Simple ideas to keep your body cool in this summer

Today, experts have found out variety of ways in which you can stay healthy and sound by beating the heat of summer for a long time. People have a tendency of using the air conditioners in cars, houses as well as office. This might give you temporary relief but in the long run this can harm your health. Instead go for natural air near a water body in the evening to get relief from summer without any side effects.

Who won’t like to stay cool on summer days? You have variety of tips and procedures that will keep you cool and hydrated during a hot summer day. If you are getting exhausted too much on such situation, simple ideas will help to keep your body cool. Instead of facing the scorching sun rays, this will help you keep cool and comfortable on a hot summer day. This article will speak about simple ideas that will keep your body cool.

Simple ideas to keep your body cool in this summer

Keep away from the foods that add more heat

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The cheese, yogurt and other sour foods can make you feel hot in the summer season. Moreover, it is also better to control the consumption of salty dishes as they can cause dehydration. Cumin, pepper and ginger can be added to foods. However, the main things that you must avoid are onion, spinach, garlic and beets. Alcohol also increases the heat in your body.

Have your meal at the appropriate time

To stay cool and to keep up the heat balance, you can eat the meal during the midday. The digestion ability of our body becomes stronger at this time. Those, who miss their lunch, feel much cranky.

Keep your wrists and pulse point wet

For cooling your body, you can better keep these parts wet. You may also wrap an ice block with a cloth and then apply it. This helps in the retaining the right body temperature. However, you have to apply the ice rightly as it may damage your skin. It will surely reduce your body temperature by 3F. You will have relief for one hour.

Keep your mind temperature low

Meditation is the best way for settling down your mind. However, you may also try to listen to pleasing music for soothing your mind.

Cool down your house

You may not have AC in your rooms. There are several other ways to beat the heat. To prevent the access of hot sun rays, you can plant the deciduous trees on eastern and western side. Trees that create shades are the best choices to you.

Get the cool air at night

While the outdoor temperature gets reduces in the evening, you can turn on your attic fan for directing the air inward. With no AC, you can still have cool feeling in your room.

Drink water

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Water is considered as the lifeline of human being. This fact becomes much more active when people stay thirsty and dehydrated in hot summer days. You must drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. If you are at home, drinking water will be important. But, even if you are travelling somewhere, it will be better to carry a water bottle with you. Even a sip of water to wet your tongue and throat will be beneficial to beat the heat during the summer season. Since during summer you sweat too much enough water is getting out from your body. Thus, it is equally important to replenish and fill up the water content that has run away in the form of sweat.

Use water cooler

Many people have tendency of taking chilled water by taking out from the refrigerator directly. But, this will be a harmful consideration as this can give rise to sudden throat pain as the water from the freezer directly hits your throat. You can also suffer from cough and cold for a longer period of time. But, during summer you would definitely like to drink cold water. Instead to having chilled water from the freezer its better to drink water from the cooler this is not too cold.  You can either fill a glass of water from the cooler tap and drink or fill the bottles with cooler water and drink it afterwards.

Use air cooler

If you are thinking of getting an AC this summer, it’s better to purchase an air cooler.  This will not be as cold as the air from the Air conditioner; rather this will give you a soothing breeze during the hot summer days. Even the consumption of electricity will be less in this which will help you to have some power cut during the summer. The air blowing from the air cooler will not make your skin dry unlike the AC rather it will easily help you stay hydrated with a very natural breeze. You can also keep your kids get the air of cooler during the summer without any harmful effects on their physic.

Turn off lights

Sometimes the unnecessary lights in your bed room and drawing room where you are staying can also give rise to heat. Thus, if you are not reading or studying, just turn off the unnecessary lights to stay cool and hydrated for a long time. Even if you are not outside facing the sunlight directly, sometimes the heat of lights like bulbs and tubs can also be very irritating. Thus, turn off all unnecessary light during the summer to stay cool.


If you don’t have the habit of drinking too much water in a day, consume some food that will replenish or act as a substitute to water. Cucumber is regarded as such a fruit that is having maximum of water content. You can either have it in salads or make sandwich out of it and consume easily. In a summer afternoon, when you are feeling too hot, peel a whole cucumber and make it 4 pieces in a longitudinal direction. Apply some salt and pepper in the middle and enjoy staying cool.


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Another wonderful fruit you must consume during summers is watermelon. You can easily get watermelon in the market which must be cut and consumed with little sugar and salt. You must consume the juicy soft part of the watermelon that stays inside by removing the seeds. You will easily stay hydrated after consuming it on a hot summer day. If you have juicer at home, cut few pieces of water melon and get it in a juicer. Now blend it and extract juice out of it. You can add little salt and sugar to the blender to make it tasty and delicious. It will be very advantageous to consume during a hot summer afternoon. This can help you beat the heat easily.

Wear cotton clothing

Always go for cotton fabrics when you are wearing clothes instead of synthetic variety. This won’t keep you in uncomfortable situation when the heat of sunlight is excessive in nature. It is always better to wear cotton clothes to keep your body cool during summer.

Refreshing water spray

You can absolutely stay refreshed when you use water sprinkle over your face. Get a spray bottle filled with water and keep it with you all the time. Whenever you feel highly exhausted spray it over your face closing your eyes. This will give you refreshing ambience.

Frequent baths

During a hot summer day it is always good to have frequent baths as this will keep your body cool. You will feel refreshed. Also the chances of sweating will be less if you take bath frequently on hot summer day. But remember not to take bath whenever you are too much sweating. Dry your body and then take bath.

Juice and cool drinks

Also it is important to find out what exactly you drink on a hot summer day. It is better to consume cool drinks such as juices, fruit pulps, yogurt juice, cold beverages, cold drinks etc on a hot summer day.

Stay indoors

Whenever you see the temperature is too high outside, it is better to avoid the heat visit. Instead stay indoors such as at your home or office where the sun rays may not touch you in any way. This is a wonderful way to keep yourself cool on a hot summer day.