her style unique to that of other celebs. Her idea on blending two or more hairstyles in one is a trick every diva should learn.

7Braided buns and updo

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Being the glamour queen she is, she surely will not settle for anything less than perfect. Added to that, her hair accessories are also a great asset to her hairdo. With the help of hair bands the celebrity can effectively hold her hair in place for a decent look.

6Curly and sleek

Sonam Kapoor has never ceased to marvel her fans with curls. With this she is confident and affirms that though curls are common with mermaids, mortals too can savour the glam that goes along with curls. Occasionally, she gets to heighten her long silky locks with curling iron to give us that desired look rather than sticking to ponytail which in itself is less complex but attractive.


Braiding characterizes a good number of  Sonam Kapoor’s hairstyle. She tries to blend braid in her hairdos at every given time be it in chignon, curls or updos. She looks marvelous in braids and her blend of it in other hairstyles is unique.

4Wavy locks

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In her latest hair collection, the fashion diva shows up in a wavy locks bridal hairstyle to grace her look. She does not only look hot in it but crazy and bold. This hairdo stands out amongst a host of others.

3Straight and sleek

The celebrity equally likes straight and gorgeous hair. Straight hair is loved by many due to its simplicity and ease in maintenance. It is not as exotic as curls and braids and therefore will look shabby if not properly styled. Sonam Kapoor has worn straight hair quite a number of times but it was not shabby as one could think.

2Party hairstyle

The celeb and twist lover could not do without giving her party hairstyle the little secret that brings out the glam and chick in her hairdos. She has a perfect choice of accessories foe that touch.

1Side part wavy hair

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Its flawless look makes her such a great master of the art. The diva’s collection is a rich laboratory for potential divas and slay queens to gain the so desired inspiration on beauty and fashion hairstyles.

Every hair lover will attest to the fact that hair bands and hair pins help in adding beauty and style to ones hair.