How to get rid of migraine headaches naturally

Many people around the world experience migraine headaches quite often. They are throbbing, recurrent headaches that often occur on just one side of the head. It is frequently accompanied by extreme sensitivity to sound and light, vomiting, and nausea. You should take care that the headaches do not become persistent so that you do not have to face any serious health consequences.

Lavender oil

Home remedies to treat migraine

The fragrance of lavender oil is not only great but it also helps relieve migraine headaches easily. You can either take lavender oil topically or inhale it. You just need to add two to three drops of lavender essential oil to two to four cups of boiling water and inhale the vapour. This will help you get relief from your migraine headache. You need not even dilute this essential oil unlike many other medicinal oils to apply it externally. However, you should not take lavender oil orally.


Unlike many other forms of treatment, acupuncture has the same effects as medicines. However, there are no long term side effects when you get some acupuncture done to get relief from migraine headaches. Even though people believe that acupuncture works solely as a result of the placebo effect, it still provides some real relief.

Apple cider vinegar

Not only does apple cider vinegar have several health benefits such as aiding the detoxification of the body, regulating high blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, promoting weight loss, reducing bone pain, and relieving constipation but it also helps reduce migraine headaches. Add some apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon) to a glass of water. Mix it in one tablespoon of honey. Drinking this everyday will help you get relief from migraine headaches.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a great home remedy that can treat migraine headaches not only because it improves blood circulation but also because it stimulates circulation. Moreover, the capsaicin present in it acts as a natural painkiller. Mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of water that is lukewarm. You would need to add some honey and lemon juice to be able to enhance its taste. Drink this as per requirement.

Chamomile tea

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Chamomile has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, which help relieve one from migraine headaches. When you use German chamomile tea, you will be able to instantly see the results. Whenever you feel that you are suffering from migraine headache, simply brew a cup of chamomile tea and drink it.


Ginger blocks chemicals named prostaglandins, which not only help you get relief from inflammation but also impacts the hormones and promotes the muscle contractions. Most of the non-steroidal inflammatory drugs also work in a similar fashion. Drink the juice of raw ginger or ginger tea if you want to get relief from migraine headaches.


Parthenolide, a compound present in the feverfew plant not only helps one get relief from muscle spasms but also helps prevent inflammation. It reduces pain by neutralizing prostaglandins, which influence the pain signals. Steep one teaspoon of feverfew leaves and peppermint leaves in a cup of water for about half an hour. Drink this tea throughout the day after straining it.


When you eat an apple as soon as your migraine headache begins, it can give you instant relief from the same. Even something as simple as smelling a green apple will help shorten episodes of migraine and also the severity of your migraine headache.


Home remedies for treatment of headache

The symptoms of migraine headache can be reduced when you have a cup of coffee. The caffeine present in coffee will not only block certain receptors that could be causing the migraine but also restricts the blood vessels that are causing it. Adding a dash of lemon juice to your coffee will increase its effectiveness.


Some migraine headaches are the result of inflammation. When you consume foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, migraine headaches can be reduced. You could either use flaxseed oil or seeds that are whole to treat your migraine headache.


Buckwheat is a derivative of rutin, which is a flavonoid that is instrumental in treating migraine headaches. Found in plants, flavonoids are phytochemicals that contain antioxidant properties, which are responsible for counteracting any damage to the cells.

Eat nuts

Eat some almonds when you get migraine headaches instead of popping a few pills. Almonds can be a natural remedy for everyday headaches. Salicin, which is used in over the counter medicines, is found naturally in almonds. It acts as a pain reliever and helps prevent migraine headaches.

Drink some fish oil

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The oral ingestion of fish oil can help a person get some relief from migraine headaches. Not only would fish oil help reduce the clotting of blood but also reduce inflammation, lower the blood pressure, and help maintain the steadiness of the rhythms of your heart. These actions eventually help prevent migraine headaches.

Ginger root

Prostaglandin synthesis is a process that is carried out by the bodies of human beings as well as those of animals, which produces lipid compounds within their cells.Those compounds alert the neurons in the body to pain and mediate biological processes such as inflammation. Ginger Root inhibits the process of the synthesis of prostaglandin as compared to certain chemicals, which trigger it. If you are suffering from migraine headache, then ginger root can not only fight it but also help quell the nausea that accompanies it.


Butterbur is known as a traditional Native American medicine for migraine and regular headaches. It has gained more prominence in the Western system of medicine in modern times. Not only does butterbur act as a natural beta blocker but also lowers certain chemicals that result in migraine headaches. However, you have to remember that butterbur should be taken only in the form of a supplement since it is toxic in any other form.


Some quiet meditation practice is not only one way of reducing stress but also a way of combating migraine headaches.

