Top things you must carry with you in this summer

Summer in India is a period of unbearable warm dry weather with no winds or hot winds popularly known as loo. The temperature goes very high. On the whole the hot weather in summer requires care of the skin and protection from the hazards of the sun. Travelling in summer for a pleasure or adventure trip or work requires prior preparation. Summer in western countries is a time for living outdoors in caravans and beaches. People flock out in open areas and enjoy the sun and sun tanning.

During the summer days when you are planning for vacations, it is always important to pack some important things with you. It is better to make a list at first that involves all the important things to be carried when you are travelling this summer. If you don’t have a travel bag to carry your necessity during a summer trip, this is the time to make a purchase of the same. If you are travelling in flight, make sure of the load you are carrying as the flight authority has reduced the free limit of luggage to be carried. This article will speak about the things you must carry in this summer.

Top things you must carry in summer

Body Mist

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Sweating is the major issue that we face in summer season. The accumulation of sweat also causes itchy sensation to you. You may also find unpleasant or bad odor, emitted from your body.That is why you have to buy a body mist and put it into your bag. This mist helps you in fighting against the heat. You will feel much fresh all over a day. Moreover, you can enjoy a fragrance from this mist. While you are on your trip, you must have this product with you.

Wet wipes

Most of us use handkerchief for wiping our face. However, wet wipes are the best accessories to remove the makeup and moisture from your facial skin. Anytime, you may use those wipes for the removal of dust particles and to reduce the effects of heat. Your skin won’t become sticky in the summer season.


It is the most important cosmetic product that you have to store in your bag. This will also prevent your makeup from becoming messy. While you are going to attend a party, you have to apply it for your face.

Chewing gum

Dehydration is very common issue to us. On the hot days, you can feel much dry. This results in dehydration problem. You will also feel this dryness insideyour mouth. Buy chewing gums, and put them into your purse.For fresh breathing throughout a day, you can eat chewing gums.


We use woolen scarf on the winter days. However, you may cotton scarf for wrapping your hair and neck on the hotter days.  The scarf helps you in protecting you from sun’s heat. Look for a light-colored scarf, and this colorful piece also makes your style different.


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Those, who have lengthy hair, must use hair ties for tying up all their locks to create a ponytail and bun. These hair ties are available in different colors that match your dress color. You will feel cool while all the hairs are tied together.

Water bottle

Summer is the time when you need to stay hydrated always. Thus, carrying water bottle is an important consideration. Carry water filled in bottle whenever you move out in a summer day.

Carry a deodorant

During summer you will sweat a lot due to higher rate of perspiration. Naturally there can be unbearable odor. You might not be able to withstand the odor and your friends beside you. The best way to suppress it is using a deodorant.


Towel is also important to carry when you are moving on a hot summer day with your own vehicle. Whenever you sweat, you can wipe it with the help of towel.

Cotton fabrics

It is always important to wear clothes made up of cotton. This will give you a soothing touch and you can stay happy throughout the summer trip.

Juicy fruits

If you are moving to a nearby place the best way to stay hydrated while travelling to having some juicy fruits. The fruits like grapes, oranges and lemon are very healthy.


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Whether you are travelling during summer or winter, gadgets such as adapter, smart phones, chargers etc will be vital element.

Credit card and debit card

If you are travelling, you should have some cash handy. But carrying too much cash all together won’t be possible. Thus, carrying a credit and debit card is important.

Empty bag

While packing your bags, you should also carry some empty bag as you might need on the way. You might be shopping and would like to keep shopping accessories. This empty bag will be of use.

Old newspaper

You have to keep old news paper handy as you never know when you won’t get a chair or a sitting place. The old news paper can be placed on the floor. This is the best way to create the place where you can sit in an unknown place without the worry of availing a chair.

Things to carry in summer while travelling

Clothes Cotton clothes of light colors are best for summer. One feels comfortable in loose clothes covering the whole body to prevent tanning of the skin. One must carry enough clothes to change during the trip or there must be arrangement for the clothes to be washed daily. Swimwear is another summer essential as there can be opportunities to swim at different places. It does not occupy much space.

Hats, Caps and cotton scarfs are required to cover the head. A cotton cap is more useful as it protects the scalp and face from intense heat. Sunglasses prevent the eyes from the bright rays of the sun and also a fashion accessory. Handkerchief is more useful than face tissues during summer in India because they come to rescue when one is sweating. People usually use tissue paper, but they are not found to be very useful as they crumble in the sweat and heat.

Summer hair care tips

Basic toiletries must be carried while travelling. Dry shampoo is a life saver while travelling. When there is less time to wash and dry hair. A small travel hair dryer is also useful. Shampoo,soaps, and bare minimum makeup articles like eyeliner pencils, lip gloss, mascara, and light foundation and under eye concealer must be included. Sunblock creams and cool toners also help in summer.

Cell Phone and Phone Charger are the need of the day. IPod and iPod charger is also essential for trips by air or road. Camera and its battery is another technology item required in an outing.

Fruits it is advisable to carry some water filled fruits like water melon, oranges, grapes and lemon while travelling to prevent dehydration.

Water always carry a bottle of water during summer. Keep sipping water now and then. If one is travelling by road an ice bucket with some cold drinks will be very useful.

Sunscreen A good sunscreen lotion must be applied off and on while travelling.

Shoes Shoes in the summer weather must be open, airy and comfortable. Sandals, chappals, crocs and fabric shoes are found to be comfortable during summer.

Medicines headache and stomach problem tablets are a must during the heat of summer as these are the common ailments faced. Changes in food and heat together can play havoc on one’s health.

Books are the best companions in the scorching summer afternoons and travels. One must carry some books for light reading.

Travelers must have much more accessories with them while travelling in summer. If you are going for an outing with your family during the summer, carrying appropriate ice bag during summer will be really very important. This will keep you stay cool during summer. You must also carry water bottles which are in chilled form in the box supported by several ice packs. You will also be requiring Air conditioner inside your vehicle during the summer season.

Even, your eyes need to be protected from the harmful radiation that comes out from the sun rays and falls directly on your eyes. Get a good sun glass from the market which is of a reputed brand. When you are carrying on with variety of activities in beaches during summer, wearing sunglass will be really important. To stay protected from summer sun rays your skin should be provided with a good moisturizer that has SPF or sun protection factor. Stay cool and hydrated by drinking gallons of water and meet your thirst with several types of fluids such as juices made from fruits, chilled water, cold coffee etc. You should always take an umbrella with you if you are visiting some place in summer within your walking distance.