Home remedies to treat the splitting brittle finger nails

Human nails must have moisturizers to protect against dryness and other damaging effect. One of the nail conditions includes splitting brittle finger nails. This takes place due to drying out of nails between the layers of nails. Individual faces a lot of uneasiness as soon as the nail dries out. You can now come across variety of causes related to this disorder of nail. One of the causes is known as aging. Every year when a person keeps a step higher towards aging, the moisture inside the nails keeps on drying. Some people also uses lots of detergent and soap while washing clothes manually. This can also be another probable reason for getting their finger nails brittle and split. People working in construction sides can also get their finger nails dried and brittle due to the effect of concrete mixtures and excessive exposure to dust and dirt.
If you are suffering from brittle finger nails, it is most expected to be caused due to either of the two reasons; first, you are having some deficiencies in your body and the second you are using some chemicals on your hands or with your hands that are harming your nails. If the second thing is the cause, nothing can cure it until you are able to point out the chemical that is causing the split of your finger nails and discard it. At the same time, if the brittle nails are caused due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency in your body then doing anything else apart from replenishing the deficiencies will not help.

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One of the easy ways to find out if it is a deficiency or the dishwasher that is causing the split of the nails of your hands, is to check out the nails of your feet too. If it is caused due to a deficiency, even the finger nails of your feet will show the affect. According to studies, it is really rare when a deficiency is the reason for brittle finger nails, in most of the cases it is the use of a chemical or lack of hydration that results into brittle finger nails.

Natural remedies for splitting brittle finger nails

  • Using gloves while working with harmful components
  • Avoid the use of harmful chemicals that comes to direct contact of your hand
  • You must avoid washing your hands often
  • You must drink loads of water
  • Intake of juices extracted from natural fruit is another way of stopping the split of finger nails
  • Get your finger nails moisturized with jojoba oil

This is a common problem to all those who are getting aged. The eradication of natural oils from finger and nails can be a cause of this problem. Essential vitamins and minerals play a wonderful role in eradicating this critical situation in individual’s nail. The natural greasy agents available at home can be a wonderful remedy to splitting brittle finger nails. It is quite common to get vitamin E oil at home. You must remember that dried nails are the main reason of splitting the finger nails. You can now apply the castor oil or shea butter in hand to create a moisturizing effect in it.

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Vitamin supplement can be consumed in an adequate way so that your nails the effect of moisturizer. You must also consume balanced diet to prevent spitting of nails. If the home remedies are not working with your hand nails splitting, it will be important to contact the physician immediately. If you want to fix your nails instantly, you can easily use the benefit of nail fillers. This will help to hide the imperfection that exists in your nails. Whenever you are in the verge of attending a social function, you can use these fillers to hide the condition of your nails. Just after using the fillers, you can cover up the nails with nail paint if you are a female otherwise only the use of nail fillers will be appropriate to deal with the situation.

Naturally, it is important for individuals suffering from split nails to drink as much as water so that the nails do not get dehydrated. There is no serious concern about the health condition. But, it should be treated in time.

Include more biotin in your diet

While studies have not found any direct link between Vitamin A, E or minerals like Zinc and better nail health, the vitamin Biotin stands as an exception. Biotin can be helpful to promote a better health of the finger nails. So, if you are suffering from split nails, include more biotin rich foods in your daily diet as a first hand rule. Eggs, Almonds, whole grains and milk are some of the rich sources of biotin that you can include in your daily diet.

Some home remedies

These easy home remedies can be effective to give you rid from the brittle finger nails by nourishing and hydrating the nails as well as the nail beds.

Coconut oil massage for brittle finger nails

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Coconut oil can be highly effective to provide nourishment to your brittle finger nails. The short chain fatty acids present in coconut oil are easily absorbed and can provide adequate nourishment. Take some coconut oil in a steel container, heat it on a low flame and then apply it onto your nails in excess. Massage the nails and the surrounding area lightly and then let it get absorbed naturally. Soak the excess oil with a clean cotton ball after 30 minutes of application but do not wash off.

Milk soak for treating brittle nails

Milk is high in calcium and it has nice moisturizing properties. Soaking your fingernails in whole milk that is loaded with fat can be an effective way to ward off any dryness and to nourish the nails in the right way, which can cure the brittle nails naturally. Take warm (not hot) milk in a cup and dip your fingernails in the milk for 10 minutes. Once you take your fingers out of the milk container, only wipe them with a piece of cotton but do not use water.