Take magnesium

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As per researchers, it is necessary for sufferers of migraine headache to have the tablet form of this important mineral in their drawers. Turns out that those who suffer from migraine headaches have low levels of magnesium in their brains at the time of a migraine attack. It is also possible that their brains are also generally deficient in magnesium.

Cold or hot compress

Even though no one knows how this remedy actually works, they have experienced its positive effects. It could either have a placebo effect or could simply distract the patient from the pain.


The body uses up the amino acid named tryptophan to produce 5-hydroxytryptophan. It not only reduces the frequency of migraine headaches but also their severity. 5-hydroxytryptophan will reduce the migraine headaches by bringing about a balance in the serotonin levels in the body. However, you have to ask your doctor before taking 5-HTP.

Coenzyme Q10

The health of the blood vessels in the body is dependent on the antioxidant named coenzyme Q10. This antioxidant not only helps increase the blood flow to the brain but it also protects the cells in the body from damage due to oxidation. It also helps stabilize the blood sugar levels in the body, which cause migraine headaches. You can easily get CoQ10 from many foods. If you want to take a CoQ10 supplement, then you must consult your doctor before taking any further steps.

Willow bark

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Willow bark is what the medicine for headaches, which is aspirin, is made from. It contains salicin, which is a pain relieving compound. It is one of the best natural remedies for migraine headaches.


The juice of the grapefruit is an effective cure for migraine headaches. Grape juice must be consumed at least two times each day if you want to get relief from migraine headaches. You could also add water to grape juice or honey if you want to make it tasty. When you consume this juice, your migraine headache will vanish.

Cabbage leaves

The leaves of the cabbage plant are an excellent home remedy for migraine headaches. You should crush a few leaves of cabbage and put them in a cloth. Tie the cloth around your head and go to sleep. This will give you relief from migraine headache. You should take this treatment either till the migraine stops or in case of frequent migraine attacks.

Primrose oil

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, primrose oil is a highly effective cure for migraine headaches. This helps you get relief from cells in the brain that have tightened. You can either prepare this oil at home or buy it from stores. You can either drink this oil by mixing it with water and honey or simply apply it to the forehead.

Sandalwood paste

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You should prepare the paste of sandalwood powder at home and apply it to the forehead and go to sleep. You can always remove it after you get relief from your migraine headache.

Henna paste

You could always apply the paste of henna flowers to the forehead whenever you have migraine headache and go to sleep. You can prepare this paste by grinding the henna flowers and dipping it in a little vinegar.


Since garlic has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, it is an excellent cure for migraine headaches. You can either prepare a paste from garlic and apply it to the affected areas or chew on a few cloves if you want relief from migraine headache. Including garlic in your diet regularly can always help you prevent migraine headaches.

Mustard oil

Apply some mustard oil to that side of the head, which has been affected. It will stop your migraine headache instantaneously. Follow the same procedure for about two to three times a day for a week and it will immediately give you relief from migraine headache.

Hydrogen peroxide bath

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Take a bath using some hydrogen peroxide. You can do this by mixing it in a bucket full of warm water or by taking a sponge bath with hydrogen peroxide. This will help you get relief from migraine headaches instantly.

Take deep breaths

When you breathe deeply every morning without fail, you will automatically get relief from migraine headaches. If you sense that a migraine attack is about to take place, you should take slow, deep breaths. This will make you feel relaxed and will possibly prevent a migraine attack from coming.

Red raspberry leaf tea

This is one of the best remedies for women when they have migraine headaches during their monthly period. When you drink a cup of red raspberry leaf tea, not only will it reduce your migraine headache but it will also reduce the other symptoms.


The smell of the basil leaves or of basil essential oil itself is enough to help one get some relief from migraine headaches.Not only does basil oil work as a muscle relaxant but it also cures body aches. Whenever you experience pain, either apply some basil oil or chew on some basil leaves for instant relief. You could even use a cold compress that uses some witch hazel and basil leaves.


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When you use valerian to reduce your migraine, it will act as a sedative and relax your body. This will reduce the intensity of your migraine headache.

Coriander seeds

Prepare some coriander water by putting some coriander seeds in boiling water and inhale the steam. This will give you some relief from migraine headache. Alternatively, you could also chew the seeds of coriander or put them in your food, cook them, and consume them.

Dong Quai

This root helps in reducing the intensity of migraine headaches. All you need to do is to apply a cream that contains Dong Quai to your forehead. You could also add this root to some boiling water and then, drink the water after adding some honey to it to get relief from your migraine headache.

See a chiropractor

If no home remedy works, then you must visit your chiropractor. When you visit your chiropractor regularly, the frequency and intensity of the migraine headaches are reduced. A chiropractor can help you get relief from migraine headaches in the long run too.