What to eat and what not to eat to gain weight?

Type about weight loss, and there are so many articles giving you variety of methods to reduce. From healthy diet to exercises, you get all the best of suggestions for reducing. But then, there are people who are naturally small and are prone to bullying. It can be really troublesome for someone with fast metabolism to put on weight. Doctors tell us that having a body weight too low can create health problems like organ damage, reduced menstruation in women and loss of bone density!

People who are trying to recover from eating disorders might like to know how they could put on some weight on a healthy way. Consuming sugary elements and French fries will surely increase your weight, but body could further suffer from other consequences like lack of nutrition or wrong diet. The best way to gain weight is by consuming healthy food. Include whole foods in your diet and concentrate on caloric intake.

What to eat to gain weight?

Best tips to gain weight quickly

  1. Lean red meat: if you try to put on weight, have some lean red meat. Steak has tons of proteins and irons. But then not all kinds of meat yield you the same result. You need fatty cuts of meat which look marbled. They contain more calories and are tastier. Choose the rib-eye, beef tenderloin and New York strips. Most professionals do not include red meat in a healthy diet as it is high in cholesterol. Having it once or twice is week is just fine. Don’t combine it with unhealthy snacking which have high saturated fats – they can cause health issues.
  2. Real nut butter: this is full of fats and protein, and is healthy for people trying to put on weight. Every spoon would have around 100 calories with 4 grams of protein. Real peanut butter has a good amount of foliate, magnesium, vitamin E & B3.

You can enjoy the mix in your oatmeal for breakfasts, spread it on bread or even use it as a dip with apples. When you look for a branded peanut butter, try to get the ones which have natural ingredients. This alternatively means that it shouldn’t have other ingredients added, like sugar.

Nuts and dry fruits to gain weight

  1. Whole fat milk: one simple replacement suggestion by dieticians for this purpose is to switch over from skim milk to whole milk! It contains 60 more calories as there is fat left in. When the fat is trapped in, it would also contain all the nutrients and vitamins! Whole milk has a good amount if vitamin A and D.
  2. Tropical fruit: tropical fruits aren’t just tasty but they are also consumed to put on weight. Fruits such as mango, banana, papaya, pineapple, etc. are healthy choices to help you in this purpose. They have natural sugar and give you immense energy. Add these fruits in your regular diet to help you put on some weight healthily. If it becomes too difficult to do so, make some smoothies and slurp it down.
  3. Avocado: this tasty element is amazing to add some heart-healthy fats in your diet. Half of an avocado has around 140 calories, along with potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B and folic acid. Add this to your salads, chop them for meat or spread on toast. You could mash half of a ripe avocado into bread and add salt and pepper for seasoning. Yummy!
  4. Natural granola: this doesn’t have added sugar which makes you increase weight. It is tasty and is made of rolled oats, healthy fats like coconut oil and nuts. You can add nuts and dried fruits as well. This can be bought from the market directly, but you can mix the ingredients at home too. Top it with thick yogurt, honey or fruits to make it a tastier treat. You can get protein from yogurt and fiber for oatmeal and natural sugar content from fruits.
  5. Vegetable oils: nothing beats its taste for salad dressings or for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil and peanut oil have immense flavors with calories healthy for the heart when enjoyed with moderations. Most oils are also safe to cook on highly heated temperatures, unlike butter that burns! Numerous vegetable oils have concentrated flavors, thus you can use in smaller amounts while cooking.
  6. Nuts: they are great snacks to put on weight. They are rich in nutrient, fats and fiber. Having a handful of nuts can keep hunger away for hours. Though, not all nuts have good amount of fiber or fat. Almonds are good for fiber and macadamias have high fat content. Thus, mixing the nuts is a good choice to get different types of health benefits with healthier weight. Add these to your salads, cereals, oatmeal or top on some Asian dishes.
  7. Cheese: You can add cheese to almost any dish and make your meal more delightful. As it is a diary product, it has all nutritional benefits like milk. Most cheese are high in fat, thus they are a neat option for your weight gain process.
  8. Potatoes: carbohydrates are what obese people like to cut out on. On the contrary, you have to add them back to help you in the reverse their process. Potatoes are rich in carbs with high nutritional value. They are full of fiber and rich in vitamin C. Consume them with the peel to retain more protein.

What not to eat to gain weight?

Best foods to eat for weight gain

  1. Raw almond/almond butter: peanut butter is high in protein and almond butter has high vitamin E content. It is true that all types of nuts provide numerous healthbenefits, but raw almonds or almond butter are consumed by people who like to reduce weight.
  2. Parmesan cheese: numerous types of cheese help you increase weight, but that does not include parmesan cheese. These are used to shed pounds rather than gaining some. Parmesan cheese is substituted for regular cheese by people who need to reduce weight or maintain weight, than increase some. If you come across recipes which direct you to include parmesan cheese, feel free to use your regular cheese instead.
  3. Sugar sweetened foods: don’t opt for unhealthy food which has sugar sweetened externally. This also includes fruits which you buy commercially. They might increase your weight, but the approach is not healthy. Try to have minimum sugar as is it not included in healthy weight gain regimes.

Tips to gain weight along with diet

  • Divide meals from 5 to 6 times: divide you meals and consume more than you usually do. That doesn’t mean you won’t eat healthy, it means you will prioritize eating. You might not feel hungry 3 hours post lunch, but it is important to snack because they stabilize your body rightfully.
  • Weight training: let you muscles grow as you train with weights. It is important to gradually increase the weight along with the training process. This is to maintain better body and strength, and not to increase fat in the body.
  • Count your calories: you are to consume about 300500 calories everyday. This will not retain your skinny body, but you have to make sure that you don’t overeat. Increase calories with fruits and vegetables rather than consuming junk food.
  • Workout: your entire body needs workout to attain the figure you are probably craving for. Gyms are supposed to help you train arm muscles, chest and shoulders. It is better to workout with the entire body than to concentrate on your stomach. You could try yoga for the same purpose.
  • Consume proteins: you should include food which has protein like cheese, eggs, meat, etc. They will add the required calories you need.
  • Drink calories: choose drinks like milk, shakes or even protein shakes with no added sugar. They are known to make your body look better in no time!
  • Eat fast: one easy way to gain weight is to eat fast, although it isn’t the best one under the recommendation. Make sure that you don’t choke yourself!
  • Focus on recovery: it is important to look at yourself differently, after every workout. Love yourself and love your body. Keep reminding yourself that you are working on it, and the struggle will get easier. Finally, include 6-8 hours of sleep for overall improvement of health.