Everyday skin care routine

Not a single human being wishes to grow old, get wrinkles and look feeble. Though aging is a natural process, everybody wishes to postpone the same. Due to lack of skincare, even an individual belonging to teenage or adolescent gets rashes and pimples.

At the same time people with the age group of 40 to 45 years can get smooth and attractive skin. All this is possible as they have maintained their skin with perfect skin care routine. There are step by step procedures which you can follow everyday to get young and attractive looking skin.

We all must go through a strict skin care routine. When we are young our skin remains youthful and glowing.

But as we age up, all types of skin problems such as patchy skin, wrinkles, fine lines forms over our skin layer. Though it is quite natural, but we do not wish to become old. Thus, the regular skin care routine is an important consideration.

This will keep your skin healthy for an extended time period. Also the wrinkles and fine line on your skin will come less often if you maintain your skin. Let us explore the skin care routine.

General skin care routine

Oily skin care tips

This routine will be ideal for people irrespective of age and gender. If you wish to maintain your skin and get attractive appearance following steps needs to be followed.

  • You must wash your face by using a branded cleanser and lukewarm water once in the morning and again at night before going to bed.
  • Just after washing your face with cleaner avoid rubbing your skin with cloth. Rather, pat dry your skin with the help of a soft towel
  • One you go out, you skin gains enough carbon and dirt from the environment. You need to exfoliate your skin at least twice in a week to remove all dead skins
  • Before going out for work or any other reasons, use sunscreen lotion with the sun protection factor of 15. You can go for more sun protection factor as it will always better to increase SPF which helps in restricting bad radiation from the sunlight to penetrate your skin
  • Drink lots of water in a day , at least 8 glasses
  • Healthy food is another good way of maintaining skin tone for a long time
  • You must also get adequate amount of sleep everyday so that your skin gets some rest and increases the chance of reflecting glow
  • Some girls have a tendency of sleeping in tanning beds in the beaches. But that can be a reason for making your skin dull and unattractive. You need to avoid using the tanning bed immediately
  • If you are among the ladies who uses makeup over the skin, make sure that you remove all the makeups after coming back to home, wash your face with a natural cleanser and apply a light moisturizer
  • Since one of the important reasons of getting wrinkles in faces and other parts of the body is stress, it’s time to avoid stress immediately.
  • Apply a cleanser or face wash after coming back from outside to remove dirt and pollution factors existing outside
  • Apply a toner of the same company of which you are using the cleanser
  • Apply the face moisturizer
  • Exfoliating skin with a mild scrub will be effective if you don’t have much dead skin layer. If you have very dry and rough skin a hard scrubber that contains apricot will be effective. You need to exfoliate your skin twice in a week to remove all dead skin and enable opening of skin pores so that your skin can breathe
  • Your skin also requires hydration. Thus, drinking adequate water is also very important. Many people, especially ladies have the habit of drinking very less water. But, makes your skin dry and dull. You need to drink enough water to stay beautiful
  • You need to protect your skin from sun damage. Just 20 minutes before stepping out of home, you need to apply sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays that are emitted from the sun rays are really very dangerous. If you wish to stay away from skin tone, use a very good sunscreen lotion with higher SPF such as 40 or so.

Skin care tips for teenage girls

  • Individuals having a bad habit of smoking must cut off the volume by striking out one by one. Leaving smoking completely is important
  • Just after coming out of shower, you must apply moisturizer or else your skin will become dry and flaky
  • You must visit dermatologist once in a years for a thorough check up so that there can be a good chance of skin examination
  • If you have skin cancer as hereditary disease, it is the time to check it immediately from the beginning stage so that it can be treated

These are the universal keys for any skin type to get the instant glowing and fairer skin. These processes are very much effective to get instant fairness. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be done in a regular way to achieve the desirable results without fail.


The first and foremost thing you have to do while taking care of your skin properly is cleansing.

Cleansing takes a big part in the fairness cadre, do not rely on the soap bars which strips the moisture on the skin instead invest a good amount on the best cleanser that suits your skin type and add it in daily routine.

Use a cleanser which can surely pull out the dirt and oils from your skin. Here is a lot of cleanser available in the market.


Skin toning is as much important as cleaning. Toning your skin is nothing but adding hydration. It is a ritual to close the open pores and to make it tighter by which it promotes for the display of soft, supple and fairer skin.


How to keep the skin moisturized

Never give a climax to the skin care without moisturizing. It helps to keep your skin stay fresh and perfect. Search for the moisturizers which can meet your needs of beauty. Either it can be the fairness qualities or SPF properties that save your skin from sun damage.

Remember to pick the moisturizing cream or lotion based on the skin type you are being with. For the dry skin, a heavy moisturizer works well and for combination and oil skin an oil-free moisturizer will do magic.


Face powder not just show its action to retain your makeup lasts long but incredibly works well to even out the skin texture and give an instant glow.

Invest on fairness radiance powders to get the required action. It is an instant remedy for the oily skin people to lock their oil and to show your skin fresh.

Skin care routine for acne

You may find many individuals around the world who suffers from the trouble of acne. If you have tried creams and medications for temporary cure, this might prop up again at some point of time.

Thus, a proper skincare routine will be necessary for acne prone skin type. The symptoms of acne such as inflammation, redness can be eradicated with the proper skincare routine of acne.

First of all you need to remove oils and impurities in your skin which is a main cause for acne prone skin. You can get a total acne care package in the market starting from cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

It is good to get the type of pack which is good for acne prone skin. You must test the product in small portion of your skin at first and then conclude whether the particular skin care product is suitable for you or not.

Skin care is needed for people with any type of skin as this helps in keeping your face healthy and attractive in looks. Proper maintenance of your skin can easily give rise to problem free skin with great presentation.