Health care tips for babies during this summer

New moms are extra cautious about their new born babies just after their birth. Especially if the season in which their child was born is summer, summer baby care tips will be really a necessary fact. You can now get numerous ways of how to take care of your new born babies during the summer season. You need to focus of baby clothing and bath during summer.

Caution for babies during summer

Summer health care tips

  • Babies must be kept in a cool place during summer season
  • Excess heat during summer can lead the baby to diarrhea
  • Breast feeding is essential to resist the harmful effect of weather
  • Mother should feed the baby with right summer food in order to keep them cool and comfortable
  • It is important to provide them with light clothing, frequent bath in order to make them comfortable whether they play or sleep peacefully
  • Full tub bath is really important every morning
  • If you feel your baby is facing too much heat, providing him with sponge bath once a day is also important
  • Baby might feel really comfortable once they are provided with cool bath  during the bedtime
  • You must keep the water tepid when it is the question of a young baby
  • The water to bath should be normal. It shouldn’t be  too cool or too hot
  • Baby might not withstand the hard water. In such situation you can add a tablespoon of borax. This must be added in three quarts of water in order to make the water soft.
  • It is better to use a soft cloth to help the baby avoid rashes
  • You should not make the baby take bath in chilled water as this might be a reason for cough and cold of your baby
  • It is important to provide pat dry to the baby after completion of his bath

Bran bath during summer

Natural baby tips for infant care

You must also try out bran bath for your babies during the summer season. For this you have to make a small bag of cheese cloth and put a cup of ordinary bran in it. Now sew or tie the clothing. Now, soak this bag in bath and keep on squeezing it until it becomes milky.

Starch bath

You can get a cup full or ordinary start which you can get while making rice. You can also add baby oil and non harmful baby antiseptic in the starch water.

Clothing for baby

It is important to put on light and comfortable clothing for baby in hot weather climate. Diaper and other garments are also equally important for the baby to rest in peace during the summer season. A cotton slip or an apron will help the baby to stay comfortable. A short with sleeveless cotton clothing is also quite preferable. During the summer season, cotton garments will be best for the babies. You must avoid synthetic material for the babies during the summer climate. It can create rashes in baby body.

During summer your babies suffer for a long time as their skin are really very sensitive. They can end up with variety of skin problems such as rashes etc. It is important to get some health care tips especially when you have babies with you. Parents will do almost everything for their babies so that they can stay well. Let us find out some of the health care tips for them.

Health care tips for babies during summer

Remove extra padding from strollers

Top best summer health care tips

You can easily take away the extra padding from strollers whenever summer arrives as this can make the baby stay uncomfortable.  You should also put muslin clothes over the stroller to keep your baby stay cool.

Enough fluid for baby

Your baby should also get enough fluid in order to stay hydrated. Allow him to drink water as much as possible. You must also make him have cold milk and juices. Health care tips for babies include staying hydrated with loads of fluid.

Applying sunscreen baby care

Your baby’s skin is very susceptible and can really get affected with sun effect. You have to choose a brand that manufactures baby products such has creams, soaps etc. If you want to safe your baby’s kin from excessive sunrays, the best way will be applying of sunscreen over its body and face.

Good ventilation

It is always important to provide good ventilation to baby especially during summer. This will help the baby to breathe easily. The perspiration rate of the baby will be higher than the adults. One of the effective health care tips for baby this summer is keeping him/her in a good ventilation.


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Shades for babies

Whenever you are carrying your baby makes sure that he/ she does not get heat exposure of sun. However sunlight in the morning is essential to provide vitamin D. Yet in afternoon hours the sunlight can become really scary for your baby. This can burn the skin of your baby. The best way to care your baby during summer is keeping him or her in a proper shade. Try it today.