Simple braided hairstyles & Haircuts for thick hair

Oh well, the sight of thick tousled waves is an absolute delight, however, the struggle to maintain and pull them into a manageable hairstyle is the fate of other side of coin. Like every other woman with thick hair trying to tie them into a pretty ponytail, they often tend to break free and pull down. We got you a solution – braid them. Oh yes, and these stunning braid hairstyles will prove that it’s effortless and stylish at the same time. Here are some of the thick braid hairstyles we’re swooning at:

French freak

Best braid hairstyles for thin hair

Does it get any better than the pretty French way, your braids turn gorgeous with every twist and turn. Thick hair works best for such elongated braids cascading down the back like a mermaid. You can further accessorize the braid to make it look worth a million bucks.

Fishtail Twist

Washed out fresh long thick hair is nothing less than a nightmare, ladies, we feel you. Bounce your hair back and forth and the volume added will be beyond words. Now, start Frenching your hair into the stiff braids till you finally reach the roots. From here on, you can add a twist by donning a fishtail braid to let it sit pretty on your back.

Crowning glory

We’re a fan of crown braids and waterfall braids, but this one is a stunner. Why? Look at the soft wave texture with a colored streak. You can opt for colored hair and add twirls by going all boho. Take your hair game to next level by braiding them from the sideways and cross path from opposite directions to lock them in the middle. This optic illusion braid works like magic for streaked colored thick long hair.

Untamed twisted braid

Get yourself a dose of mommy’s hairstyle inspo, this loose freestyle twisted braid looks effortlessly gorgeous while resonating a womanly look through loose tresses falling gently on your face. Get a high on this adorable hairstyle while you weave every twist gently to achieve the perfect messy look.

Playful Chic

Best black braided hairstyles for women

Play with your hair and get this cool chic braid hairstyle. Half up do’s are back again and how. You need to part them into upper and lower layers while start weaving braids from the upper layer. Start making a French braid while you slowly loose the hair and take it usual way to keep the hair open. Finally, take a long strand of hair from the braid and wrap it around instead taking a band to do the job.

Punk my roll

Divide your hair into two parts and start weaving your thick hair into robust braids from the middle of each part till they go down. Blend them into a messy good bun and let the perfect statement hairstyle turn heads.

Braid Crown

Don a messy braided crown in the lower side of your hair and re-define elegance with this charming bouffant crown braid look. You can pull this look at a wedding and step down the aisle like a true princess. It’s easy to make and will take just a few minutes o achieve the beautiful hairstyle.

Braid in Pony

Here’s how you can rock the chic street-style look by braiding your hair into fine plaits from the side. Merge them into a sleep poker straight hair. This works best for girls with long gorgeous auburn hair. Thick hair gives volume and adds definition to the lost lustre hair.

Doughnut braid bun

Hairstyles for girls with curly hair

Leave it to the stunning celebrities to pull the risqué hairstyles like a boss. Doughnut braided bun is an easy to-do hairstyle and works great on thick hair. It’s one of the most trending hairstyle topping the charts in braided styles. You can simply create this look effortlessly by braiding a thick strand of your hair and envelope around the top knot. Who needs an accessory?

Side Double Twisted Braid

There are somethings that come with a cost while others come with a good hearty beauty inspiration. We’re never falling short of giving you some of them. Start weaving your hair into double twisted braids till you reach midway in the hair and fasten it with a band.