Types, techniques & benefits of body massages

Getting  a good body massage is a technique in itself. There are numerous ways that can be followed for providing body massage.

Different movements which are followed in providing massage is explained in the article. Both the important asset movements, ‘Stroking’ and ‘Smoothing’ tend to be considered as an essential requirement.

Both of these movements, ‘Stroking’ and ‘smoothing’, acts as a sedative and anesthetic influence on the system.

But simultaneously they in addition prepare the way for the evacuation of serous liquid, which is released simply by kneading.

They efficiently clear your ‘drains’ along with preparing them to receive the lymphatic flow that is certainly put in place by unblocking it. That’s the reason they are called as ‘draining movements’.

Popular types of body massages

Massage is the method of working and acting on the human body in different ways.

The pressure can be – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving. –Pressure during massage can be applied by using the fingers, knees, forearm, feet, hands or mechanical equipment. Massage is a French word which means friction of kneading.

In ancient times human beings were treated for painful bodies by massage. Massage is one of the most natural ways to heal pain. Touching the body where it pains is the basic instinct in a person and is found to be a powerful healer.


  • Stroking has to be done gently and slowly and this should be done without using talc.
  • It ought to be done using the tips of your fingers.
  • Stoking acts as a sedative.
  • When another individual does that, it induces a blissful relaxing effect.
  • If your massage is actually sharp and quick then it enhances the cellular muscle spasms and causes an undesirable retraction of the flesh.


  • Smoothing is completed using talcum powder.
  • It is done with the palm of your hand.
  • It goes deeper than stroking.
  • It should always be done after stroking.
  • In smoothing your hands seek to mould your muscle contours and smooth more than them without grasping these individuals.

Types of massages

Swedish massage

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Soothing, tapping and kneading strokes re used over the body to relieve muscle tension and loosening sore joints in this technique. These therapists use five basic strokes

They are

  • petrissage in which the muscles are slightly pulled  and lifted;
  • friction done with thumbs and fingertips working  in deep circles into the muscles;
  • tapotement are chopping, beating, and tapping strokes; and
  • Vibration given by fingers pressed or flattened firmly on a muscle and rapidly shaken for a few seconds.
  • effleurage or stroking;

Deep tissue massage

It aims at the chronic tension in the muscles of the body. This technique uses slow strokes, and direct pressure by fingers thumbs or sometimes with knees on the muscles.

Sports massage

This is adopted to train the basic needs of the athlete. Massage before the sport’s event help to arm up the muscles and improve blood circulation before the competition.

Neuromuscular massage

Different types of best popular massages

It is  a form of deep    tissue massage. It is used to increase the blood flow, reduce pain and release pressure on the nerves caused by some injuries to muscles or soft tissues.


Puts the body into the right posture. Poor posture can be reflected in several  health problems, like backaches, headaches and pains in the joints.

Rolfing tries to  realign and straighten the  body by working on  the connective tissue that surrounds the  muscles and helps hold the  body together

Craniosacral therapy

Focuses on the skull and backbone. It is  massage  on the bones membranes and fluids that are around the  skull and spinal column.

It is  done with the help of  pressure of  a very small weight . It helps to reduce tension and counteract any physical trauma one may have faced on the head.


Treats every individual differently, with different postures and different movement patterns. In this technique  the clients are taught the ideal patterns of movement with the help of slow, gentle exercise sessions.

It is found to be useful for people who are victims of accident or paralysis that have lost their limb movements.


Self massage tips for legs & hands

This is done by using gentle rocking massage  to release the body’s holding patterns. It uses a light gentle  shaking technique .

The idea here is to make people aware of the style of their movement and handling their body.

The physical holding patterns also help the person to get rid of the emotional stress with which they are connected due to some prior injury.

Craniosacral therapy

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This is a gentle form of massage where the main objective is to get decrease in stress.

You can get back the natural position of the bones. If you are suffering from chronic injuries, this therapy will be a wonderful remedy.

Due to stress, people often suffer from neck pain, headache, migraine etc. This Cranial sacral therapy will be the best way to get relief from such pain.

Prenatal massage

Another wonderful messaging technique is known as prenatal massage. This is a therapy adopted when a lady is pregnant.

Even during the pregnancy period women go through a lot of stress and tension about keeping her baby well and other related nightmares.

But, prenatal massage will keep her away from all such tension and she will stay healthy during the crucial pregnancy period.

The cramps and morning sickness are what those ladies will experience always.

This therapy massage has wonderful benefit of removing such serious uneasiness and discomfort from a pregnant lady positively.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage therapy is conducted by placing smooth water –heated stones on key points of the body. These stones are also used as massage tools. The stones are heated and kept in a dish and then applied on the patient.

In some cases cold stones are used to stroke the body after hot stone massage to reduce swelling and pain and to increase lymphatic drainage.

The contrast of hot and cold temperature makes the muscles dilate and contract which create a pumping action and pushes the fresh fluids into the muscle tissues and gaps between the joints.

Benefits of massage

Body Massage is generally considered  a part of alternative medicine.  It is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Some people enjoy massage  because involves, caring, comfort and a sense  of empowerment.  It is also found to be useful for —

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Nerve pain
  • Strains  or injuries of the soft tissues
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint pains

Risks of massage

  • Massage may not be beneficial for some people who suffer from bleeding disorders, open wounds or burns, deep vein thrombosis, fractures, severe osteoporosis  and are having shooting pain in the joints.
  • Pregnant women and people with cancer must discuss it up with the doctor before starting it.
  • Massage can be risky when it causes new injuries to the muscles, aggravate existing problems, and mildly stress the body.

People use the different techniques of massage for a variety of health-related problems. Some types of massage techniques may be painful but normally massage is not uncomfortable or painful. Most of the time it helps to relieve pain, provide relaxation, control anxiety and depression, and help in the general awareness

Massaging creates a magic that eradicate every single pain in your body.  These days’ people are occupied with tiring brain work at office. Only the physical work is not responsible to make your body stay with pain. Rather, the mental work also creates stress which in turn can give rise to body pain. Thus, body massage becomes a necessity. Professionals at variety of parlors and fitness organization provide such massage in exchange of a fee. You can easily avail their service to stay away from body pain. But, if you think they charge really high, simple techniques of massage can help you provide best deal without investment. Learn the techniques and tech your family members so that you can get professional grade massage without cost.