Easy side-braid hairstyles & Haircuts for long hair

Whether it’s a fancy party or work wear hassles, we all know the daily struggle of tying, untying and going through the rough bad hair days everyday of our lives.

We got a feasible solution for you pretty ladies, just braid your crowning glory if you got song looks like those Rapunzel or Goldilocks.

And here are some of the most beautiful trending side braid hairstyles that will be manageable and lust-worthy for you pretty long luscious tresses. Here are our top picks:

Slick model look

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Get your oily hair game on those bad hair days when all you find is a bottle of serum and dry shampoo to settle the frizz.

Oil your hair a bit and plait them into a neat old-school side braid. This will enhance your facial features and give a sharp look. Try it out for work today!

Back to roots

Ain’t nobody got a brighter sunshine than our very gorgeous Sonam Kapoor who never fails to slay even in the simplest look.

This back-to-school girl side braid gives us all the good reasons to flaunt with our pastel shirts and tulle robe skirts. Go, start playing doll up till you achieve this perfect girly look.

Dreamy waves

This pin-worthy side braid look is our go-to for dreamy dates and girls getaway on weekends. With a subtle messy look, this feminine blush side braid works magically for girls with gorgeous long tresses.

Foxy fishtail

Don’t let anyone tell you not to try and experiment. This impeccable side fishtail braid is certainly topping the boho charts and winning our hearts with its simplistic yet statement look.

Take a ride to dream land with foxy fishtail side braid look and head over to the next happening party like a pro.

Messy fishtail pony look

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Quite an innovation we see here, inspired by the new age styles taking a toll on blended hairstyles.

This pretty ease to-do messy fishtail half undo is all the more attractive and good-looking for smoking hot women out there. Take this to next level by adding a few statement accessories to your hair.

Lazy bum side braid

Be all kinds of fun and flirty in to street style chic look. Weave your braids from the side in a neat center parted hair and merge this little braid into the messy longer braid pulled from the side. Turn heads and steal hearts as you carry this glorious style.

Serena’s messy side braid

Just a go-to girl’s next door look for your next run on the errands to yoga-ques sessions, get this look on flee. Selena Gomez wears this casually with a tanks and denim and how.

The messy casual tousled waves brushed sideways into a gorgeous long braid. You can slip some strands out for a “lived-in” look and more natural appeal.

Sweet girl side braid

Floor them with this absolutely basic yet stunning side braid hairstyle that compliments long hair. Weave your hair into neat plaits and blend them into a sleek long ponytail from the mid-hair length. Give this a try and get them go awe.

Fun and flirty

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Pull those tousled mess of your hair into a bouffant by back combing your hair from the front and let your bangs sit pretty on the forehead.

Start weaving your hair into a side braid now and you’re all set to steal the spotlight in a little black dress and a rip lip.

Top bun side braid

This iconic and signature Katy Perry side braid is certainly rocking the beauty charts now and forever. Beauty comes in all forms and shapes, so does Katy Perry’s eccentric hairstyles.

Part your hair half up and down and start braiding the upper section, sweeping the braid into a clean top knot. Now, take the second half and start weaving a gorgeous tail of side braid while you merge it with the top knot braid.

Iconic side braid

Step down the aisle like a true beauty queen with this spectacular braid on your crown that is swept down from the side in a fishtail braid.

Let your hair do all the talking at a special function and be the apple of everyone’s eyes with this gorgeous clean and fuss-free look.

Messy side braid

Take your Friday’s out for some fun and frolic with hair that strikes a perfect beer-o-clock. Get your dry shampoo and play peek-a-boo with braids that are lost in the messy waves and frizz, fasten the undo and let them stare as you walk by.