Quick and Beautiful Braids for Short Hair

This season, sport your chic side and unleash the cutest princess in you with our adorable braid hairstyles for short hair. These quick, easy-to make and hassle-free hairstyles are style-on-fleek. So, go ahead and give them a try until you fall so hard for the pretty intricate styles that go effortlessly with all your outfits. Check out our favorite styles here”

Fishtail Frenzy

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

Adorn a beautiful fishtail braid running across the front hemline like a sweet flower sitting on the crown. This will look gorgeous on short hair seamlessly upping your style quotient. Trust us, it won’t take more than a jiffy to weave this, hop for your work the next moment. Add a pretty pastel pop pin to secure the braid and create a statement look.


Fall in love the way Parisians do and this time, say it with your hair. Don a beautiful French braid on your short hair for a pretty damsel look. You can easily take French braids from coffee shop dates to important presentations and even a day out with girls. Don’t forget to pin them tight if your hair is light and thin.

Macrame Mademoiselle

We’re obsessed with this lust-worthy textured braids that will perfectly suit short hair and any face cut too. The unique fashion of weaving this type of braid specifically caught our eye and you can wear them with a ponytail, or twin bun rolls. Quick to make and attractive to see, this will garner you way many compliments than you think of.

Crowning Glory

Wear your invisible crown always and with this simple pretty updo that frames your face well keeping the braid pull back. This versatile hairstyle for short hair is quick and lets you play with the braid style. At one moment, you’re at work and the other, loosen the strands and you’re a boho bae. How about that?

Half-Up Braided Updo

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Gear up this season to turn heads as you go by in this ever-stunning half up braided udo. All you need to do is take a section of your hair from the corner hairlines and weave them into braids. Secure and fasten them with an adorable hair pin to create waves and steal the spotlight. Twirl in a frill lace dress and add those stilettos or pumps to create a flirty feminine look.

Sweet Waterfall

The biggest trend on Pinterest has always been waterfall braids and we can’t deny the fact how they transport us to Victorian bistro cafes. Delicate and textured with layered braids in a half hair updo, it’s a slayer for weddings and parties.

Rockstar Pixie

Nail the Rockstar pixie look with this fabulous hairstyle that scream nothing but cool like a boss. These cornrow braids were a huge rave back in the 80’s and as the fate has it, they’re back with a bang. Take your creativity up a notch and try to weave different styles in this pixie hairstyle.

Romantic French

Heading to a date and got no time to dress your hair up? No worries, we got you covered. Try out these elegant French braid falling through the crown of your hair and goes perfectly with a little sexy dress. Blush a little and paint your lips red for a picture-perfect moment.

Messy Hair Updo

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Cast a spell on your peers and significant other with this messy hair updo that defines your sporty bohemian spirit. Split your hair into two sections and start braiding from each corner till you wrap and twist both the braids together to create a messy bun. You can spray mist to create a textured look and make sure you leave a few strands loose for a perfect homie look.

Funk up your braid

Style your hair like Katy Perry does and call us fans? Totally! We love how these chic cornrow braids exude hippie vibe and are complete slayers for girls looking for a different look with short hair. Play your way to create a half bun with braids and nail the showstopper look. Who said braids can’t be fun?