Best ways to stay warm during winter

Struggling to stay warm in this winter? Don’t worry!! Here is a bunch of tips to help you stay warm no matter how much the mercury plunge down. Winter is a season that can be most enjoyable if you can deal with the cold in the right way, and dealing with it is not really a big issue for our patrons. Read on to know the simple tricks and tips to stay warm during winter,

Layering is the best way to go

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All of us have read this scientific background of heat transfer in our physical science school books but we actually tend to forget it in real life. So, let me make you remember once again. Layering up your clothes can keep you more warm than putting on a heavy jacket. Why? Because, when you layer up clothes, the air gets trapped in-between the layers of cloth and air being a bad conductor of heat it helps you to preserve all the body heat effectively, keeping you warm. So, the next time you are to choose between a heavy jacket and two slim warm clothes, opt for the second. In case the temperature is going to touch zero, put on a heavy jacket over woolen inners to stay warm. A good quality wind-cheater over a jacket and woolen inners can be your best friend for sub-zero temperatures.

Be active

Winter is not the time to hibernate for human beings, rather it is the time to be active and you can actually fight the winter and keep your body warm by staying active during winter. It is the best time to start your day with a heavy dose of exercise. Go out on jogging in the morning or practice some free hand exercises in home as soon as you wake up to make your blood rush through your veins and arteries, making you feel warm and all heated up naturally. Space your work with in-between short yet rigorous walking sessions; this can not only help you to feel warm and energetic but will also help you to concentrate better on your work. Staying physically active throughout the day is surely the best way to stay warm inside out during winter.

Drink warm beverages

Warm beverages can be very effective to increase your core body temperature which can help you to stay warm from inside. Winter is the best time for hot coffee, tea, hot milk, hot chocolate, soups and every other kind of hot beverage that you can think of. However, though alcohol might sound a fine option to stay warm in winter, it is not actually a good choice, because alcohol dehydrates the body and lowers the core body temperature, making you prone to catching a cold. Frequently indulging in hot drinks and beverages can be highly effective to stay warm during winter but at the same time you also have to keep in mind about their side effects. Drinking more and more coffee can take away your good night’s sleep and more hot chocolates can add up those extra kilos easily. So, if you are increasing the number of hot beverages you drink on a day during winter, settle for the more health friendly options like hot milk, herbal tea or vegetable soup.

Cover up your ears

We often miss to cover up our ears from the chilly wind of winter, but in reality, covering the ears in the right way can actually be very helpful to stay warm. When the cold air of winter is banging on your eardrums you can never feel quite warm and comfortable and it is most expected to spread a chill in your body even if you have covered up well. So, make it a point to cover your ears properly during winter to keep the winter air out. The hats and caps only focus on covering your head and they often leave you ears unprotected, so it is better to use a separate ear muffler that will only serve the purpose of covering your ears from the cold.

Put on those gloves and woolen socks

Our hands and feet are always the first to feel the cold. The body aims towards keeping its organs warm first, and the hands and feet comes only in the secondary priority list. So, it is left on you to take the best measures to keep your hands and feet warm during winter. Apart from opting for full hand and leg covering warm clothing, the woolen gloves and socks can be your ideal companion to keep the cold out during winter. Invest in good quality woolen gloves and ensure that your hands are properly insulated from the cold. Woolen socks can save your feet from the harsh burnt of cold, and if needed, layering up the socks can also be a great option to stay warm during heavy winter when the mercury is touching zero. Once your hands and feet are insulated properly, you are sure to feel more warmth.

Invest in some high quality winter boots

To ideally maintain the body temperature during cold winter days investing in a high quality winter boot can be a wise option, particularly if you need to go out regularly even during the coldest days of the year. As already mentioned, if you are able to keep your feet warm, you are most expected to feel more warm and comfortable, and a winter boot coupled with proper woolen socks can actually keep your feet from getting cold. While walking, your feet are the part that comes directly in contact with the surface, which is already colder than your body temperature. According to the laws of heat transfer, the surface naturally absorbs the heat from your body through your feet. So, if you are able to insulate the feet with a proper winter boot, you do not lose any heat due to walking on the cold surface, and thus it helps you to stay warm.

Use a hot water bottle

If you are in home and just trying to get warm quickly, a hot water bottle can be a readymade solution. Water when filled in a glass bottle can keep the heat for a long time and can be an effective and affordable solution to stay warm during cold winter days. You can use a bottle filled with hot water while sitting on the couch or reading the book to feel more warmth. You can also take the bottle under your blanket to warm up your bed more quickly during the cold nights.

Keeping your home well insulated and warm can also be effective to stay warm during winter.Follow the next measures to keep your home warm,

Open the windows when the sun is up

During winter often we chose to keep the windows closed throughout the day, but it is not actually a very healthy option. So, when the sun is up, open the windows and let the rooms bask in the rays of the sun and capture all the heat. However, in case it is too cold and the sun is not showing up at all, you might need to keep your windows closed.

Close the doors and windows well before the sun goes off

Closing up the doors and windows properly before the sun goes off and the temperature again goes down is important to keep the heat trapped inside the room. If you are living in a place where the lowest temperature goes near zero, make it a point to install double glass door and window panes. In doors and windows with double panes, the air is trapped between the two pane sheets and act as a layer of insulator, stopping the inside heat from escaping. In addition to that also add heavy, thick curtains on every door and window which will insulate the home and prevent the heat from flowing out.

Use a heater or light up that fire place

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Using a room heater or lighting up the fire place in your home can be the most effective way to warm up your home and yourself during winter. If you have already taken the above measures to ensure that heat cannot escape from the door and window openings, using a room heater or the fire place can be actually effective to feel comfortable even in the subzero temperature.

Cover the floors and walls of your home

When the temperature outside, goes near or below zero staying warm can be a real challenge. In such situations covering up only the doors and windows of your home with thick curtains is not sufficient. Cover up the floor as well through which most of the heat from your rooms might be escaping. Carpets, woolen rugs that can cover the floor and trap the heat in, can be best for the purpose. Also cover up the walls of the rooms with thick clothes and curtains in order to minimize the escape of any heat from the rooms.

Do not depend only on hot water shower

While taking a hot water shower during the winter can seem like one of the most relaxing things as well as one of the easiest ways to warm up, in reality taking a shower in full hot water will only make you feel more cold once you are out of the bath. So, make it a point to take your shower with a proper mix of hot and cold water. Using very hot water is bad not only for your skin and body but will also make you shiver more as soon as you will leave the bathroom.

Use a body oil or thick oil based moisturizer

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Oils help in trapping heat in the body as it creates a layer over the skin. The same effects can be achieved with thick moisturizers and body lotions as well. So, during winter when it is really cold, make it a point to lather your skin with sufficient oil or moisturizer to ensure minimum escape of heat from the body. You can also use the oil before going to bath, which will make bathing even in not so hot water a more comfortable experience.

Alcohol is not your friend during winter

It actually feels like having a few pegs can make you warm quickly even during the harshest winter. However, though it might make you feel warm for some time, the quick warming up of the body increases your chance of catching a cold. Moreover, alcohol dehydrates the body and as during winters we naturally tend to drink less water, hence banking on alcohol for warming up is never a wise choice.