Migraine – Types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Migraine is not new to us, it is one problem with which 1 out of 4 women , and 1 out of 12 men, is suffering. Migraine is a problem involves severe headaches, sickness and vomiting. After diagnosis of migraine, one should avoid painkillers, prohibit anti sickness medicines, avoid possible triggers, anti-inflammatory medicines,if not done these steps can even worsen the migraine. However, taking a migraine medicine can help to avoid migraine attack and headaches. It is found that migraine generally starts in the earlier stage, that is, in the childhood or as an adult. The attacks can either be witnessed in weeks or may appear in the later intervals. The episodes of migraine can even last throughout life or it may stop in later adult life.

Migraine is a typical pain that is shown in forehead or head of individuals. It is basically a name given to a chronic neurological disease which gives rise to frequent headaches.  This is a physiological condition that takes place due to number of automatic nervous system. Generally, people suffering from migraine would get the affect over half of their head. This headache may last among people starting from 2 hours till 72 hours. Some of the symptoms include vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound as well as nausea.

Migraine is one of the conditions of human being where painful condition is realized. The headache becomes severe at times when the migraine attack human being. You need to know the symptoms of the condition in order to go ahead with the treatment process. If it is mild the treatment at home will be fine. But, if it is going to be really tensed, you need to go ahead with the tough medication.

Challenges before migraine

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People suffering from migraine are exposed to factors ranging from potential triggers with the aim of pain occurring repeatedly. Researchers are using the highly experimental approach which positively links between headaches and triggers.  Experiments have been conducted with the challenge approach which is associated with special susceptibility to get trigger under investigation.

Types of migraine

Migraine is of two types

  • Migraine attack without aura(common migraine)
  • Migraine attack with aura(classic migraine)

In common migraine, the headache arises in one side, and spreads all over the head. Sometimes, it starts on both the sides. Other symptoms being feeling nausea, vomiting, sickness, etc. Most of the people suffers from common migraine.

Classic migraine or migraine with aura is the one, with which 1 out of 4 having migraine, go through this. This migraine is associated with an aura(warning sign) being felt, most commonly visual aura. The other symptoms are the same as classic migraine.

Causes of migraine

The reason for the occurrence of migraine is blurred. Studies have resolved that, the blood vessels in the brain gets narrower which results into an aura. Other theories determined, that it is due to some chemical hinges in the brainiac which send confusing signals. The activity of the brain also increases due to the certain change in chemicals. However, it is proved that migraine is not inherited, tough it is found in people from same family. The clear result being, the involvement of some genetic factor.

Aura in migraine

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Some people experiences aura in migraine. The examples of aura are mostly visuals such as lines, flickering lights as well as spots. Even people may see a little jagged line with the same.  This will probably develop some cross hatches as well. You can also see and feel the movement in curved direction. You can also see many people who suffer from aura without migraine.


People suffering from the pain of migraine will eventually face the problem of irritability. Individuals suffering from migraine with aura would effectively have irritation. One of Dutch scientist has recently found out a link between migraines and depression. Since they have moderate and severe depression, this can even give rise to the problem of episodic migraines.

Lack of sleep

People suffering from migraine also get it at night during bed time. Thus, due to severe headaches, they also suffer from lack of sleep. It is really very hard to spend sleepless night throughout. Since they do not get peaceful sleep, viscous cycle starts once again.  According to the researchers, people with lack of sleep can also suffer from migraine.

Watery eyes and stuffy nose

Problem of migraine is connected to your eyes as well as nose. Thus, People suffering from headaches of migraine will always get the problem of stuffy nose as well as watery eyes. This is also a very nagging problem to be faced when you are attending any meeting or an important discussion in your conference table.

Food craving

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It is peculiar to find out that, people suffering from migraines also have food craving especially for certain foods. It is quite common to see craving for chocolates among ladies.

Eye pain

Since headaches in migraine are well connected with eyes, it is quite likely that your eyes will also start paining.  People might blame stress of workload for this eye pain but actually this is one of the side effects of migraine. You must be really keen to visit doctor and get a permanent solution for migraine.  You must show it to an experienced doctor before proceeding to any conclusion about your physical condition.

Diagnosis of migraine

Migraine is diagnosed by the symptoms it carries. Ideally, there is no such test to determine migraine, it can be confirmed by the doctor as the symptoms are examined. There are some cases in which typical headaches are detected, but it cannot be considered as migraine. Migraine is normally detected by the symptoms, and the test is conducted in order to identify the symptoms. The symptoms of migraine does not occur between the attacks, if you have migraine. A prolonged headache, that is not vanishing from along time, is not considered migraine.

How to cure migraine?

There are several medicines and treatments involved to get rid of it, if followed properly:

1) Painkillers: dose of aspirin and paracetamol works well on migraine, if it is taken at early stage, it can remove the problem completely. Medications have different effects depending upon the severity.

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2) Anti-inflammatory painkillers: these painkillers have better effect than painkillers like paracetamol as they contain ibuprofen, which can be taken from pharmacies or through prescription.

3) Triptan medicines: in case the painkillers do not work, depending upon the severity of migraine, Triptan medicines are given like eletriptan, almotriptan, frovatriptan, rizatriptan, etc. They interact with a brain chemical 5HT, which is supposed to be a substitute for brain chemical change due to migraine.

A migraine is a problem which is hard to reduce from the root once it starts prevailing. The prevention of the attacks is associated by taking regular medicines. These medicines are not like other medicines as they are not painkillers, but can minimize the severity of migraine in terms of less attacks and its intensity.

Symptoms of migraine

  • The effect of pain over the side portion, topmost position and the front part of your head
  • The duration of pain lasts for a period of half an hour for 2-3 days
  • The pain takes place throughout the entire band of head
  • The headache pressure increases from mild to moderate and then severe

Treatment and remedies for migraine

Ginger tea

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Let us go ahead with some natural remedy to stay away from your difficult condition. Here You need to take a ginger root and cut a certain part of it. Now, crush it and boil it in water where you are going to prepare tea. Once the color of water changes, you can add sugar and tea leaf in it. Now , switch off the oven and cover it with lid. Now steve the tea leaves and get the tea in a tea cup. Your ginger tea is ready. Drink it and stay away from migraine.

Chamomile tea

You can get the extract of this chamomile herb in the market. This can be used to make tea. It is also possible to get ready made tea with chamomile flavor. You can also get the natural extract of chamomile to prepare tea at home. This natural ingredient has anti inflammatory properties That will provide soothing property and help removing pain from migraine.


Most of the people must be listening to this name for the first time. But this is there in mother nature in the form of herb. This consists of parthenolide which helps in making relief from pain and inflammation in the body. You can prepare tea with this herb and enjoy beating migraine pain after drinking it.