Advantages and benefits of being single

In India no boy or girl is ever “settled” unless they have married and are with kids. At least that is what our parents and obviously the society tends to think. However, if you are planning to stay single there are just enough reasons for you to do so. We are not saying that getting married is bad or it does not have its own benefits but at the same time staying single is also great and it opens up some other aspects of life that might not be possible for you to explore when you are tied with your own family and kids.

However, the decision of getting married or being single is a very crucial one for every boy and girl and hence it is important that you take the decision only after minutely considering your own preferences, likings and expectations from life. Marriage gives you the opportunity to experience a lot of things in life, at the same time being single gives you the freedom to experience anything that you like. So, read on to know the advantages and benefits of staying single.

You are fully in charge of your happiness

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The moment you get married and start a family you entangle yourself with so many other people in the world and often they become the key for your happiness or unhappiness. One of the best benefits of being single is that you are fully in charge of your life and your happiness. There is no one to make you unhappy, to give you extra stress or to make you do something that you are not really in a mood to do at the moment.

You can have your own lifestyle

The moment you become a family man or a family woman you have to adjust your lifestyle according to the others of the family otherwise there has to be daily issues and fights. If you are staying single, you can have the lifestyle you want. If you want to party late or spend the whole day out with your friends there is just no one to get angry or to shout at you. If you feel like spending the whole of the Sunday crumpled in your bed sheet with a can of beer in hand, there will be no one to ask you to go to the market or complete some household chores, which is certainly a big plus.

You are not responsible for others

With marriage comes responsibility which steals away your wishes, your dreams and your life at least to some extent. Unless you have a very supportive partner, it is expected that once you are married you will have to compromise on your own wishes to ensure that you are able to deliver your responsibilities for others in the family. Staying single makes you free from these headaches. When you are single, it is only you and yourself for whom you are responsible which is simply great.

You can have all the “me time” you need

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Me time is needed by everyone and even now specialists stress on giving every person their own space. If you start a family, somehow or other your “me time” will be cut short and after having kids it is most expected to even forget when last time you had minutes of “me time”. This “me time” is very essential for being mentally healthy and if you are single you will never run short of this “me time”. You can have it whenever you feel like. You can just spend as much time as you want with yourself without getting disturbed.

You are more likely to be more successful

Getting married and raising kids often comes as some of the biggest hindrance in the path of a successful career. The moment you have your family, your focus and time both are sure to be divided between your work and family, but if you are single your work and career gets undivided attention which is sure to make you more successful paving the path of growth in your life.

You are open to flirting

A little of flirting never hurts and in fact it is a healthy thing for your mind and body too. Unless you get committed to a particular person, you are free to flirt with anyone you deem suitable. This might not sound that interesting if you are planning to live single, but believe us, there is a lot of difference between flirting and being in a relationship. Flirting comes with fun without responsibilities.

You are never stressed about finances

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One of the best benefits of being single is that you really need not to worry for your finances. You can always accommodate your life according to your income or opt for a higher paying job if you are planning to lead a luxurious lifestyle, but in every case, whatever you are earning you will be spending that on yourself and hence finances are never a point of worry for the single people. If you just hate the idea of counting how little money is left in your bank after paying all the bills for your family, then being single is just your thing.

You can travel on a whim

Well, travelling on a whim is not often possible particularly if you have a job that keeps you tied to a single station but if you are single you can certainly travel more without much planning. If you have a family you need to adjust your travel dates according to the availability of all the members, which often becomes one of the most hectic things. Making your travel plans considering several factors like the holidays of kids, office leave of spouse, party at your in-laws, often becomes impossible which reduces the scope of travel for a family man or woman. If you are single, all you need to do to travel as much as you wish is to get your boss agree that you need to go out on trips every 2 months to keep your productivity at its peak.

You are most expected to be in shape

Single people are more cautious about their health and looks. They get all the time to take care for their body and always feel the urge to be in the right shape. Studies have even shown that single people make healthier food choices which helps them to stay fit and in shape. Married people often get extremely reluctant about how they look or even how their spouse is feeling about their looks, which results into weight gain and losing fitness. So, if you are staying single, you are most expected to be in shape and maintain your youth for longer.

You can have great friends

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Getting married certainly takes you away from your friends to a good extent because the moment you have your own spouse and kids your time will be divided between your family time and office time and often friends fall out of your time availability. When you are single you have all the time to maintain the same bond with your old friends and at the same time you will also be able to make new like-minded friends.

Your views are more inclusive

The moment a person gets married and raises his/her own kids, the focus of his/her life becomes bounded within his/her family. Staying single can give you a more inclusive outlook which is important for the greater good. If you really want to do something for others and cover the extra mile to make this earth a better place to live in, staying single might be a great idea.

You are saved from a bad match

At the current situation number of marriages going sour is increasing rapidly. There are many who are settling for a bad match and then are going through a lot of hassles in their life for coming out of it. If you decide to stay single, you are certainly saved from “settling” with a bad match that can make your life really horrible in every sense.

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So, now you have all the reasons on your fingertips to stay single. However, before you take the final decision, it is really important that you take a close look at what you are looking for in life. If sharing and adjusting your life with someone else seems to be a really bad idea then it is better to live a life happily on your own terms.