Uric acid rich foods

Uric acid is a chemical produced within your body when the body breaks down and give rise to purines. There are some food and drinks where purines are present those include beer, mackerel, peas, beans, anchovies and dried beans. This is a particular acid which tends to dissolve in the blood and then travels through the kidney. Even from kidney, it passes to urine and gives rise to complication.

If the level of uric acid rises in blood, it will give rise to the condition known as hyperuricemia. As the compounds breaks down, it gives rise to uric acid which can stay in normal form or get increase in quantity.  Normally, an individual must have uric acid range of 2.4 – 6.0 milligrams. But if the range exceeds and touches the level of 3.4 to 7.0 milligrams, it can be really dangerous. This gives rise to variety of complication in your body such as gout, arthritis etc.

Whenever you proceed with your complete check up as a routine, uric acid is a parameter which you should go ahead. Along with the check of diabetes, blood pressure, wbc count, you must have a check on the uric acid level. The rise in this can give rise to variety of complications in the body of an individual. It is normally created within the body of the individual after the breakdown of purines. Also the acid formation within your body is due to its by-products. Let us find out the variety of foods that are rich in uric acid.

Uric acid is a chemical substance naturally found in your body. Uric acid solution is formed because of the break down of the substance called purine. Purine is a component found in foods. Uric acid normally dissolves inside the blood, passes through the kidney and is excreted through urine. Hyperuricemia and high amount of uric acid in the blood may occur if the uric acid solution is does not find its way out through the kidneys. Foods full of purine ought to be avoided by people with hyperuricemia.


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Beef is among the food that contains more purine(uric acid). Red meat (and its organs like liver, brains, heart and kidneys)rabbit, chicken and lamb have high amount of purine in it. Those that have hyperuricemia ought to avoid these kinds of meats. White meat from chicken, turkey and ham contains moderate amounts of purine and therefore are not as detrimental as red beef. However, they must be eaten modestly. Flesh of  goose, duck and partridge can also be rich in purine. Bacon is also rich in purine due to the food control method utilized in its planning.

Fish/ Shellfish

Fish and shellfish are full of purine, these  include cod fish, blue fish and perch, salmon and herring and mackerel, snappers and sardines, anchovies and roe (fish eggs). Shell fish contains more purine these include mussels, oysters and crabs, clams and lobsters,  scallops and shrimp.

Various other food sources

Vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and peas should be eaten moderately. Beans, similar to navy  beans, lima  beans, kidney  beans and lentils, possess a high level of purine. Various other foods like oatmeal, wheat grain  and wheat bran, whole wheat breads and cereals. Some other sources for that contains high purine content are beef bullion and consommé,  beef broth and other meat components.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks have high amounts of purine. Be careful of cocktails like tequila, rum, gin, vodka and wine. Beer can also be a cause of purine.


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Other factors that cause hyperuricema might include excessive coffee intake, extreme alcohol consumption, family record and psoriasis and the usage of certain medicinal drugs like low-dose aspirins and diuretics etc.

Red meat/ mutton

If you have a tendency of getting uric acid range higher than normal, avoiding red meat such as mutton etc would be a good idea. Even in the red meat, liver is the organ where largest amount of uric acid is present. Other types of red meat are lamb and pork. According to research, people consuming red meat such as mutton, lamp or pork on a regular basis will be having a tendency of getting gout after crossing 40 years of their age.

Red flag vegetables

We all have heard from people around that fresh vegetables are very good for health. But, there are certain types of vegetables that must be avoided when you have excess amount of uric acid level in your blood. These vegetables include dried peas, asparagus, mushroom as well as spinach. You can get other vegetables in your meal as a substitute to these which will contain low level of calcium but high level of magnesium. This will stabilize the level of uric acid in your blood and also help removing gout. You can also go for vegetables such as avocados, corn and potatoes that has good amount of magnesium.

High fat food

If you have higher level of uric acid in your blood, it will be ideal to avoid food with high level of fat.  If you are consuming food with high fat level, it will ideally interfere with kidney and gives rise to complications. You should avoid the full fat dairy products which include ice cream and whole milk. You must also restrict consuming fried items along with cheese and extra cream. These are also really effective in rising daily calories in the body of each individual.

Animal protein

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Patients with higher level of uric acid must draw a limit to 3 ounce for a meal.   Even the seafood contains purine which must be avoided in excess. Other category of animal protein that can contain excess amount of uric acid would be shrimp, scallops, goose partridge etc. Thus, it will be better to avoid such parts of animal protein.

Consideration for balancing uric acid in body

Potassium rich food

Food having high fibers, cereals, grains as well as carbohydrates can be considered as the uric acid rich foods. The food such as white beans, avocados, bananas, dried apricots, salmon fish can be considered among the potassium rich foods. These will work well in washing away excess uric acid from diet

Low protein food

You can also get variety of food products that are too low in protein. One of such fruit is known as cherry that ideally helps in reducing level of uric acid in your body along with the effective way of detoxifying your body. You can stay away from the acute attack through the consumption of 30 to 40 cherries. You also have other options such as eggs, green leafy vegetables, pasta, rice, bread etc.  These are also effective in providing low level of purine in your body.

Monitoring of your diet chart on a regular basis is really essential when you are going to get a treatment for uric acid reduction from your blood. Have a proper check on your daily meal and diet routines.

List of food rich in uric acid

Seeds inside chillies

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In order to make any food spicy and delicious chillies are one of the important considerations. But, some people are not aware that the white color seeds present inside the chillies are really harmful for your health. Yes, it is a good source of uric acid in your body. The home makers are suggested to remove the seeds of the chillies and use the outer portion of chillies while making curries. Even when you have raw chillies, take out the seeds.

Tomato seeds

Tomato is one of the juicy variations of vegetables that is used to make a vegetable curry really tasty and delicious. It has a slight sour taste which combines with salt of a curry and makes it taste amazing. But, even tomatoes must be consumed with care. It means the seeds present inside the tomatoes must be removed and then the vegetable must be used. Since these seeds is rich in uric acid , it might be harmful for your body in the long run.


Be very careful when you are going to consume the chocolate one after another. You must have known that chocolate or Cadbury is a good source of increasing fatty layer in an individual. But, researchers have also found that that has maximum amount of uric acid. It is better to avoid it from your food if you have tendency of increasing the level of uric acid. Check it out today and see the benefit.